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George Galloway responds to 9-11 Truthers

by PressTV
George Galloway takes questions from 9-11 truthers on his weekly show, Comment, broadcast on PressTV [13mins]
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George clearly doesn't buy the crap generated by the film Loose Change, a film that has done great damage to proper investigation of what occurred on 9-11.

Watch the film "Shadow Secrets", a far more objective analysis of 9-11:
George Galloway, the anti-abortion idiot, is now attacking the 9/11 Truth Movement. Does someone pay him to be stupid or was he born that way?

As we watched it on TV, we saw no air defense. That can only mean 9/11 was an inside job. If you need more, the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7 demonstrate an inside job. One of the substances used in the demolition was thermate, a military substance. This was a military operation, under the direction of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Giuliani. The planes were on remote control, guided by the US Air Force. One plane ended its flight in Cleveland; the hole in the ground in Pennsylvania had no bodies, said the coroner. The Pentagon was hit by construction explosives and possibly a military missile; there was no way any pilot much less the fall guy named, could execute the fancy maneuver alleged, and clearly no huge jet hit the Pentagon. 9 of the so-called hijackers were alive on Sept 12, 2001. They were all fall guys; the FBI admitted they have no evidence connecting any of them to the 9/11 Inside Job. Osama bin Laden was and is a CIA agent, and was the pre-arranged fall guy. The US has an excellent air defense system, especially over New York City and Washington DC. The government' s conspiracy theory is such an obvious lie that anyone who falls for it needs therapy or is being paid by the government to promote its lies. This was an American Reichstag fire to perpetrate war and fascism to maximize profits of the capitalist class as the greatest profits are with war, the same reason the Nazis burned their own government building, the Reichstag.

You do not need to have any feelings about the US government to figure out this was an inside job. You just have to ask the normal questions about any crime. If the pieces of the puzzle do not fit according to the government's conspiracy theory, then the government is lying. Most governments lie at least a little, and we all know the US government lies routinely, with malice aforethought.

ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE FOR PEACE AND OPPOSES AMERICAN IMPERIALISM MUST ASSUME THAT ALL SUCH INCIDENTS ARE INSIDE JOBS UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. Every socialist publication should be running regular updates on the 9/11 Truth Movement, as it is a very useful expose of the bankruptcy of American capitalism, as well as teaching people to ask questions about everything, especially about government lies.

For more on the ongoing people's investigation, the 9/11 Truth Movement, see:
Watch 9/11 Cover-Up on San Francisco Cable Channel 29 every Friday night, 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Listen to Guns & Butter on KPFA at 94.1 FM at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays and online at:
DVD that is a Must See at
1.Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert
2.New Pearl Harbor Revisited by David Griffin (2008)
3.The Hidden History of 9/11, ed by Paul Zarembka (2008), articles by David Griffin, Jay Kolar, Zarembka, Don Trent Jacobs, Nafez Ahmed, David MacGregor, Bryan Sacks, Diana Ralph, with Appendix by Bertrand Russell: 16 Questions on the JFK Assassination (teaches how to investigate a crime)
4.The 9/11 Conspiracy, edited James Fetzer (2007), articles by John Austin, David Griffin, James Fetzer, Jack White, Judy Wood, Joseph Firmage, Morgan Reynolds, Rick Rajter, Elias Davidsson, Peter Dale Scott, John McMurty plus excellent photos
5. 9/11 Contradictions by David Griffin (2008)
6. The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions & Distortions by David Griffin
7.The New Pearl Harbor by David Griffin
8.Debunking 9/11 Debunking by David Griffin
9. Painful Questions by Eric Hufschmid
10. The Iron Triangle (on the Carlyle Group) by Dan Briody
11. 9/11 Revealed: The Unanswered Questions by Rowland Morgan & Ian Henshall
12. Waking Up From Our Nightmare by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman
13.9/11 Facing Our Fascist State by Don Paul
14..9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA by Webster Tarpley
15. Body of Secrets by James Bamford
16. The War on Truth by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed
17. The Terror Conspiracy by Jim Marrs
18. Towers of Deception by Barrie Zwicker (with DVD enclosed)
19. 9/11 and American Empire edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott
20. Flight 93 Revealed by Rowland Morgan
21.The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whitleblowers and The Coverup by Sander Hicks
by neefle
I don't like Galloway, because I think he's a blowhard who nuzzles up to tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Bashar Asad, Fidel Castro and others. But on this point, Galloway is right. "The 9-11 truth movement" is populated by cranks who have direct links to extreme right nut cases and holocaust deniers. It comes from the same intellectual tradition as the holocaust deniers and other hate mongers. None of their so-called evidence amounts to anything more than idle speculation. They operate from the school of "if everything is completeley explained to my standard, then it must be a conspiracy". Never mind the fact that none of the thousands of people who would have had to be involved in a coverup of such immense proportions has come forward with anything. You can't tell me that one person wouldn't have a fit of conscious about murdering thousands of people. My advice is ignore these kooks. They only distract from real work in society that can really benefit real people, not conspiracy hobbyists with a lot of idle time.
by Elias Davidsson
It would be uncharitable of me to consider George Galloway as stupid. It would be unfair to those who elected him. Still the question remains what incentive he has to keep repeating that the Sun turns around the Earth, or as the contemporary song has it, that 19 Muslims who loved to spend their evenings in bars had the desire to kill themselves for Allah and murder 3000 people.

While other politicians at least keep their mouth shut and do not make anymore stupid comments on 9/11 (because they suspect the truth) George may believe that by repeating the old canard he will be readmitted to the cozy establishment from which he has been ousted. Any intelligent person is now trying to save his/her skin by preparing to admit the truth and changing camps. George will perhaps remain the last "Stalinist" defending the official conspiracy theory..I bet.

by denbenenki
Galloway has been fresh air to me, hope and even vengeance, for the truth he speaks to “mother of all liars” and their kind.

But to categorically deny alternative theories and accept the official report without any believable explanation, unless we are to accept that gg read monbiot and that was enough for him..,

As a commentator here submits 21 sources to gg’s one, and gg’s harrumph! attitude, which is unlike him in all related matters, I can only GUESS—this why GG has been able to get away with such truth telling—he is the PR SHIELD, the one guy we all are passively sedated to know that the “truth is being told,” therefore, we/I do not have to do much more than wait.

That is our weakness, we simply do not have the stamina to stand up to fascists. We don’t have their adrenaline. And without that or similar, they simply wait us out. There can be no other reason for GG to so stubbornly dismiss a Govt conspiracy! His whole political life is wound by several such conspiracies! Many times he has been a victim of such Govt conspiracies! gg gave a tongue lashing to the US senate for accusing Him of profiting from saddam and iraqs oil! gg gave a list of the reverse! Yet, here, he asks us to tell him where are the people on the planes! Like that would be a difficult thing to do, kill the passengers. NOT IF YOU ARE BLOWING UP FOUR BUILDINGS GG!

Jeez, its like talking to fox news. But this is how gg can drive home, walk home and sit at home without fear (has he been attacked?) after so many confrontations. THAT—is Public Relations! – of the New Century! With GG, our sleeping leader will not jump up in rage—“gg has it under control.”

No plane could have hit the pentagon at 500 miles an hour, burst in one wall, caused a circlular hole 320 feet further—AND NOT GAUGE THE FLOOR!

BESIDES—where are those people who claimed they received cellphone calls? Did GG talk to any of them? He doesn’t say. Omission has been as much a factor as disinformation in this matter, and now GG is adding to that by his vague responses.

THAT, my fellow truth seeker, is how well the culprits have kept a lid on this. Bytheway, there is a new documentary that proves Oswald was the lone assassin.

Perhaps GG agrees with that too.., tsk.., tsk…
by Jeffrey Hill (shure_dj [at]
After your done watching all those fake documentaries check out the video at
In 2003, The Christian Science Monitor published documentary evidence (which was later show to be a forgery) proving that Galloway had accepted money from Saddam Hussein. The newspaper apologized but Galloway REJECTED the apology on the grounds the forgery was evidence of a CONSPIRACY AGAINST HIM and continued his libel claim.
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