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The prison blog of Bernie Ward
by chp
Wednesday Jun 24th, 2009 7:17 PM
When I lived in the radio range of KGO, I sometimes listened to the Bernie Ward program at midnight. Last year, he was sent to prison for possession of child pornography. While this is a highly touchy subject, I held a private perspective of generally believing his excuse that he had been trying to learn about online networks of pedophiles in order to see if he could find some repressed priests (before having a family with several kids, he had studied for the priesthood, and has written extensively on reform in the catholic church).
Recently I decided to write him in prison because I had looked up an article about his seven year sentence, to compare with another case where a violent criminal got a light sentence. He wrote back and mentioned his blog, which he maintains by mailing entries to family. He would like response or critique of his writings.

He basically said that he is helping tutor people for the GED, but the prison makes it difficult to get books. (I sent him an address for the Prison Literature Project run by Bound Together and Moe's books in Berkeley. They are often very behind on answering letters and need a lot of help with postage money, but they like to meet the requests of people interested in politics or educating themselves while in prison )
He's taking classes in diesel engine and appliance repair, and would like to be transferred from Beaumont Texas to a California prison ( FCI low, Bernie Ward 90569-111, PO Box 26020, Beaumont, TX 77720-6020 ). Commissary funds are requested at

Bernie Ward was a relatively rare liberal on talk radio, and took a mixture of center-liberal and progressive positions (I think he supported Nader, supported US intervention in Yugoslavia after visiting the war zone, hated critical mass riders etc). While shows like Democracy Now are a lot better, many of the shows on Air America, and even sometimes KPFA are hard to listen to for extended periods of time. Also, sometimes it is fun to listen to callers. Ray Taliafaro at 1-5am is also a pretty good host on KGO, if you ever are working late. His callers seem to include a lot of senior citizens with radical views who deliver various rants.

Ward had several pieces of child pornography as attachments to emails. He didn't own print pictures or videos, and there was no record of his having had this habit prior to this venture online a couple years ago. He went to an online AOL chat room under an assumed identity, and one of the first people he encountered was an anti-child porn monitor who turned in his address to the FBI. I'm not sure where or how pedophiles find each other online, but I understand that they use tricks like obscuring their IP address, but Ward wasn't familiar with any of these precautions. Do you think I'm crazy or biased in still feeling like Ward isn't a genuine pedophile or molester, and that he was naively trying to monitor or explore how pedophiles use the internet? I'm sort of mixed on how criminal he acted. He did commit a crime, but there are so many people in our community who were actual victims of rape or molestation, where the offender received mild or no punishment.

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by Steve
Saturday Jun 27th, 2009 8:17 AM
I have a difficult time believing that Bernie was simply doing research for an expose on hypocrisy or whatever he claims to have been working on. The photos and, more damningly, his chats with SexFairy about his own children, along with allegations I've read and heard about some of his other activities, would seem to indicate something more unpalatable, although I don't presume to know for sure what he was doing, and I would still, like you, prefer to extend him as much benefit of the doubt as I can.

In any case, I believe that Bernie's sentence was a gross miscarriage of justice in its severity. Not only was it ridiculously long, given the relative paucity of photos involved and the absence of other illegal acts, but the fact that he was sent to a prison too far away for his family to visit and that, after he gets out, he'll be a branded as a "sex offender," with all that entails, to the day he dies is purely and simply draconian. Bernie doesn't begin to deserve the sentence he received. In his case and too many others, the so-called justice system is shockingly unjust.

Thank you for the information you've provided about Bernie's blog, although I hope it won't cause him problems for you to tell us about it in such a straightforward manner, and thanks for the info about other ways we might be able to help him. Bernie needs compassionate people such as you to look beneath his unfortunate actions to see and convey the essential goodness of the man. He was an intelligent and provocative talk show host who presented a much needed "liberal" take on things; he is, his troublesome acts and troubled circumstances aside, a loving husband and father; and he served the community and helped countless people with his charity drives and other programs addressing the needs of the poor, homeless, and hungry.

I miss him on the radio, and I feel great sorrow for him and his family as well as lingering outrage and disrespect toward our legal system for the way it handled his case.
by Professor Pat
Monday Jun 29th, 2009 9:59 AM
Paucity of pics in his possession? Prosecutors said he had 100's of images, which he enthusiastically shared with other online sickos for the better part of a year...oh research...right.

Victimless crime? What about the dozens of children (some of them barely out of infancy) who were forced to pose for the pornographer's camera? I understand that many of these pics contained grotesque images of victims here..nope.

The worst crime of all was Bernie's horrible hypocrisy...setting himself up as a paragon of virtue and integrity...a fearless fighter against child abuse, etc., etc. When, in truth, he was just a sick, horny mofo who didn't give a damn about anything or anyone except gettin' his rocks off....

by Mark
Friday Jul 31st, 2009 4:27 PM
You have an interesting take on Bernie Ward. My take was somewhat difference. I too was hesitant to believe the accusations at first until more was revealed. My blog on him is the following.
by Cafireman
Friday Oct 30th, 2009 12:54 PM
As the author/blogger wrote that they felt Bernie did not receive justice and questioned the severity of his punishment. I too agree with that sentiment. Furthermore, Bernie was victimized by both politics and the penal system which was controlled and manipulated by the Right Wing Chrisitan Fundamentalists to despense an extremely harsh and cruel punishment upon Bernie. Although true criminals who have perpetrated more serious and violent crimes have been given lighter sentences then Bernie, Bernie wound up having the perverbial book thrown at him and was given 7 years in Federal Prison instead of a more appropriate sentence such as probation and counseling (especially he had no priors and this was his first offense).

Most people also do not know the "whole story" in regard to the plea deal and sentencing, specifically that Bernie was originally designated to go back to California to serve his 7 years after the initial transfer. However the system screwed him and instead transfered him to Texas where he could not have access or contact with his family, friends and relatives in California (this act went directly against the Federal Prison policy and guidelines, therefore exhibiting further prejudice against Bernie).

The second injustice was that the actual perpetrator of the crime and true distributor of the child pornography to Bernie, using the alias "sex fairy" was given total immunity (by whom we'd like to know?) to rat out Bernie!

Regardless of your feelings about pedophiles and crimes against children, you have to look at legality and fairness of the system and if Justice was served. In Bernie's case it blatantly was not!

Prayers to you Bernie you are always in the thoughts and prayers of your true fans.


by John Walsh
Wednesday Dec 9th, 2009 1:48 PM
Do you really believe Bernie Ward is innocent? Really? ...

Have you read the content of the exchange between him and the woman on-line?
If not ... please do.

Please, stop fooling yourself. Put your political views aside.

Bernie Ward is guilty and is is a disgusting human being.
by cotatigirl
Sunday Dec 13th, 2009 3:18 AM
I'll preface this by saying that I was a huge Bernie fan. He was entertaining to listen to and he did a LOT of wonderful things for disadvantaged people in our community, and I felt shocked and hurt when this information came out. I didn't want to believe it either. But come on, folks, let's get real here. READ THE POLICE REPORT. Then, let's just say for the sake of discussion that Bernie WAS doing some sort of sub rosa investigation. Why on EARTH would he EVER mention his own children in the context of such filth? He was clearly having sexual fantasies involving his own son and daughters and their friends. I believe these ugly thoughts had probably been running around his head for years and he probably had just crossed that line from fantasy into acting out by having a virtual relationship with this's our good luck that he got popped early on before he had a chance to actually physically touch a child (or expose himself to one). He DID break the law, and we all know he won't serve the whole 7 years. They probably sent him to Texas for his own protection, due to the local notoriety of the case and his status as somewhat of a local celebrity. From what I hear, inmates in jails/prisons tend to kill child molesters, and the more well-known, the more points to be scored for knocking him off. I sincerely hope his career in broadcasting is O-V-E-R, and would be happy to never hear another word from him or about him again. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife, children and extended family, for they are the true victims here.
While we're at it, how many of you have been to see a Woody Allen flick lately? There's another piece of work, and he got off Scot-free. I think he'd make a perfect cellmate for Bernie. They are CHILD MOLESTERS, folks!
by Carol
Sunday Dec 27th, 2009 11:12 PM
I think Bernie was going off the deep end for the last few years. His shows were getting weirder and in general his whole manner had changed. He was more angry if that was possible. I have never heard a more angry person. I have heard him say that police didn't deserve the pay they got because it wasn't really that dangerous even though he had relatives that were policemen. There was something wrong with him the last 10 years. I feel badly for his wife and children. He never got over the fact that he couldn't make it to syndicated radio as he tried many times. I don't think he had any self esteem and hope that at least he is getting some counseling. I am sure he is helping at the prison as he does have a lot to offer.
by Dave Whitter
Tuesday Jan 5th, 2010 10:21 AM
I miss hearing Burnie on KGO. My thoughts go out to his family. His Thanksgiving Charities are in much need considering the economy. His progressive voice as the Lion of the Left had no equal. His knowledge of Religious History gave his audience much to think about. I was surprised to see he got 7 years. I thought it was 2 and in California. I believe pornography had more to do with the internet than Al Gore ever dreamed of.
I consider Burnie a political and religious prisoner of the right wing.
by A Listener
Friday Jan 29th, 2010 11:16 PM
Another radio host, Brian C., told the stories after Mr Ward went to prison of Mr Ward's "activities" while he was on the radio. Let's just say that an assistant producer found Mr Ward "taking matters into his own hands" while live on the radio.

You may want to believe there was a single image that he emailed, but there is the audio recording of Brian's detailing e everything he knew, and it would make your jaw drop.
by Ms. Kelly
Sunday Jan 31st, 2010 7:24 PM
I did a paper on pedophiles for my college final paper. For research I didn't need any pornographic materials to achieve a very good paper. It's hard for me to believe Mr Ward's excuses. Hate to say he's a HYPOCRITE just like the people he has pointed his righteous finger at all these years. Just another wolf in sheep's clothing. The TRUTH has been revealed, and I wish people wouldn't be so in love with such as militant character. Since his imprisonment I truly believe that good can overcome evil.
by Tim
Friday Feb 5th, 2010 5:37 PM
I have been living in Europe for the past few years and thought about Bernie many times , as I was a devout fan.
I found this out today when I went to look to see if he was still on at 10pm..

at first it stunk of something Republican.............sorry for that just seemed so out of character for such a fighter of the common a liberal on radio he was at the top of the list for effectiveness.

Sorry because after reading the police files on the incident................he really is a sicko,
come on masturbating in front of your daughter and her friend or giving your son head, even just talking that was is very perverse.

all in his own words.............i get the dominatrix thing.........but dont those girls usually just want spanked that has nothing to do with even discussing sex with a 14 year old..........maybe it really was just an act to have fun online..........but the fbi says lots of pics in his computer.........and you cant masturbate online without talking about kids.........ewwwww my god.

I thought about his show for the past few years.......this is a let down and disappointment and I am sorry if he really did these makes all his good work have a different feel to it.

he should have more sense than to be mailing photos like that, especially with the accompanied text !!!!!!!!!!

oh well..........another idiot
by Angie
Saturday Apr 10th, 2010 11:37 AM
It is quite sad to hear of Bernie's use of the computer in regards to child porn. It is especially sad because Bernie had worked so hard for the poor and supported the underdog. He took unpopular stands to protect those less fortunate. He was a strong advocate for social justice and I am dissapointed by his actions and SHOCKED by the severity of his punishment. Indeed, his outspoken manner have cost him a fair sentance. May God Bless Bernie and keep him strong as he endurs his punishment.
by Tom Katz
Thursday May 6th, 2010 4:13 PM
Bernie may have been getting weirder in the last 10 years, but his pedophilia dates back to when he was in seminary and a priest. As I recall from the recent investigation on the kiddie porn issue, there were at least two reported (to police) incidents at the time Bernie was either in seminary or a starting priest regarding Bernie and inappropriate sexual contact with young girls (don't recall their ages, I think pre-teen around 10 or 12) in the North Bay area (or from that area). After the reports there was at least one other young girl who came forward but not to police to the Catholic diocese Bernie was under. I believe it was not too long ofter that when Bernie left the priesthood and began his journalism career. He may have been forced out by the diocese, but there was no evidence either way and the police charges were not pursued, so maybe there was an informal plea agreement for him to leave the priesthood in exchange for no prosecution. Who knows? The bottom line is that Bernie had a long history that included allegations of pedophilia long before the last 10 years. This is not something new for him. He did not just crack up, this appears to be part of his personality and who he is.

Although the incident involving on-air masturbation related by Copeland and the KGO producer who walked in on him is certainly bizarre, so perhaps he is just getting worse with age. At least at Beaumont he is away from kids and maybe the structured environment will allow him to get his mind right. He does seem to be at minimum a troubled soul and more likely someone who is boderline psychotic or at least in need of psychological help and maybe medication.

A 56 year old man does not wake up one day and decide to possess child porn for 21 days. As true child porn addicts have decades of use and Bernie has not, how can anyone put him in the same category?

This has been a cruel, hateful, damaging and hurtful witch hunt of a very respected and productive member of the community.

Only in a 3 week window Bernie Ward was found to be in possession

Judge unseals indictment against Bernie Ward:


"The indictment lists a narrow window of time in which Ward accessed and traded child porn -- December 23rd, 2004 and January 1st through the 13th, 2005. "

found here about the 8th paragraph down:
by j. whitney
Monday Aug 2nd, 2010 12:33 AM
vaughn walker (the REPUBLICAN openly gay judge who heard the case on prop 8) obviously didn't like what bernie ward was saying on his show and thus sentenced him disproportionately. he's gotta be nuts to be gay and republican, or at least have a screw loose. he IS evil. bernie's career and life were already destroyed. why did that piece-of-garbage judge punish bernie's kids an extra amount by sending bw so far away? (even michael savage went on about how wonderful bernie's kids are, while assuring us he couldn't stand bernie.) obviously the judge is one crazy a......e. remember, none of the 9 other guys (hard core pedophiles) were charged or anything, only bernie. the bernie ward haters rant about bernie being a pedophile, but with all the people hating him because of his forthright political views, not one single person (except the girl who was 17 when bw, then in his 20s, kissed her and drank booze) has come forward to accuse bw of anything. to the person who wrote a comment here about his having accosted a 12 y.o. girl, there was no such girl. the girl was 17. not one single other person in all this time has accused bernie of anything at all! get that, bw haters? don't you think at least one other person would have come forward if bw had done something? i'm writing because i heard he is or just was transferred back to california. i would like to write him, if anybody has his address. thanks.
by emannxx
Sunday Aug 22nd, 2010 3:27 PM
To all:

FYI, Bernie was transferred to Lompoc FCI 7/19/10.
by whocares
Monday Sep 6th, 2010 10:35 PM
He was angry because the bush crime family stole the election of 2000 and committed september 11, 2001. This country is over. I believe him when he says that he was just doing internet research [very stupid and naive of him].
by whocares
Monday Sep 6th, 2010 10:39 PM
This was a witch hunt and you are a republican
by Chris
Friday Oct 8th, 2010 10:49 AM
Bernie Ward was not just doing research. The facts are out there. He is a scum bag. He looked at his kids friends in sick ways. He went to sick places for sick pleasure. Stop minimizing what he did because you are a friend or progressive who can't stand one of your own being a sick bastard. If this was Michael Savage you would be asking for his head. Liberals should be held to the same standard. San Francisco has a serious sick side to it. Just read the transcripts of the conversations he had online.
by KathieCC
Tuesday Nov 30th, 2010 5:36 PM
I would love to send some books to Bernie for use with those he is trying to help. Is there a new address where he can be reached?
by David Witter
Saturday Dec 11th, 2010 10:57 AM
Every Thanksgiving I think of where is Bernie? I am relieved to see he is back in California and in range to listen to KGO. His Thanksgiving Charities always put me in the mood for giving, and how many are in need of kindness when they are without means. As a progressive I miss his political thoughts over the radio. Bernie is an insightful personality and is an asset to the Religious and Political discourse. My best wishes go out to he and his family and I look forward to his release.
by Calte
Friday Jan 14th, 2011 9:28 PM
What ever you need to justify this, go for it. After his own comments about his own children I thank goodness for the judge. It is a shame the sentence isn't longer and that he is in Federal Prison instead of where he really belongs.
by Jim
Friday Jan 21st, 2011 3:59 PM
Hope he's doing well. Hang in there, Bernie Ward! Look forward to your return!
by Mauro
Saturday Jan 22nd, 2011 12:58 PM
I'm down here in the South of Brazil but drove a cab in SF for 14 years and Bernie was amazing. At 10:00PM those dredful nights used to gain a different life.and a lot of cabbies used to listen to him, plus their passengers for sure. What impressed me about Bernie it was how fast and knowledgeable he was while debating his callers. I learned a lot about laws and the American Constitution plus his tv appearances, astonishing to a point where nobody wanted to book him on air.
Considering the narrow scope of America's culture and traditions I think is going to be very hard for him to come back but not impossible.
I wish Bernie the best of luck and comeback because in the KGO night spot there's a lot missing.
We need someone, there's too much work for Ray.
by Vic Ellescas
Friday Apr 15th, 2011 9:27 PM
Hi there,
I'm long time listener of Bernie Ward, from 1984 until Bernie got into this mess. I still believe Bernie was innocent. I just spoked on his show only once and I just wished I had spoken more with him during his shows. I missed the "Lion of the Left." And his famous closing words: "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission."
by Adrian
Sunday May 29th, 2011 3:27 PM
Re:Blame Bushie

Yes I do blame that admin. Look at the facts. They brought in a prosecutor from Washington, D.C. The identity of the whistleblower was kept secret. The actual incident occurred three years before but was conveniently brought to trial during the election year. Why does it suddenly become a federal case? If you ever listened to his program you knew there was no love lost for the neocons but he was an equal opportunity critic to the Dems as well.
by Ravel Patel
Thursday Jun 16th, 2011 11:24 AM
I agree with "chp" and thank him for trying to help Bernie Ward, both by writing to him and by making contact information available. I thinking about writing to Mr. Ward myself. IMHO his particular "crime" should have entailed, say, Probation but no worse, for the reasons that "chp" pointed out in the blog. Surely, we have more important crimes to be concerned about in California, like men who are beaten to death by gangsters, just for attending a Dodgers' baseball game, and so on, yes? But also, after having listened to Mr. Ward's (and Mr. Taliaferro's) radio shows during the 1990s, I came to know Mr. Ward, in a way, and believe his story that he was searching for priests, former priests, former Jesuits, etc. It was my understanding that Mr. Ward had studied to be a Jesuit. FYI It should also be noted that prisoners are not allowed to be online, so hopefully "chp" will send these blogs to him.
by devinerichard
Thursday Aug 4th, 2011 3:11 PM
I appreciate your appreciation of a man who definitely had a head on his shoulders at one time. Perhaps though you could have looked at the case documents from the trial, including the transcripts of email between Bernie and a supposed Dominatrix - she may have been one, but she was definitely not into child pornography. I don't have the facts here, look them up on Wikipedia where there are links to the detective reports. Don't forget Bernie pleaded guilty also, but before you argue that fact, I think you just need to read the transcripts. If you still want to keep your idealistic stance, go for it. But Bernie is where he was meant to go. He had prior history as well, but again - you need to do your own research.

It saddened me a lot, because I truly enjoyed listening to him. But I take a hard stance on this kind of nefarious and dangerous activity, I was molested and sexually abused from 5 to about 12, within my own family, and it takes a lifetime to overcome. I wish people would quit trying to 'feel for Bernie', and think about what those children in his photos went through, and are probably still are going through. It does not matter if Bernie actually did molest kids (although he professed he did in email), it matters that he promoted a mentality of sickness, of evil, by sharing these photos with others of his kind. Even if it was only with this Dom, he was in a 'bad place' where typically the sick will eventually act out their fantasies. Please, research that as well, there are plenty of studies about this kind of behavior. For my part whenever I come across some praise for Bernie, I will do my best to shoot it down with my own experience. And I appeal to everyone, what if it was a picture of your child? Any child that you love? What if it was you? Don't give this guy a break, he does not deserve it. When he does get released, I do wish him well, but I don't think he should be on air, or even in the media again.
The ONE THING I don't see in any of his blogs, or posted anywhere (except at his sentencing) is his true remorse over his actions. If he preceeded each of his blogs with a short mea culpa, it might help to establish his credibility a little more actually - because he is a convict, and will always be one now. Own it, and you can at least live with yourself.
by devinerichard
Thursday Aug 4th, 2011 3:29 PM
I appreciate one sensible comment that 'Bernie should be locked up'...! I don't know that I care whether his sentence was any more, or any less - only that he was outed, and locked up as a consequence to his own actions. To tie all of this to some political motivations is not well thought out unless one is completely familiar with the case, which I would submit none of these people (Bernie fans) are. Nor are they familiar with earlier troubles in Bernie's career. As far as pre-convict Bernie goes, I absolutley enjoyed listening to him, and believed in most of the ideas he promoted. Im not sold on one side or another in the political areana, and I'm no fan of Bush - but that just muddies the water here. Please, he confessed! His family, well, read up on that people. He may have very well made up stories for his so called dom (whistleblower), and some of the testimony was close (imho) to entrapment, like 'send more pictures', and 'put your pants on' (as she was probably being instructed to tell him to avoid any 'collusion' charges or enticement) - whatever, but he sent the first pitures, and then more. There were 100 pictures or more in his AOL account, legally obtained through a search warrant, and obtained in a way that assured that they were not 'deposited' there by others, nor could they have not been his. The account was paid for (AOL) with his credit card. In his on-line conversations he made statements that, even if fantasy, would be an afront to a normal person, especially to caring parents. To continue to defend him on the paranoid pretense that 'they were out to get him', is to completely be uncaring about the underlying facts of the case. Bernie had photos of children engaged in sex or sexual behavior (CHILDREN COPY?) and he passed them on to another person. That's a crime. And it was most likely going to lead to another crime some day, like acting out his fantasy. My opinion yes, and that of many professional psychologists. If you can sympathize with Bernie after knowing all that, then I might reccomend that you seek your own therapy soon. I had to. But then I was an actual victim, unlike Bernie Ward - who IS NOT the victim. The time to honor Bernie Ward is past.
by devinerichard
Thursday Aug 4th, 2011 4:06 PM
O.K., I'd be happy to take on all comers on the subject of Bernie Ward. First of all you might want to start with stating that you do not believe in our Justice System. That's o.k., bring up the Casey Anthony story. Plenty of crazies out there now that would like to do their own justice. But, if Casey Anthony could get off, why could not Bernie Ward? Wait a minute, wasn't he being paid anything at KGO? Wasn't he syndicated (God Talk)? Wait a minute, he couldn’t find a good lawyer... in San Francisco? So, I guess he'd be just willing to throw his whole career away ( a very good one at that ) and not fight the fraudulent charges against him? Where were all his colleagues to testify to his sterling character? Oh that's right, he pleaded. O.K., his wife went on about all the evils of the world, and the crushing blow delivered to their family. Wouldn't be the first time a dysfunctional family stood up for their own. Bernie spoke about his own kids in a pornographic way, and he did not fight the charges against him, he copped a plea which means he WAS guilty. You might argue guilty of bad judgment. Like keeping 100 pictures of children, some very YOUNG children, in his personal account. He was signed up to a list group that traded these types of photographs. Why can't people stop with all of the BS and just ask themselves, what if one of those pictures was of your child? Or someone you know, and love? Or of any child? What if they were of you? I would have gone crazy if false charges were made against me. If I were to want to write a book on such a sordid subject, I would have kept some public record, shared with a friend or potential publisher, the nature of my upcoming 'story', and make sure my intentions were known, and 'covered'. Bernie did not have this.
Bernie did not have a good lawyer? Bernie was willing to cop a plea, and not fight for his career? Or, as a conspiracy theorist might think, perhaps Bernie planned this all along so that he could rise like the Phoenix and become even bigger than he was before being burned to ashes. Maybe. But I don't think he's been burned quite enough yet.
For those that have not been victims of this sort of activity, I say shame on you for not being cautious enough to research and think about your positions. For those of us who have been shamed, and physically injured by people in Bernie's 'true trade' - pedophilia, I say that I feel for you, and I wish that others would think first of these innocent victims, and quit trying to sympathize with the perpetrators of these terrible crimes against our children.

And just to head off people who will decry the Casey Anthony comment, it was meant as a comparison to how serious her crime actually was (the charge anyway, if you manage to still respect the justice system) - versus Bernie's, and the fact that if Bernie was innocent, how much simpler it should have been to make his case. But you see, he wasn't. And if Casey DID kill her little girl, well I can tell you personally that being raped as a child is damn near like dying, only you die every day. It's when you finally realize you are not alone that you begin to crawl out of that grave. By participating in the trading of these photos, and the fantasies that go with it, Bernie is part and parcel of creating an environment where more 'new' photos would be in demand, and somewhere a child would pay for that 'new' photo with their innocense, possibly their very life as they are likely to be destroyed. I don't know if Bernie's defenders really understand this?!

A tip of the cap to the judge who really did wonder at whether a harsh sentence was in the best interest of the state, and in turn as a punishment for Bernie. Perhaps some supervised therapy, confined to his home, etc, would have been possible. I'd like to think so. But first, someone point out to me where Bernie does not paint himself to be a victim. I have yet (except at his sentencing where everyone expresses remorse - most everyone anyway) to find Bernie's own admission and regret. I would appreciate if someone would point that out to me. Otherwise the victims are nameless to us, but they exist - I assure you. And in many ways their sentence will be a lot longer than Bernies.
by Vic Whaley
(vwhaley [at] Saturday Apr 21st, 2012 6:14 AM
I don't know the accurate info on Bernie Ward's criminal actions. I enjoyed his show. Listened every night. I agreed for the most part with his political viewpoint. Admired his getting to the point and not being frightened to ask hard questions. Is he guilty of the criminal charges against him..from just what I've gathered...The punishment seems a little harsh. Just miss him. I quit listening to KGO Radio ( a listener since Ira Blue). Would not purchase any product advertised on there show. This is mainly in response to the recent gutting of the Best Radio Station in the bay area. I miss Pat Thurston..truly think she has an extremely clear political vision and I miss Karel...just because he is Karel. Ronn Owens should retire to some middle of the road station. Too bad..I used to be a big fan of his. Clear Channel or what ever entity was the cause for this debacle wins in this battle. Best to all I care about and will miss you.
by Nordicelt
Monday May 14th, 2012 1:43 AM
The fact of the matter is that, not only did Bernie possess child porn, but he DISTRIBUTED, repeat, DISTRIBUTED child porn to others. Bernie, was brought to ground by a person, to whom he sent, unsolicited, child porn, & it was this person who turned Bernie in. If you can find the Bernie Ward/ Sexfairy emails, on line, You will read Bernies recounting of his sexual interests in his children's friends, of both sexes, & you can read of his escapades in the back rows of a porn theater,..& let us not forget, that Bernie plead guilty to DISTBUTION, not just possession of between, 15 to 150 separate samples of kiddy porn,.Clearly, the author of this whitewash, of Bernie's case is in denial,..
by Jesse
Monday May 28th, 2012 9:33 PM
The original poster of this blog seems to be naive. Pedophiles are master manipulators who are greatly adept at gaining the trust of people who are not pedophiles. Also, I think its impossible for someone to enjoy viewing child pornography without being a pedophile. As a non-pedophile, I couldn't view child pornography without feeling sick and nauseous.

Another thing I want to say; there seems to be too much support for Ward from his listeners. You have to separate his on-air persona from real life. I see this dilemna in many Michael Jackson fans, who refuse to acknowedge Jackson's flaws simply because they admire his career in music. Talented people are sometimes VERY flawed, and when that flaw includes pedophilia, they should be punished to the furtherest extent of the law and not granted special rights or circumstances.
by Harry
Sunday Jul 1st, 2012 11:38 PM
I am happy that his home in San Francisco was foreclosed on. I hope he doesn't own any other Bay Area real estate, so that he will have no excuse to return. And I hope he remembers to keep telling his black audience to vote democrat if they know what's good for them. COUGH!
by LP
Sunday Sep 2nd, 2012 3:29 PM
bernie ward, the sick-to-the-bone pedophile duped all of you who believe he is innocent. We live in the land of the DUPED majority, and you're
all part of it. Not only is he a sick and defective human being, only God knows how many other victims there were during the years while he was
a "priest". He was no more a priest than is an aetheist, that was just his cover for being a pedophile. Ward is a son of satan and was doing the work of satan, which is who he will end up with eventually. There is no redemption for a genetic mistake like him. But even sadder is the huge number of people who were , and continue to be, DUPED by this abomination. It's great to see his house was foreclosed.
by Scott Iselin
Tuesday Sep 18th, 2012 11:11 PM
During the criminal investigation and pre-sentencing investigation, there were some revelations that leaked out about Bernie Ward's time studying for the priesthood, Apparently, at least two young girls (IIRC, one was 7 and the other 11), both from the North Bay area, had reported Ward had inappropriate contact with them while he was doing work with them back when he was studying for the priesthood. Both girls' parents made complaints but there was not sufficient physical evidence to constitute proof to prosecute, but it was strongly brought to the attention of the Catholic church (IIRC through an archbishop via parents and police). Coincidently, Ward left the study for the priesthood very shortly thereafter. At the time of Ward's conviction and pre-sentencing investigation, these police records were reviewed and might have been omitted from the formal report because they did not lead to formal charges at the time (decades ago), but I'll bet the information was communicated to the judge and may have been considered in sentencing.

Ward has a history of sexual malfeasance and incidents that are at least consistent with pedophilia in addition to his most recent computer charges. I don't understand how anyone can defend this man in light of the proof of his behaviors in the 2000+ timeframe and with his background of claims made by children in the past when he was training for the priesthood.

Bernie Ward is a despicable human being and a PROVEN multiple sex offender. How can anyone defend this ogre?

by JAC
Wednesday Jul 17th, 2013 6:39 PM
I left the Bay Area in 2007 and was shocked to discover Bernie's conviction a couple of years later.
I think we all agree child pornography is a sickness but should people sending child pornography electronically be locked up for seven plus years?
IMO no.
I would rather people sharing child pornography be treated in a normal setting for rehabilitation. We do not know what Bernie's state of mind will be when he is released or if he will be rehabilitated but locking him up for seven plus years was not a good start.
Thursday Jul 18th, 2013 8:41 PM
by True
Sunday Aug 4th, 2013 10:48 AM
Bernire Ward is almost getting what he deserves. He admited to distribution of child pornography. Such behavior perpetuates a demand for child pornography, which perpetuates terrible abuse against children. For these reaons alone, the motives behind Ward's crime do not matter. He should have been required to serve a minimum of ten years. During that time, he should be allowed, forced even, to attend treatment for whatever psychological disorder(s) fuel his desire. I don't believe that a person can be cured of INCLINATIONS toward pedophilia. The goal of treatment should be to teach the individual to identify such inclination however it manifests, and then behavoral techniques aimed at preventing pedophilia-related behavor. Ward can be forgiven, but he can never again be fully trusted around children, nor should he be.
by Leon Foonman
Wednesday May 7th, 2014 10:06 PM
I came upon this discussion while seeking information about Lompoc and sex offenders in the prison there.
I, too liked Bernie Ward and was sad to see his whole life fall apart.
The real sickos though, are the hateful commenters here that express glee that he and his family are basically ruined. Bernie Ward's life cannot be defined by something stupid that he did. (it was stupid). Saying that is all that he ever was is not reasonable.

Possession of child porn is certainly a horrible thing, but the disproportionate punishment meeted out to those who are found in possession of it is out of whack. Actual rapists, murderers and child molesters do not receive these lengthy sentences, and often are placed in treatment or serve probation or house arrest.

I am not saying that repeat sex offenders should not be punished, but no amount of punitive action seems to keep them from doing it again, so it is a difficult thing for the state to deal with. There needs to be a way to prevent these crimes not just beat up on the ones doing them.

Pornography, the simple possession of it, not the distribution and creation, is something else, and as such should be treated differently than rape or other "in person" crimes.

The minimum federal sentence for online possession of child porn images is now 10 years in Federal prison. 10 years. I wonder how many of the accused were not even aware of the penalty for the crime? If so, how are those harsh sentences a deterrent?

It costs a lot of money to imprison the 100's of 1000's of prisoners in this country. Men and women who may never find employment again due to their prison record. Their families are also paying for those "crimes", being homeless, hungry, unable to live in many areas of the country, just because they once committed a crime.

Many of the ex-offenders and their families really are serving a life sentence in this country that can never forgive, or forget.

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