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Iraq Veterans Against the War to Launch Winter Soldier: Berkeley, March 11th
Friday Mar 6th, 2009 3:25 PM
Iraq Veterans Against the War to convene Winter Soldier as occupation approaches sixth Anniversary
Iraq Veterans: It’s our turn to tell our stories

U.C. Berkeley – Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will launch Berkeley Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan on March 11th, to provide Bay Area veterans a platform to testify about the atrocities, abuses, and war crimes they have witnessed. The event, to take place March 11th, from 6-9pm at 150 Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, will give veterans and service members a chance to speak out about the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and expose the human consequences of failed war policy.

“You’ve heard from the politicians, you’ve heard from the generals, you’ve heard from the media – now it’s time you heard from the vets,” said Stephen Funk, President of IVAW Bay Area and a former Marine “It’s not going to be easy to hear what we have to say. It’s not going to be easy for us to tell it. But we believe that the only way this war is going to end is if the American people truly understand what we have done in their name.”

The event has been named Winter Soldier to honor a similar gathering in 1971, when Veterans of the Vietnam War testified about war crimes and abuses they had participated in or witnessed. Winter Soldiers, according to founding father, Thomas Paine, are the soldiers who stand up for the soul of their country, even in its darkest hours.

Some of the topics that will be presented are:
· Abuse/Hazing
· Dehumanization
· G.I. Resistance
· Healthcare
· Religious Discrimination
· Stop Loss

Iraq Veterans Against the War was founded in 2004 to give those who have served in the military since September 11, 2001 a way to come together and speak out against an unjust, illegal and unwinnable war. Today, IVAW has over 1500 members in 48 states, D.C, Canada, and military bases overseas.