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9-11 Research Frequently Asked Questions: PART I, Conspiracy

by repost
9-11 Research answers frequently asked questions about the "conspiracy" of the 9/11/01 attack.

Frequently Asked Questions: Conspiracy

9-11 Research provides multiple lines of analysis that thoroughly undermine the official conspiracy theory that the attack was the work of cells of Islamic extremists. We show that only insiders in the U.S. government possessed the means and opportunity to execute the attack. The following questions are frequently asked by people considering the idea that the attack was the work of insiders, including high-level officials in the US government and military. Other questions are addressed in other FAQs.

Wouldn't the orchestration of the attack by insiders have necessitated the involvement of large numbers of people?

Not in the execution of the attack. A conspiracy can involve different levels of complicity, with knowledge of the complete plan limited to a few individuals. There are plausible scenarios of the attack as an inside job in which the number of such individuals is smaller than the number of individuals accused by the official conspiracy theory of "sleeper cells" directed by Osama bin Laden.

High-ranking officials in the government have at their disposal several tools that Osama bin Laden would have lacked, such as detailed knowledge and control of the military's disposition and response to the attack, and access to the military's and intelligence agencies' hierarchical and compartmentalized command structure designed to execute complex operations with individuals working on a need-to-know basis. Compartmentalization is an organizational tool long employed by intelligence agencies. 1

The speculative scenario outlined in Attack Scenario 404 explains how the attack might have been carried out by as few as twelve individuals.

How could even a small number of people be persuaded to participate in such a horrific plan to kill "their own people"?

There are many examples of mass homicide, economic gain often being a central motivating factor, and many of those involve conspiracies including high officials. There are several generally acknowledged examples of false-flag attacks being staged as pretexts for launching wars. According to the cold-blooded calculus of a false-flag attack one's own countrymen are sacrificed to rally the people against an external enemy blamed for the attack.

The economic interests riding on the success of the 9/11 attack (measurable in hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars), would have availed huge sums to the buying of people's cooperation, and the procurement of state-of-the art covert operations capabilities.

The small number of people with operational knowledge and control of the plan were likely willing participants whose stake in the plan's success was sufficiently persuasive. The much larger number of people whose actions were necessary to execute the plan were likely, for the most part, entirely unwitting participants in the murderous plan.

How is it that none of the conspirators have changed their minds and come forward?

Operatives would be carefully screened to assure their loyalty to the attack's planners and to each other. Given the magnitude of the crime, admission of involvement would expose a conspirator to swift silencing by co-conspirators, vigilante justice by an outraged public, or harsh judgment by a court of law. It is also possible that many of the operatives could have been killed before or during the attack.

How is it that no one who was NOT involved -- but who happened to be close enough to see evidence and draw the right conclusions -- has come forward either?

Appearances that there are no such witnesses are misleading. For example, firefighters reported explosions in the towers, but official transcripts of their statements were purged of all such references. The objections of many people to the destruction of Ground Zero evidence was not widely reported. Many of the questions requested by the 9/11 Family Steering Committee were never asked of public officials, and media coverage of lawsuits by victims' families has been sparse.

At least two scientists, Kevin Ryan and Steven E. Jones, were forced out of long-term career positions after publicly challenging the WTC collapse theory. Government insiders who have questioned the official story, such as former German Minister of Technology Andreas von Bulow have been quietly ignored.

How could the conspirators have been confident enough to plan such a complex attack given the risk of exposure by witnesses who saw too much?

The key to success was to make the attack so bold and shocking that even people who were subsequently involved in covering it up (like leaders in the media, FEMA, FBI, etc.) would succumb to the psychological operation. The FBI agents running around seizing video around the Pentagon may have thought they were covering up a war-game-gone-bad. Architects of the massive evidence destruction operation at Ground Zero may have thought they were shielding the building's designers from charges of faulty engineering. Layers of cover stories allow people abetting the scam to think they are covering up less serious crimes.

In spite of the consolidation of ownership of the media, wouldn't there at least be some reporters and editors willing to expose the scam to make names for themselves?

To seriously investigate the 9/11/01 attack, reporters and editors have to question the basic tenets of the official story. Such questioning, while widespread on the web, continues to be heresy in newsrooms. For reporters to acknowledge the larger implications of the attack being an inside job, they would have to question much of what they have been taught since childhood about the beneficence of our leaders and the nobility of our government and economic system. Such a "Matrix"-like awakening can involve a great deal of painful disillusionment. The small group of wealthy people who own and control the media are not inclined to question the OBL myth since that myth shifts responsibility away from the real perpetrators, whom they associate with.

Following the spectacular attack of September 11, the anthrax attacks were directed at reporters and Democrats, probably in an effort to intimidate them into silence.

How could such a conspiracy have been successfully carried out by the notoriously incompetent officials of the Bush administration?

Cultivating chaos is a time-honored method of advancing anti-democratic agendas, as described by Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine. 2 The invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have been extremely lucrative for Bush administration cabinet officials, many of whom have strong ties to the oil and weapons industries. 3 Average profits for the Big Five oil companies doubled from 2000 to 2007, and awards to the top ten Pentagon contractors increased 75% between 2001 and 2003. 45 In carrying out its Constitutional responsibilities to the people, the Bush administration was indeed utterly incompetent. In enriching its insiders and their cronies and evading criminal accountability for its acts it couldn't have been more competent.

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by Konsider
Why are the 9/11 truth people so obsessed with showing how the explosion was "an inside job?" Who cares? I truly don't know whether to believe the explosion was affected from within, or was inflicted from without the building. I don't really care. I think, either way, you can call it an inside job. Either way the US set it up and remains responsible, and their propaganda works both ways.

It seems to me that the 9/11 truth people can't seem to see how the explosion could have been conspired from without; while those obsessed with security and terrorism don't want to contend with the fact that the US is capable of doing anything to get it's way.

Personally, I think it was both Blowback, and that the US somehow knew the specific attack was coming; that they used the bombers basically as patsies. But I also think there's more to it then that. The US could very well have covertly planned the attack by all kinds of manipulation, like placing operatives inside Al Qaeda, or by using infiltrators, or through informants, or through all of the above, and all kinds of other ways. Or perhaps I am wrong and the US really did place explosives inside the World Trade Center. There are many who certainly make a good case for that claim and I certainly wouldn't put it past the US of being capable of doing so.

It seems to me that there are people who have actually looked into, analyzed and studied whether the building was actually destroyed from within, and then there are those who are just convinced, and need to convince everyone else. Those who are often called True Believers. The 9/11 truth people often strike me as a kind of cult. From within that cult there are all kinds of supposed experts who basically reiterate what others have already said before them, and the adherent followers who just love hearing, over and over again, what they already believe.
by Reply to Konsider
The entire world including millions of Americans understand that 9/11 was an inside job, a Reichstag Fire, perpetrated by the US military under the control of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice & Giuliani at the behest of the capitalist class to perpetrate war and fascism to maximize the profits of the capitalist class, the same reason as the Nazis burned their own congressional building and blamed the communists. This is not a cult at all. The reason we must teach as many people as possible that it was an inside job is because it is being used to justify all wars abroad and fascism at home, including Obama's targeted assassinations and all other horrors.


You have to examine the evidence of the crime. You cannot just say that it was "blowback" with no evidence. No people's liberation struggle in the world could or would do such a thing. This was a major military operation. You must always ask for any crime, who benefits? Only the capitalist class benefits from the 9/11 Inside Job.

The United States has an excellent air defense system paid for with billions of our tax dollars, and New York City, Washington DC and the Pentagon each have excellent air defense systems. NO AIR DEFENSE on 9/11/01 means that that this was an Inside Job. As you watched it on TV, you watched a staged military pretext for war that the ruling class needed for its blood for oil wars since it no longer had the Communist bogeyman as the pretext for the profitable war machine, having lost that with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. We never did get any peace dividend and never will no long as there is the capitalist profit motive. The biggest profits are in munitions and oil. The military is the biggest user of oil.

The planes were on remote control, guided by the US Air Force, with no hijackers on board. The hijacker story is the fairy tale, the racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Arab pretext for war and fascism. The government admits it has no evidence that the alleged hijackers did anything and it admits these are all false names. 9 of the so-called hijackers were alive on 9/12/01! There were no Arab names on the passenger lists. The planes were at least half empty, and all would never have flown as they were not commercially viable flights. The CIA doubles who pretended to learn to fly planes were terrible students according to the flight schools and could not have flown these huge, heavy jets or down the fancy maneuver over the Pentagon which "coincidentally" avoided the officer section. The Pentagon was hit by either a US military missile or a small military plane and construction explosives on the side of the Pentagon that housed the bookkeepers who were about to expose the till-tapping. The hole in the ground in Pennsylvania had no bodies, said the coroner, but the plane that supposedly crashed there ended its flight at the Cleveland airport.

You not only saw NO AIR DEFENSE on TV as it happened, you saw CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, 3 buildings, including Building 7, which was not hit by a plane, collapsed in their own footprint in about 10 seconds (no resistance) in either pulverized dust or small enough pieces to be carted away immediately, which they were, thus illegally destroying the evidence. Thermate was found in the dust by Dr. Steven Jones, a scientist and since this is a military incendiary, this is not just the loaded gun, this is the smoking gun that the military did this. The buildings had been shut down many times before 9/11/01 supposedly to fix wiring, including the weekend before 9/11/01. Previously, the owners had tried to get these buildings demolished as they were not doing well in the real estate market.

As the military horror show was occurring in the Northeast, President Bush was sitting in a classroom of small children reading a storybook in his governor brother's Florida fiefdom conveniently out of the way, in full view of all cameras and therefore any alleged terrorist, not moved by the Secret Service. This was a major tip for millions of people that the whole government conspiracy story stank.

The government claimed this was a "surprise attack," for which our excellent air defense system is trained but they did not discuss our air defense system. Instead, they came up with names of people who supposedly did it immediately afterward, proving that it was not a surprise.

There was major gambling on the stock market with stock options that indicated that someone at a high level knew all about this inside job. They never collected their winnings.

They soon came up with a 300-page "PATRIOT ACT" destroying our civil liberties. Something this long was written long before 9/11/01 and involved the entire capitalist class and all its lackeys.

The US government has admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident of August 1964 was a complete lie, and it was the pretext for escalating the war against Vietnam, which cost the lives of 3 million Vietnamese, 1 million Cambodians, 58,000 Americans and thousands of other people.

The pretext for the Nazi invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, the official start of World War 2, was that the Nazis dressed prisoners in Polish uniforms and had them attack a German radio station.

The Pearl Harbor incident, used to bring the US into World War 2, was known to be prepared to happen; FDR let it happen.

No one is going to fight a blood for oil war. There has to be a patriotic "defense of country" pretext, so the ruling class came up with the Arab hijackers story which sounded and is ludicrous. With no explanation, this band of unknown people somehow boarded these planes and did all kinds of crazy things they could not possibly do, and they were supposedly directed by the pre-arranged fall guy, long-time CIA agent seriously ill with kidney problems, Osama bin Laden, sitting in a cave in Afghanistan hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine. A passport supposedly survived the fires and collapse at the World Trade Center. This story is ridiculous.

If anything, the cult is those Americans who claim to be for peace yet refuse to look at the evidence. The rest of the world knows it was an Inside Job as they are the victims of US imperialism daily. This Inside Job is being used to drain our society of urgently needed funds for schools, healthcare and everything else we need so as to make the rich richer. We must support the 9/11 Truth Movement wholeheartedly and do everything we can to teach Americans to face reality for a change: This was a military operation to promote war and fascism to maximize the profits of the capitalist class.

The solution to all of this is a labor movement capable of carrying out a general strike to put an end to the capitalist profit that is destroying humanity and planet earth.

Please take the time to view the DVD, Loose Change. It is very well done and covers all of the above and much more.
It is also at the 6th Annual Bay Area 9/11 Film Festival. See
by Konsider
Common with the 911 truth movement is the inability to actually come to terms with anyone questioning their position. This common refusal to even try listening to others does not mean their stance is therefore wrong, and I never said they were. In fact as I wrote in the comment above: "There are many who certainly make a good case for that claim [ that 9/11 was an inside job ] and I certainly wouldn't put it past the US of being capable of doing so". I then said "It seems to me that there are people who have actually looked into, analyzed and studied whether the building was actually destroyed from within, and then there are those who are just convinced, and need to convince everyone else." The respondent doesn't take this point into account.

While there's certainly more to be addressed, I am not going to do so here, and just want to point out two important things: first, the organization known as the Taliban was created as a direct result of the Reagan administration's backing of fundamentalists, in Afghanistan, during the 1980s for, as Zbigniew Brzeziński put it in 1979, "the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war" and has nothing to do with being a freedom movement. The respondent to my previous comment says that the Taliban didn't carry out the attacks on the World Trade Center because "No people's liberation struggle in the world could or would do such a thing."

Second, while I can understand the claim made that it's improbable that the US air defense systems were incapable of stopping an attack, the claim that it's shown to be impossible because I "cannot just say that it was blowback with no evidence" doesn't make sense. Evidence of US perpetuated murder and genocide abound. Why shouldn't others be outraged, as the US continuously carries out attacks killing and injuring them? I am outraged, and I am not even subject to the kind of horrendous conditions that most people in the world are forced to live under. If someone bombed your neighborhood, while claiming it was for your own good, and in the process killed and injured your neighbors and loved ones, you might be inclined to retaliate in some way. I am not giving this as an explanation for what occurred on 9/11, what I am trying to convey is that there are perfectly legitimate reasons for why the rest of the world might be upset by US military practices, and blowback, even if not the cause of the 9/11 bombing, is not just an illusory term.

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