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Copwatch Report from Last Saturday
by Robert Norse
Wednesday Apr 8th, 2009 8:34 AM
A sunny Saturday Copwatch table in front of Borders for several hours gathered reports, served soup, and distributed questionaires. The mood was merry and several new activists signed up. We'll be back Saturday the 11th in front of Borders again and invite the public. The results of the questionaire we gave out are below
4-4-09 Copwatch Questionnaire survey:

#1 Do police in Santa cruz enforce laws differently depending upon...?
race: 12 gender identity: 3 appearance: 19 class (if homeless): 19 sexual orientation:3 religion:1

#2 Have you ever been the victim of selective enforcement based on descriptions provided above ?
Yes: 13 no: 7 I don't know: 1

#3 Have you ever witnessed selective enforcement based on descriptions provided above?
Yes: 18 No: 3

#4 Are you aware that it is illegal for a person to sleep outside between 11 PM and 8:30 AM when no shelter is available?
Yes: 15 No: 7

#5 Do you support the ticketing, harassment, and confinement of persons who violate the above ordinance?
Yes: 0 No: 19

#6 do you think the SCPD is...
too powerful: 13 just enough power: 4 not powerful enough: 2 don't know/no answer: 3

#7 Do you support the HUFF boycott of the Bookshop Santa Cruz unless and until former Mayor Coonerty changes his position, acknowledging that homeless people in Santa Cruz must have the right to sleep—not anywhere and everywhere—but somewhere.
Yes, I support the boycott: 14 No, I don't: 2 Undecided : 6

22 responses

This questionnaire was originally prepared when Coonerty was Vice-Mayor and was originally distributed at our table in front of his Bookshop Santa Cruz. His positions, and that of Neal Coonerty, Supervisor and owner of the Bookshop Santa Cruz, have not changed, however. Nor, apparently, has public support among those who answered the questionnaire for a boycott.