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San Francisco holds hearings on Peak Oil and the consequnces affecting Qulity of Life.

by Francisco Da Costa
I attended some of the first meetings linked to Peak Oil in San Francisco and the consequences facing humanity all over the world. While, San Francisco has been on the fore front of such issues - other Nations like England, Germany, Denmark too have vetted such pertinent issues and come out with many practical solutions. Abuse of the world's natural resources stems from GREED and lack of Spirituality. The First Nations and the First People had it right for thousands of years. Contemporary society has just woken up and is trying to figure out how to resolve waste and especially the consumption of vast resources of petroleum - gradually running out.
Ten years ago some of us in a focus group where discussing issues related to Peak Oil and the fate of humanity and the Economic Crisis heading our way. Many of us could do this because we had traveled round the world and observed the mess that was going on the consequences of large British, American, and European countries. Recently countries such as China has joined the fray in the search of oil and other minerals.

In past years going back to the early 1950s, mostly American, British, and European oil companies made billions of dollars exploiting so called Third World countries. Exploiting their vast oil resources, polluting their land, air and watershed while fostering greed. We saw this clearly in the Middle East but also all over Africa.

While many eco-sensitive human beings in the early 1960s first started in large numbers to embrace simple living and realized that wasting the Earth's resources was not a good thing - the large GREEDY companies continued to embrace blatant waste of resources and that includes - petroleum and petroleum products.

American could have long developed technology and built compact cars with vehicles of all kind including large trucks producing a higher mileage - but, the GREEDY manufactures and many politicians chose NOT to do so.

A couple of years ago you could get a write off we you owned a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), a gas guzzling Hummer - most of you get the picture. This scene can be multiplied thousands of times over when it comes to Combustion Turbines, the large Container Ships, Cruise Ships, factories that often rely on large back up Turbines that use oil and so on.

A side issue are petroleum products and included in this "plastics" that contribute to Global Warming and added pollution that contributes to adverse impacts. One of them that large site in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - full of plastic bags, plastic products, and other waste products created by mostly - GREED.

It has been my contention that as human beings we must comprehend that we are the KEEPERS of this Earth. Then try as we may to find excuses and come out with cliches - such as Peak Oil - it is our moral duty to first accept our failures and then work hard to resolve the adverse impacts.

The First Nations and the First People all over the world - told us a million times over that we could not destroy oor Earth's resources and think for a second that we were doing the right thing.

Here is San Francisco the First People are the Muwekma Ohlone but many of those that sit in San Francisco have forgotten that is is the land of the Ohlone. More, do not realize that in a span of just three hundred years - destroyed much of what was pristine. Be it the forests, the land, the watershed, the rivers and stream, the many birds, fish, and other life forms that flourished before the strangers came and took it all away:

In America and here on the West Coast especially - some have cut the Redwood Forest and think nothing of it. Gone after Gold that have there for thousands of years and thought had the right and used GREED. Tapped into some oil resources and will soon by the West Coast if better sense thus not prevail. What is more because of Natural Resources - many killed the First People and this was true until 1924 - and that is not too long ago.

In reflecting about Peak Oil and its consequences we must pay restitution and never forget that innocent blood shed with come to haunt all of us - however mildly we whisper and think we escape from the evil deeds of some that we must all be ashamed of and what is more boldly proclaim as EVIL deeds. It is all tied together and we must learn to connect the dots - by being educated on issues and remember the evil deeds of recent - history.

It is simply not right to rape the Earth's resources to make money of it and especially at the cost of other Nations - many of them poor. So called Richer Countries make deals with Dictators and pollute the land, kill the forests, adversely impact plants, bird, fish and other life forms and think nothing of it.

It is in this context that we must think of KARMA and the concept of PEAK OIL that those realize who have a conscience , are some what sensitive - but poles apart from the GREEDY that want it all and can now contribute and bring about the healing process.

The Mayor of San Francisco has no concept of what is means to be sustainable. He would if he knew that tons of Methane Gas in San Francisco foster Global Warming. How about 200 tons of Methane Gas in the Southeast Sector. One tone of Methane Gas equals twenty two tone of Carbon Dioxide. Add to that Radiological Elements from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel E and E2 that the City and Count of San Francisco compares to Crissy Field at the Presidio of San Francisco. We in our foolishness permit - some idiots to spew diatribe and toxic concepts and do nothing about it.

In San Francisco thousands of trees have been clear cut. Few know about this. Four hundred mature trees were cut down by a Rogue Developer, Lennar at Parcel A at Hunters Point. More at McClaren Park more in other places in good old San Francisco.

Millions of gallons of water from 80 year old sewage pipes and also clean water pipes leak and pollute the Watershed in San Francisco and no one gives a hoot.

While Peak Oil is just the tip of the iceberg and rightly must be discussed and solutions found - it is critical to address Cumulative Pollution too. Of course not too many decent folks have the time and money to set aside quality time and resources to address such noble causes - but on behalf of humanity those of us that are enlightened must do so:

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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Francisco Da Costa
Sun, Sep 27, 2009 6:31PM
jagged ben
Sun, Sep 27, 2009 6:03PM
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