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History of the AIPRI
by Paolo Scampi (scapao [at]
Wednesday Jul 30th, 2008 8:43 AM
History of the AIPRI
L'AIPRI was founded in 1993 by Jean PlGNERO and Maurice Eugène ANDRE. Jean PIGNERO (France) had founded l'APRI en 1964. This was the first association for the protection against ionizing radiation in Europe. He was the director of the review, PRI, « Protection contre les Rayonnements lonisants » (Protection from Ionizing Radiation) of the association and developed actions denouncing the dangers of the abuse of a system requiring obligatory x-rays. He was active in the newly hatched struggle against nuclear energy; he developed important activities over many years, accomplishing an enormous body of work in publishing a very large body of information containing the basic fundamentals of anti-nuclear information. He founded AIPRI, an international association with aims similar to APRI, with Maurice Eugène ANDRE, (Belgium), a nuclear protection specialist, in biological, chemical and radiology (NBCR), who would be cited in the recent book « Uranium appauvri, la guerre invisible » (Depleted Uranium: The Invisible War), Editons Robert LAFFONT, 2001), as« Mister Nuclear » (p.328 to 335). On p.329 : « Towards the mid-70’s, his writings on the difference between natural and manmade radiation associate him with the foremost scientists in the anti-nuclear protest: the American researchers Arthur TAMPLIN and Donald P.GEESEMAN, authors famous for their writings on hot spots points chauds, as well as John GOFMAN, research physicist at UC Berkeley, one of the co-discoverers of plutonium. In April 1976, his successful conversion of « l'effet de proximité » into a mathematical formula had an international effect that merited the congratulations of the European Council Conseil de l'Europe. Various contemporaneous publications publications mention him.» Maurice Eugène ANDRE (MEA) wrote the CHARTE UNIVERSELLE DE SURVIE (Universal Survival Map) April 12, 1973 (appeared in the publication, Moniteur Belge, April 28, 1977, issue number 3577, page 1716, TITRE Il). He founded the Belgian antinuclear association, SURVIE-BELGIQUE (Belgian Survival)May 11, 1974 and presided over the First World Antinuclear Conference of Brussels (Premier Congrès Universel Antinucléaire de Bruxelles) in 1975. This meeting lasted several days. The American expert John W. GOFMAN, co-discoverer of plutonium 239, spoke before thousands of attendees, as did Pierre PIZON, MD, from Paris, the Professeur of Nuclear Physics, Jens SCHEER of Bremen (Germany), the antinuclear activist Jean PIGNERO (France), and numerous foreign scientists from countries with nuclear programs. Maurice Eugène ANDRE discovered in 1974, and pubished in 1976, the mathematical proof, of the very grave consequences that occur when radiation is introduced into the body, -even in the smallest quantity -, of radioactive matter containing atoms disintegrating in ALPHA mode, as it has been proven with radioactive metals pyrophores that are plutonium 239 and l'uranium 238, most notably. The demonstation that he discovered in 1974, and published in 1976, concerns a hot spot in a lung contaminated by one particle of plutonium 239 of a diameter of only one micron: this was called «demonstration of the internal effect of proximity to alpha emitters ». These prompt destructive internal effects in the human organism, is what led the nuclear lobby to wish for the eventual permanent shut down of all nuclear facilities

We know that the pro-nuclear lobby has attempted and succeeded for many years in censoring all reference to the dangers to the general population from living near (100 mile radius) proximity to nuclear facilities in case of pollution form ALPHA emissions from being broadcast on television. (needs to be broken into two sentences or reworked)

MEA, the actual governing board of AIPRI (in 2005), founded as well the antinuclear political party that avows the absolute necessity for stopping nuclear activity and informs the directors of other political parties of the extreme danger posed by nuclear activity of any sort, which in 2002 is still very much unknown. That is why MEA founded the Belgian Progressive Party (le Parti Progressiste belge, PPB) on April 27, 1978 and the European Progressive Party (Parti des Européens Progressistes PEP), March 7, 1989).

the AIPRI foundation, an international association, perpetuates the international antinuclear struggle more miltant than political, and honors the memory of the antinuclear militant Hartmut GRUENDLER, who torched himself in protest against the production of plutonium 239; of Petra KELLY who disappeared under suspicious circumstances together with her companion, a German military officer correctly informed on the dangers of nuclear activity; of the Professor of nuclear physics Professor Jens SCHEER who led crowds against the nuclear centers in Germany and who was brought up against tribunals at the time. They were all Germans and not one of them thought twice in offering up their lives to the antinuclear cause.

The AIPRI also honors the memory of Pierre PIZON, MD, Paris, antinuclear writer, certified expert before the French court. They were all militants and friends, and among the most effective, the most productive, the most courageous:They struggled with determination, without hypocrisy and without compromise. They gave their lives to defend the children of the future and to publicly denounce the abominable dangers of the nuclear, and of the reign of those bureaucrats who defend it.

Beginning in 2002, AIPRI decided to create the Committee of Life Members (Comité de Membres Permanents de l'AIPRI) made up of people who truly wage the struggle or who have effectively struggled against the nuclear.

The first person to join the Permanent Committee (Comité Permanent de l'AIPRI) in 2002, I sMr. Michel COTTENCEAU of l'ILE d'YEU in France, courageous and competent antinuclear militant. He is also Vice-Président of the French Progressive party (Parti des Français Progressistes PFP). The président-founder of this new French party is Mr. Jacques DAUDON of 05700 SERRES, France. We galdly welcomed Michel COTTENCEAU to AIPRI as a member of the permanent committee (Membre du Comité Permanent).


In 2008, Paolo SCAMPA was named right president of l'AIPRI following the déces (death, cessation) of MEA and Christian Prud'humme was named honorary member of the Permanent Committee of AIPRI (membre d'honneur du Comité Permanent de l'AIPRI, Association Internationale pour la Protection contre les Rayons Ionisants).

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