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Fight the Right! Oppose anti-abortion "Walk For Life" in SF Saturday January 23rd
by Rubble
Friday Jan 22nd, 2010 8:48 PM
Hear Rubble interview Gemma Mirkinson of BACORR. The discussion includes demands for a full reproductive rights agenda, along with a detailed analysis of the religious right's alarming agenda related to women's rights and other important issues. Be at the Embacadero Saturday 23rd 10AM for a counterprotest and celebration on the anniversary of Roe vs Wade! (30 minutes)
Abortion access still is up for debate in this health care bill. Over the years this "Walk for Life" event has produced speakers from religious-based, anti-abortion groups such as "", "Feminists For Life", "Democrats For Life".

What we are seeing now in the health care financing reform plan is another step forward in the Religious Right's unified, stated agenda. To paraphrase a "Democrats For Life" speaker a few years ago, their plan is to outlaw abortion by getting the Democratic Party to change their pro-choice position. She explained that most of the current Democratic Party agenda is at odds with the rest of their positions (i.e.otherwise they are more conservative and moving rightward). Reverend Childress describes a party that is bought and sold with money and access, and that their stances can be changed on anything. Convincing and coercing people to accept abortion being eliminated from not only public plans but now private plans and becoming a seperate policy on their own - in the name of a larger agenda of "health care reform" - seems to be a big step in furthering of this agenda.