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Trilateral Commission; Obama appointed no less than eleven members
by CFR
Wednesday Feb 4th, 2009 9:26 AM
CFR = Council on Foreign Relations
CFR groomed Obama. Any Surprise he has put Clinton war hawks back in cabinet positions?
As previously noted in Pawns of the Global Elite, Barack Obama was groomed for the
presidency by key members of the Trilateral Commission. Most notably, it was
Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in 1973,
who was Obama's principal foreign policy advisor.

The pre-election attention is reminiscent of Brzezinski's tutoring of Jimmy Carter
prior to Carter's landslide election in 1976.

For anyone who doubts the Commission's continuing influence
on Obama, consider that he has already appointed no less than eleven members of the
Commission to top-level & key positions
in his Administration.

According to official Trilateral Commission membership lists, there are only 87
members from the US (the other 337 members are from other regions).

Is this a mere coincidence or is it a continuation of dominance over the Executive
Branch since 1976? (For important background, read The Trilateral Commission:
Usurping Sovereignty.)

Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner

Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice

National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones

Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon

Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker

Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair

Assistant Sec of State, Asia & Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell

Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg

State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Haass

State Department, Special Envoy, Dennis Ross

State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Holbrooke

There are many other incidental links to the Trilateral Commission, for instance,

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is married to Commission member William Jefferson

Geithner's informal group of advisors include E. Gerald Corrigan, Paul Volker, Alan
Greenspan and Peter G. Peterson, among others. His first job after college was
with Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates.

Brent Scowcroft has been an unofficial advisor to Obama and was mentor to Defense
Secretary Robert Gates.

Robert Zoelick is currently president of the World Bank

Laurence Summers, White House Economic Advisor, was mentored by former Treasury
Secretary Robert Rubin
during the Clinton administration.

There are many other such links, but these are enough for you
to get the idea of what's going on here.

Notice that 5 of the Trilateral appointees involve the State De- partment, where
foreign policy is created and implemented.
Hillary Clinton is certainly in line with these policies be-
cause her husband, Bill Clinton, is also a member.

What is more important than economic recovery? Paul Volker is the answer.

What is more important than national intelligence? Gen. James Jones, Thomas Donilon
and Adm. Dennis Blair hold the top three positions.

What is more important than the Treasury and the saving of our financial system?
Timothy Geithner says he has the answers.

The State Department is virtually dominated by Trilaterals: Kurt Campbell, James
Steinberg, Richard Haass, Dennis Ross
and Richard Holbrooke.

This leaves Susan Rice, Ambassador to the United Nations. The U.N. is the chosen
instrument for ultimate global governance. Rice will help to subvert the U.S. into
the U.N. umbrella of vassal states.

Since 1973, the Commission has met regularly in plenary sessions to discuss policy
position papers developed by its members.

Policies are debated in order to achieve consensuses. Respective members return to
their own countries to implement policies consistent with those consensuses.

The original stated purpose of the Trilateral Commission was to create a "New
International Economic Order."

Its current statement morphed into fostering a "closer cooperation among these core
democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities
in the wider international system.

The Trilateral Commission web site

U.S. Trilateral members implement policies determined by a majority of non-Americans
that most often work against the best interests of the country.

"How," you say?

Since the administration of Jimmy Carter, Trilaterals held these massively
influential positions:

Six out of eight World Bank presidents, including the current appointee, Robert

Eight out of ten U.S. Trade Representatives

President and/or Vice-President of every elected administration (except for

Seven out of twelve Secretaries of State

Nine out of twelve Secretaries of Defense

Is this sinking in? Are you grasping the enormity of it?

For the Trilateral crowd, the game is about over. The recent re- emergence of
original members Kissinger, Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft and Paul Volker serves to
reinforce the conclusion
that the New International Economic Order is near.

The Trilateral Commission and its members have engineered the global economic, trade
and financial system that is currently in a state of total chaos. Does that mean
that they have lost? Hardly.

As I recently wrote in Chorus call for New World Order, they are using the crisis to
destroy what remains of national Sovereignty,
so that a New World Order can finally and permanently be put
into place.

The Obama presidency is a disingenuous fraud. He was elected
by promising to bring change, yet from the start change was never envisioned. He was
carefully groomed & financed by the Trilateral Commission and their friends.

In short, Obama is merely the continuation of disastrous, non-American policies that
have brought economic ruin upon us
and the rest of the world.

The Obama experience rivals that of Jimmy Carter, whose campaign slogan was "I will
never lie to you."

When the Democrat base finally realizes that it has been conned again (Bill Clinton
and Al Gore were members), perhaps it will unleash a real political
revolution, ousting Trilateral politicians, operatives and policies from the shores
of our country.

If the reader is a Democrat, be aware that many Republicans and conservatives are
still licking their wounds after finally realizing that George Bush and Dick Cheney
worked the same con on them for a disastrous eight years of the same policies.
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