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Message to Free Mumia demonstrations in Mexico

by Phil Africa
NEVER give up! This system is not truly powerful.
My love & solidarity goes out to all who fight for freedom & justice for all and a better day for all. My deepest thanks to all of you who wrote letters to try to win freedom for us known as the Move 9. Even though it made me bitter that the system is trying to lock us up for 100 years, saying we don’t show remorse for a crime we didn’t commit, it was what I had expected. It just makes me fight all the harder for its elimination.

Really hurt my heart to hear of the mistreatment being done to my sisters & brothers there. No matter what country a person lives in, we are ALL being oppressed by the same system because it’s rotten. Courage y'all demonstrate in standing strong in resistance to such evils is a powerful example for all to draw courage from.

Like in your country it is the same here. Some people feel that despite the good that came from the Black Power Movements/Civil Rights Movements, when they look at all those this system murdered during those times, all those this system has locked away for ages in these hell holes called prisons, most feel they don’t want to subject themselves to the same. This system has struck fear in the hearts of many, it is why this system is the real terrorist! People don’t respect this system. They fear it.

The danger of this system is that in the USA they make modernized slavery look like it’s not that bad. Anytime a living being is held captive in a cage it is a bad thing. Only man does such horrors to living things and feel that it’s OK. For the most part those in prison here are fed the lie that “it’s not as bad in these prisons as it is in other countries.” Truth is prison is prison no matter where or what the conditions are, your freedom has still been taken, you are oppressed, mistreated, the bond of family is being stretched, the natural flow of life is being disrupted!

I have seen a lot of changes in these places since coming in here over 30 years ago. The main change I've seen is in the mentality of the staff & prisoners. The prisoners coming in are less political minded, non-revolutionary, unprincipled, and so much younger. The police are the same, mostly very young with no idea of how prisons used to be so they follow any order given them, which is why they are hired. Most are ex-military, White, patriotic, and think it’s their duty to oppress the prisoners as much as they can as a show of power & control. The police think they are meant to rule the world. No one is as good or equal in any way to the Great Rich White Man! That is the mentality they project. . Prisoner & police alike both think that money is the cure to all their problems.

NEVER give up! This system is not truly powerful, real power is what they see in Nature which has always housed & fed them! Real power is the force of MAMA NATURE that gives them life, not this weak system that only brings death, destruction, and pain to all that it touch. There will come the day when we can all sit together in peace & harmony, that I promise you!

This system tried to murder us on August 8, 1978 and we all came out alive! This system tried to stop us when they dropped that bomb on our home on May 13, 1985 murdering 11 of our family and our animals, but we were not stopped and are moving forward stronger than ever! They have Mumia Abu Jamal on death row in hopes of stopping his voice, yet he is still the voice of the oppressed!

OnaMOVE, brothers and sisters! Free Mumia! Free all political prisoners! Down with this rotten system! Long live John Africa!
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