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Treasure Island a man made Island is sinking and San Francisco has no money in its KITTY.
by Francisco Da Costa
Tuesday Dec 29th, 2009 9:32 AM
Treasure Island is a Man Made Island that is sinking and what is more very polluted. The U.S. Navy has not cleaned up Treasure Island much as it has not Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Greedy Developers and corrupt politicians like Mayor Gavin Newsom - want to defy decency, Quality of Life standards, defy the constituents and cater to corrupt folks like Darius Anderson - his fund raiser - to build high rise buildings and neglect Quality of Life Issues. Working with LENNAR a rogue developer.
Treasure Island is polluted - polluted from the many polluted activities of the United States Navy.

Now, Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to buy the Man Made Island that is sinking for $55 million. Well, the City and County of San Francisco does not have the money - and we must NOT be beholden to Rogue Developers like LENNAR and to others like Darius Anderson and fall for the ploy.

Does the City and County of San Francisco have BILLIONS to clean up the Man Made Island - Treasure Island?

Mayor Gavin Newsom and his Economic Developer Czar, Michael Cohen - has failed again and again. Both have failed on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The 49ers will NOT stay in San Francisco. And now these two want to cater to some corrupt, greed forces and will lose - miserably on Treasure Island.

One sign of fast-tracking anything is that the culprit has something to hide. In this case - pollution - here, there, and everywhere. More liquefaction and the latest empirical data about Ocean Rise and Flooding from the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Treasure Island is sinking. It is sinking because it was man made and never, ever meant to fulfill the aspirations of Greedy Developers to build - tall buildings - some as high as sixty stories high.

The latest base-line empirical data approved by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission that monitors all coast-line activities is fully aware that with the rise of the Ocean in feet not inches - the entire way we think about Man Made Islands and low lying land - is changing drastically.

One has just to study the plans the Maldives Islands are executing.

Preparing for the flooding and future Tsunamis and here in San Francisco without any money - we are playing with FIRE.

Mayor Gavin Newsom talks the talk - but as you can assume from his failed Gubernatorial Campaign - the man can look you in the EYE and LIE.

As to real proven experience the man, Gavin Newsom, has nothing to show. There is only so much of FLUFF that one can exhibit and think they can fool everyone. Those close to Gavin Newsom will tell you that - when it comes to meat the man has nothing to show - realistically or figuratively.

Way back in the year 2000 I had access to the main documents and studies the building inventory, the state of the infrastructure on Treasure Island and most importantly the millions of tons of toxicity that the United States Navy left without any meaningful dialogue.

Treasure Island has had a history of children suffering from the Toxicity even now if you walk around the U.S. Navy Base - there are hundreds of places where Notices are posted - first revealing information about the toxicity and hot spots. Secondly, warning everyone to stay away from such toxic hot spots.

Mayor Gavin Newsom knows about this - unless, he is BLIND - but will look the other way to cater to Big Developers and corrupt politicians.

I find it difficult why Mayor Gavin Newsom has an affinity for Toxicity. Mayor Gavin Newsom has access to the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report on Hunters Point but will not read it. The same with Treasure Island - if I had access to detail information way back in the year 2000 - why would not this fool.

Mayor Gavin Newsom think nothing of children both at Hunters Point and at Treasure Island. Being a father now - I hope he looks at his new born child and looks at the suffering children in another light. Anyone can change - and if he see light be it at this late stage - it is still worth trying to convince this misled man - to get back on track.

Mayor Gavin Newsom's plan to have Victory Gardens on Toxic Land is mind boggling to those that understand about Food and the Production of Food and Greens.

His plans to have LEED buildings that are expensive but has no consideration what so ever about Climate Change, Ocean Rise, Flooding, Liquefaction - reveals to anyone that this man is a dreamer and has no sense what so ever about Quality of Life Issues. No engineering knowledge and less practical. He is a pathetic loser - more, because he has tunnel vision.

The Bay Water need healing from the many old Mercury Mines, the leaching of Radiological Elements into the Bay from Hunters Point, the area around the Mirant Plant, the old Hunters Point Power Plant, Mission Bay - the scientists will tell you this but our stupid Mayor, Gavin Newsom wants to see everything clean and wholesome when it fact greed, corrupt folks have polluted the land - the main land and man made islands - like Treasure Island.

The waters around Treasure Island are polluted. This has been revealed by our private tests conducted. But, others have been conducted by the Bay Keepers and others - revealing high forms of toxicity that adversely impacts all life forms.

Right now the poor are not treated well at Treasure Island.

The John Stewart Company the largest Property Manager in San Francisco controls most of the residential housing. He does at the Presidio of San Francisco. Northridge at Hunters Point. Hundreds of units in the Tenderloin. And the City and County wants to give this ruthless, corrupt, greedy, Property Manager more at Hunters View.

Today, those the City claims will be given affordable housing are not treated well - do you think the greedy will treat the poor and those needing affordable housing better in the future?

This holds good for Alice Griffith Public Housing too:

The City and County of San Francisco is in the HOLE and has no money to expand. Housing has come to a standstill. Thousands of units already built in the Mission Bay area, Executive Park, in the Financial District, are vacant. The same can be said of Commercial Property - and here we have a Mayor trying to paint a rosy picture - by promising housing and commercial property on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Why not have more Open Space at Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, and Treasure Island and elsewhere? Do you think having the Golden Gate Park was a good idea? Having McClaren Park is a good idea? The few parks we have that SF Recreation and Park is not maintaining?

Mayor Gavin Newsom has NOT done a thing to help small businesses in San Francisco. He has driven thousands of small businesses to shut down or move away from San Francisco. Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco. Not once will the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Gavin Newsom address these facts.

Our schools are suffering - the SF Unified School District has been helped this year from our rainy day fund because of former Supervisor now Assembly Person - Tom Ammiano. Guess what - Gavin Newsom took credit for it.

Mayor Gavin Nesom has been a blatant, sordid, failure and one who has no clue about leadership. Good people have left Gavin Newsom because he is a dreamer. Gavin Newsom surrounds himself with people who love to agree with him - if you challenge Gavin Newsom - he goes on the defensive. I predicted a long time ago that Gavin Newsom would not make it in his failed Gubernatorial - I was right.

I predicted that nothing good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Michael Cohen knows very well what I am talking about. "No good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard."

Treasure Island is sinking. The Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) is clueless and because it is beholden to the Mayor who appoint them - more anoints them - they go with the flow.
Treasure Island is in bad shape - the land as it stands now must be cleaned. It is also called mitigation and abatement. The studies are there - if I have them why does not the Mayor read the studies and why is the public kept in the dark?

It is simply wrong to create playing fields on top of toxic land and in near proximity of very toxic hot spots. The Mayor knows about this condition and is putting thousands of people in harms way.

Treasure Island comes under the jurisdiction of the District Six Supervisor and the Supervisor has been kept in the dark. We, the constituents of San Francisco do not want to take any liability for a sinking, man made island, that is polluted and what is more cost prohibitive when it comes to a through clean-up by the City and County of San Francisco.

Big Developers want to make money - not spend money on cleaning up toxic land.

Let the U.S. Navy clean Treasure Island and its Annex - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard as mandated by law.

The U.S. Navy must be fully responsible for its dubious activities but also responsible to the constituents of the San Francisco and the extended Bay Area.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy