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Chicago Cops Help Brutalize G20 Protesters in Pittsburgh
by David Roknich
Wednesday Oct 7th, 2009 5:13 AM
Recordings from police scanners on the scene reveal that 25 Chicago Police officers were involved in the repression of dissent at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh…
(photos from G20 Flickr)

I just listened to one of the recordings posted on by Pittsburgh activist who provides some details at Pittsburgh Indymedia.

You can hear them summoned in a video posted on, which was relayed via Pittsburgh Indymedia's Newswire.

Shortly after 4 minutes into the video, you will her a female dispatcher announce that there are "25 Chicago Police officers available".

How much did that cost, and who paid? We do know what they are good at, and you can hear how much fun they having playing soldier on the streets of a city that was already quieter than an average night in Chicago. It's a sad fact that some of these crackers have been through the revolving door of the military - acting as highly paid "security consultants" while their stations allowed them to take leave of absence.

Just like some of our miliarized young, they go to Afghanistan rather than take the last job available at Mall-Wart, and they come back with an attitude that you can hear in the following post.

Here's the text from Pittsburgh (original story), along with the video link and related stories:

G-20 / Oakland / Schenley Police Scanner (condensed & captioned)

"Police scanner recording from the night of September 25, 2009, which focuses on the militarized police activity directed against students, bystanders, press & some We Are Change activists at Oakland / Schenley Park well after the G-20 Pittsburgh summit had ended. The full police-scanner recording is 1 hour & 34 minutes long. This is the Reader's-Digest-condensed version of the night's events"

Here's the YouTube address:

Two of the raw sound files are attached, for now, in the original format. Since I just found them and fear for their continued existance on the web, I've decided to pass them along immediately and will re-format them later. Twitter took down the most infamous account of the G20 protests - and the FBI later broke down their door, confiscating scanners, cell phones, and numerous personal effects. Following are some related stories:

David Roknich


§Scanner Audio - part1
by David Roknich Wednesday Oct 7th, 2009 5:14 AM
§Scanner Audio - part2
by David Roknich Wednesday Oct 7th, 2009 5:14 AM
These are excerpts from the video linked below, which uses "storyboards" to clarify the sound picked up from a police scanner live on September 25, 2005.