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Fort Bragg neonazi had ingredients for dirty bomb
by Wikileaks
Wednesday Feb 11th, 2009 7:54 AM
By Walter Griffin (Bangor Daily News)[1]

BELFAST, Maine — James G. Cummings, who police say was shot to death by his wife two months ago, allegedly had a cache of radioactive materials in his home suitable for building a “dirty bomb.”

According to an FBI field intelligence report from the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center posted online by WikiLeaks, an organization that posts leaked documents, an investigation into the case revealed that radioactive materials were removed from Cummings’ home after his shooting death on Dec. 9.

The report posted on the WikiLeaks Web site states that “On 9 December 2008, radiological dispersal device components and literature, and radioactive materials, were discovered at the Maine residence of an identified deceased [person] James Cummings.”
It says that four 1-gallon containers of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, uranium, thorium, lithium metal, thermite, aluminum powder, beryllium, boron, black iron oxide and magnesium ribbon were found in the home.

Also found was literature on how to build “dirty bombs” and information about cesium-137, strontium-90 and cobalt-60, radioactive materials. The FBI report also stated there was evidence linking James Cummings to white supremacist groups. This would seem to confirm observations by local tradesmen who worked at the Cummings home that he was an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler and had a collection of Nazi memorabilia around the house, including a prominently displayed flag with swastika. Cummings claimed to have pieces of Hitler’s personal silverware and place settings, painter Mike Robbins said a few days after the shooting.

An application for membership in the National Socialist Movement filled out by Cummings also was found in the residence, according to the report. Cummings’ wife, Amber B. Cummings, 31, told investigators that her husband spoke of “dirty bombs,” according to the report, and mixed chemicals in her kitchen sink. She allegedly told police that Cummings subjected her to years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. She also said that Cummings was “very upset” when Barack Obama was elected president.

A “dirty bomb” is a type of “radiological dispersal device” that combines a conventional explosive such as dynamite with radioactive material, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Web site. “Most RDDs would not release enough radiation to kill people or cause severe illness,” the NRC says, adding that “a dirty bomb is in no way similar to a nuclear weapon” because its effects occur in a very limited area compared to a nuclear explosion.

The report noted that “uranium, thorium, cesium-137, stontium-90 and cobalt-60 are radioactive isotopes and 35 percent hydrogen peroxide is a necessary precursor for the manufacture of peroxide-based explosives. Lithium metal, thermite and aluminum are materials used to sensitize and amplify the effects of explosives.”

The report stated that the uranium component was bought online from a U.S. company that was identified in the investigation, but not in the report.

John Donnelley, an agent at the FBI’s Boston office, declined Tuesday to comment on the report. Donnelley said some FBI reports are provided to law enforcement agencies and sometimes get released to media outlets.

“I wouldn’t be prepared to speak on that,” Donnelley said. “I have no comment.”

The Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center is an intelligence gathering office affiliated with Washington, D.C., law enforcement. Telephone and e-mail messages left with the center Tuesday were not returned.

State police have identified Amber Cummings as the person who shot James Cummings. The couple’s 9-year-old daughter was present the morning of the shooting in what police have described as a domestic violence homicide.

Amber Cummings, who is staying in the Belfast area, has not been charged in the case, although the Waldo County grand jury currently meeting in Belfast could take up the matter during its session this week. While state police have acknowledged that the 29-year-old Cummings was killed by a gunshot, the results of the autopsy have been impounded, as have the search warrants executed at Cummings’ High Street home following the shooting. Authorities spent days searching the home, according to neighbors.

Lt. Gary Wright, who heads up the Maine State Police Criminal Investigation Division team working the case, declined to comment on any aspects of the case when contacted Tuesday.

“We’re not going to comment on anything,” Wright said Tuesday evening. “It’s an open homicide investigation and we’re not going to comment. That’s our standard policy.”

Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, also had no comment on the report. “This is an active, open homicide investigation,” he said Tuesday evening, “and as a result, it’s inappropriate to get into confirming or denying aspects of that.”

Maine Deputy Attorney General William Stokes also declined to comment on the report Tuesday.

David Farmer, spokesman for Gov. John Baldacci, said Tuesday that it was inappropriate for the governor to comment on an open investigation. When asked about the copy of the field report sent to him by the Bangor Daily News, he said, “At this point, I have been unable to confirm the authenticity of the documents you sent to us.”

A spokesman for U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ staff said there was no one able to comment on the report Tuesday night.

Telephone messages left with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security were not returned Tuesday evening. Robbins, who worked on the house for a month last summer, described Cummings as an angry person who was verbally abusive to his wife. He said Cummings apparently was independently wealthy and did not work. Robbins said Cummings talked incessantly about his love of guns and his fascination for Hitler. He said Cummings repeatedly berated his wife about home-schooling their daughter. He said Cummings had a controlling personality and wanted to know his wife and child’s every move.

Cummings grew up in California and lived in Texas before moving to Maine in August 2007. Although Robbins said Cummings told him he made his money in Texas real estate, it appears that the actual source of his wealth was a trust fund established by his father, a prominent landowner in the Northern California city of Fort Bragg. An Internet search of the James B. Cummings Trust indicated that it has an annual income of $10 million.

The FBI field intelligence report was apparently first reported on by, an online magazine which covers and blogs on current events.

BDN writer Dawn Gagnon in Bangor contributed to this report.

Thanks to BDN and the authors for covering this document. Copyright remains with the aforementioned.

Full report

Discussion at Fort Bragg Advocate News
Dec 22, 2008

So what, Its more conected to here than you know. They grew up here got maried, their familys are here, and his Father was shot to death as well, and that was here. and you know what Amber is not a victim in defence, She has been plottin for years and James Cummings was not violent to her.She is very deseptive and smart though.
resident of Belfast ME

South Portland, ME

Dec 25, 2008

I seen Amber often and there was a time she had black eyes so swollen and her face was black and blue. She played it off that she had been hurt remodeling their home, but we all wondered. She was very pleasent, but always looked over her shoulder in fear her husband was watching if she were to speak to anyone. He was very angry, never left the property, screamed and raged alot. When the truth comes out about his sick and disturbing hell he had made for his family, it will make most horror movies look G rated. Thank goodness Amber and her daughter made it out alive.
Katlyns Aunt

Dec 26, 2008
Another case illustrating the epidemic of domestic violence in this country. Poor little girl. If he was an abuser, I am glad that his victims are the survivors in this case. All too often it is the innocent that die and the abuser goes on to abuse again. Another abuser from Fort Bragg????? I think they need an education program about domestic violence starting in the high school.
jaded eye

Dec 27, 2008

Fort Bragg does need a wake up call about Domestic violence. There are some good links and advice on the website set up to honor the memory of Katlyn, the young woman who died under suspicious circumstances, her exboyfriend is the person of interest in her death.
Jan 3, 2009

It's all about his money....They owned a business in Fort Bragg, they worked together and all was good. She has family and could have left him anytime she wanted...She liked having the money and possessions. Don't let her fool you.
Not So

Jan 4, 2009

California Girl wrote:
It's all about his money....They owned a business in Fort Bragg, they worked together and all was good. She has family and could have left him anytime she wanted...She liked having the money and possessions. Don't let her fool you.

How do you know all of this? Have you ever been a victim of abuse? If not, you don't have a clue about this. Think before you speak especially about things you have not experienced.

Jan 4, 2009

Yes, I was a victim of abuse for 34 years. I do know what I'm talking about and yes I did know them.
Jan 5, 2009

There is no excuse for domestic violence...There was no money, no I couldn't afford blush to cover the bruises...He is still alive and well, I ran for my life and was help by people who knew my situation...I did not take his life....and I would never have done such a thing with my children in the home...Think of what that poor child is going through.
ignorance is bliss

Monday Jan 19

Until you know the truth, its just your opinion, your ignorance. People have seen the bruises, and if you actually asked anyone in Belfast, they would say you are wrong. You dont know what went on behind closed doors, you were not there. Wait until the entire story comes out, then you can form an opinion, who really are you to judge anyhow?

Wednesday Jan 21

It seems to me that Amber could have returned to Fort Bragg, She has family there..She may not have had any money but would have been far removed from the abuser..the news didn't mention that she appeared to have been physically abused, she was not seen by a doctor or even checked for any injuries...
by originally
Wednesday Feb 11th, 2009 12:08 PM
came from

weird how they don't put the url in the article when they repost it
by rcf
Wednesday Mar 4th, 2009 4:16 PM
has the cummings house in fort bragg been checked out for chemicals?
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