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SF events 7.22

by false flag terrorism
USAF has purged 6 Generals loyal to Cheney and Installed generals loyal to Obama.
Obama's foreign policy advisor: Zbignew Brezinski wants to attack China, Russia, Packistan, Sudan
Webster Tarpley in Amsterdam, July 22nd: Historical changes in false flag terrorism
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Doctors, Hospitals Put Environment On Their Charts: Medicine Gears Up for a Code Green
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Death of Free Internet Is Imminent: Canada Will Become Test Case

losing Sovereignty
PART 1...

Call Congress before July 25 demanding impeachment now
BushShouldHaveBeenImpeached-subscribe [at]
toll-free numbers, 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803

Proven: Vegetarians Live Longer SFVeg-subscribe [at]

Inflation and the Specter of World Revolution
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John Taylor Gatto - On education education is forced dumbing down
kindergarten system devised and employed in Prussia
to get soldiers to march into bayonette lines
a garden where you grow children like vegetables
and now in New York they are putting kids in pre kindergarten
CIA admits starting feminist movement so that moms would not be home to take care of kids
Goal: create automotons "human resources" that state can use as soldiers and workers

Congress can block Bush's plan to drill off our coast

IEA warns non-Opec oil could peak in two years - Business Times Online
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Hippy Gourmet meets the BigGreenBus from Dartmouth College!

S.F. Mayor Newsom signs wind power executive order

SFGate: George W. Bush Sewage Plant plan is on ballot

FaceBook In Reality - and BBC'sThe Wall

Internet Party: When Google's parents leave town... FACEBOOK

So what is Facebook, anyway?,-anyway%3F

Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

ceiling cat is god basement cat is devil

Aftermath-Cow farts collected in plastic tanks to fight global warming
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Wildfires gain ground on Alaska tundra arthfirstalert-subscribe [at]

Watermelon detox cures Lyme Disease
After a 10 Day Raw Food diet Marsha's symptoms of Lyme Disease disappeared.
You don't have to go totally RAW. Moderation is good. Move that way. Eat more organic fruit veg and greens.

Tarply-US Policy Shift On Iran/Iraq-Brzezinski Rules In Washington
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Some 140 Federal & State Officials Could Prosecute Bush For Murder
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Big Corporations Plan to Take-over/censor the Internet
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Operation Gladio: CIA Network of "Stay Behind" Secret Armies
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The "Sacrifice" of Aldo Moro By Andrew G. Marshall

Rep Jim Guest: REAL ID Nightmare! Global_Police_State-subscribe [at]
what a typical day would be like for American citizens who are forced to carry a National ID Card.
Are you ready for state-to-state check points, routine ID check
roadblocks, and the final merger of government, pharmaceutical
companies, financial institutions, and our public schools? It's
happening right now! REP. GUEST'S WEBSITES:

We're All Abductees ctrl-subscribe [at]

RawStory-ACLU calls 4probe of Chertoff over 'terrorist' watch list
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After criticizing TSA, CNN reporter put on no-fly "terrorist watch list"
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DHS Counterterrorism Exercise Created & Executed by Private Contractor SAIC
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Governor Proposes Martial Law Choppers For Chicago
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Brasscheck TV: Outing the yellow ribbon fraud

Brasscheck TV: How to stop a false flag attack

Brasscheck TV: Stopping the next war

Brasscheck TV: Vaccines and autism

Brasscheck TV: Arrest Karl Rove now

Arab Plot Against Bush - More Israeli Intelligence Activity?
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Rove ought to be in jail! BushShouldHaveBeenImpeached-subscribe [at]

Half a Million Plastic Coffins?
'No decision' on giant database Police_State-subscribe [at]

Presstv - US building jail to hold journalists ctrl-subscribe [at]

The Process of Indoctrination-Public conditioned 2accept elite ruling class
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U.S. Faces Global Funding Crisis, Warns Merrill Lynch
Bank of China Ltd may own about $20 billion of debt issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, representing two-thirds of total holdings among the six largest Chinese banks, according to CLSA Ltd.

Arab Plot Against Bush - More Israeli Intelligence Activity?
Previous case points to staged intel operations
Six arabs have been arrested and accused of trying to set up an al Qaeda cell in Israel, but given previous accounts of such plots turning out to be the direct work of Israeli intelligence, why should we believe any different this time?

Here's some interesting methods for urban food-growing:

Home-made Earthbox for Hardscape

Window Sill container gardening

Backyard Aquaponics

Plant Tower - Fairly Technical but do-able for those with patience

Tires to Potatoes ( I don't like this, tires contain TOXICS)

U.S. Military Spraying Toxic Chemtrails Over Amerika !

- - - -

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Priscilla Feral of Friends of Animals lively new online venue,
bringing together the vegan community and people everywhere who wish
to explore vegan living and ideas.

Did You Know All the Drugs in Your Milk?
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Must-view Fox video that never aired on TV due to pressure from Monsanto.

Your Health & Airports: Ever Wonder What Blows Out Of A Jet?
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VIDEO: How To Refuse A Police Search and Protect Your Rights v=nyokKFIecIo& NR=1

Fusion Centers: Implementing the Control Grid
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How to Survive in a World Without Safety Nets
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Brasscheck TV: John McCain - Lost in Space (Part Two)

Ventura: Neo-Cons May Stage Terror To Stay In Power doctorplum-subscribe [at]

It is Martial Law doctorplum-subscribe [at]
Alex explains the martial law being instituted in America.

Brown's Secret Talks on 'New World Order' doctorplum-subscribe [at]

Chemical Weapon... Or Plant Extract? doctorplum-subscribe [at]

Russian Navy Boosts Combat Presence in Arctic doctorplum-subscribe [at]

Public Service Announcement: Democrats Don't Care about You!!!
passage of the Snoops-R-Us bill in the Senate: Obama cares not about your rights.
"Obama ended up voting for the final bill, as did Specter."

California May Allow Sale of Medical Info
Global_Police_State-subscribe [at]
I knew this would happen. With the national electronic medical record and "information sharing", it was just a matter of time although it's occurring a little earlier than I would have expected.

How Did They Know? Global_Police_State-subscribe [at]
Prior to World War II, how could H.G. Wells in THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME in 1933 correctly predict that there would be a second world war beginning around 1939 and originating from a German-Polish dispute?

Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban

"A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder." -Edward Luttwak
9/11: Cover For A Coup D'Etat?

$ US faces global funding crisis, warns Merrill Lynch | 15/07/2008

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IF YOU THINK THE ECONOMY ISN'T EXTREMELY BAD READ THIS : Store Closings: Symptoms of A Depressed Economy
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Store Closings: Symptoms of A Depressed Economy

Bernanke's Hogwash 7-15-08 . Michael Shedlock / Mish
How can you have any reasonable economic policy when the chairman is scared
half to death to discuss interest rates and money supply?

Housing Bubble video clip

Foreclosure Phil
NEWS: Years before Phil Gramm was a McCain campaign adviser and a lobbyist
for a Swiss bank at the center of the housing credit crisis, he pulled a sly
maneuver in the Senate that helped create today's subprime meltdown.
By David Corn | May 28, 2008

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audio - current orchestrated financial breakdown aj_2008-07-16.mp3

Police to IndyMac customers: Remain calm or face arrest 16 Jul 2008
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Run on banks spells big trouble for US Treasury |

Criminal Elite Threaten System Collapse?

$ Alex Jones’ Ventura: U.S. Government Out To Destroy Middle Class
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Congress was told about imminent Martial Law (YouTube) Audio: 10m 16sec

Obama Calls For National Civilian Stasi
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Obama's Afghan Plan Raises Questions
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Tue Jul 22

21st Amendment Can Release Party Tuesday, July 22, 6:00 PM
Toronado 547 Haight St. SF 94117
The 21st Amendment Brewery is throwing a “Can Release Party” Tuesday July 22nd at 6 p.m. at the legendary Toronado bar, 547 Haight St. in San Francisco. Please join us and try our Hell or High Watermelon Wheat and Brew Free! or Die IPA.

NASA @ the Brickhouse: WILL AN ASTEROID HIT THE EARTH? Rusty Schweickart,
Apollo 9 Astronaut, gives a presentation about the threat of “Near Earth Objects (NEO).”
Wed July 23, 6:00 PM Yahoo Brickhouse 500 3rd St SF 94107 WILL AN ASTEROID HIT THE EARTH?
It has happened in the past, more often than most people think. Rusty is the chair of the ASE’s Standing Committee on NEOs which is currently working on both international policy for the decision process of how to handle a potential impact as well as the technology for how to prevent an impact. After a presentation by Rusty there will be open discussion about the policy decision process and technical challenges of preventing potential impacts from NEOs.
Some Topics for discussion:
- Who is financially responsible for preventing an impact?
- Who is responsible for making a decision to prevent an impact?
- What information should be public?
Space is limited, please RSVP to shanley [at]
WHEN: Wednesday, July 23st, 2008 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
6:00 – 6:30 PM Socializing
6:30 – 7:00 PM Presentation by Rusty Schweickart
7:00 – 7:30 PM Discussion
7:30 – 8:00 PM Socializing

Wed Jul 23

7PM 8th Annual International Bicycle Film Fest

The Center for Transformation 735 Montgomery St. at Jackson St. San Francisco
There are two doors. Please enter at "The Center"
door closest to the corner, and not the wooden doors marked 735.
Miss Rosie Founder Hooliehoop N.S.C.A. C.P.T.

Thu Jul 24

Thursday Jul 24 6PM Joy Ride: The Bicycle Film Festival Art Show

9pm-late: Vortexual Time Machine Party @ UndergroundSF 424 Haight St (@ Webster St)
DJ's Rich DDT & Nisus teleport Sounds from the Electric Future through
our TIME MACHINE! cutting edge blog house, electro, indie and hip hop remixes free before 11pm, $5 after

"Vibration" @ Supperclub with Gatto Matto, DJ Denise and Liam Shy - FREE!
2008-07-24 10:00 PM Location: Supper Club 657 Harrison @ 2nd/3rd St SF, CA
Liam Shy is putting together an electro / house / progressive / psychedelic party at the Supper Club here in San Francisco on Thursday, July 24th. Save the date! We're going to be playing some tunes that rarely get a chance to be heard in the states just due to the fact that progressive is so rarely promoted over here, and especially in the Bay Area. Pulling out some real gems for this gig, come out and get exposed to a different sound that you might not be accustomed to. Still deep, psychedelic and groovy, just like i like it. And this is a FREE EVENT so I don't want to hear any lame excuses why you couldn't make it :-b

Prostitution Decriminalization on SF Ballot! Press Conference Tue July 24 4pm, City Hall (Polk St entrance)

Thu Jul 24 6-8:30 PM Defending Teen Safety: Take III - ACLU-NC Volunteer Activist Night Thursday, July 24 from 6 p.m. to 8:30p.m.
ACLU of Northern California 39 Drumm St. SF, CA 94111

Thursday, July 24 6:30pm Women Like Me Presents: Dr. Carol Queen on Sexuality and Body Image
Friday, July 25 6:00pm City Girls intro to Good Vibrations Party!
Saturday, July 26 7:00pm The Devil-Ettes Go Go Dance Class!;jsessionid=NXPIOQ3AME5HTQFIBKWCHPWAVAFK4JVC?id=43

VORTEXUAL TIME MACHINE PARTY has RETURNED! Come celebrate with us this
Thursday July 24th @ UndergroundSF! 440 Haight

Fri Jul 25

Fri Jul 25 5:30PM Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero.
Bring: Bike Helmet Costume. Light if you expect to be out past 8:30pm sunset.

Fri, Jul 25, 7:30pm – 9:30pm @ OneTaste 1074 Folsom @ 7th St.SF
Join Us For a Night of Fun! There are few things as fun or exciting as making new connections. Join us this Friday for a night of exciting games and genuine connection. You will have the chance to learn more about yourself and your comfort zones and to play with your edges and boundaries. You’ll meet new friends and explore the art of connecting with other people. Come connect, have fun and play! This event is for people 18-29. Cost: $10 or free if you're in the YNow Membership Program For more details and information about Membership, please contact Kal at (415) 368-2535 or kal.ynow@gmail or Shane at (415) 794-5630 or shanermetcalf@gmail

NUZZLE Friday July 25th, 8pm-2:30
Cell Space (2050 Bryant Street, at 18th Street. Easy BART accessibility via 16th/Mission)
You are invited to NUZZLE, an eclectic party dripping in movement, melody, and fat beats. Nuzzling each moment into being, expanding each now into blossom, we abandon kronos and flirt with kairos - spirit time. You are a piece of the puzzle, sharing your unique way to Nuzzle.
Doors Open at 8pm
8:30 ~ Acroyoga with Tyler and Donna
8:30 ~ TaKeTiNa - Rhythm for Evolution workshop (room 2)
9:45 ~ Tai Chi and Chi Gong with Taoist Master Shi Fu (Alex Feng)
Lulacruza (South American Experimental Folk Duo)
Sukhawat Ali Khan (Qawwali Harmonium, Tabla, Singing)
The Loyd Family Players (Booty Shakin' Samba)
DJs Mycho Pan Coco & elfmachine
$15 at the door, benefiting bicycling in San Francisco. Tea Ceremony by Om Shan Tea teahouse included, and tasty raw and gourmet food available.

Mystic Garden Party Festival July 25th-27th Ashland, OR Jackson Wellsprings
Medicine Drum, Shimshai, Freedom... the lineup is amazing...soak in the hot springs...oh yeah...
For full lineup:

Sat Jul 26

Sat Jul 26 DORE up your alley fair Dore Alley @ Folsom / Howard / 8th / 9th St. SF. 11am-6pm?

)'( Sat Jul 26 10am -10pm @ Del Monte Beach, Monterey, CA Regional Burningman Party w/ LOTS OF FIRE

Saturday 7/26: 1pm-5pm: Burning Man Costume swap + Art Bike reconditioning + prep for
pARTiciPARADE @ BMHQ 1900 3rd St (@ 16th St) free

July 26, 2008 1-6pM Precita Eyes Muralists 12th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival
2008-07-26 9:00 PM Come help Green Gorilla Lounge make it to Burning Man this year!
How? It's a Staches & Glasses party!!! Saturday, July 26th, 2008
at TerraSF 511 Harrison at First St SF 9PM 'till 4am with DJs:
house, electro, techno room: JENO & LITTLE JOHN M3 & MICHAEL ANTHONY
disco, funk, 80's room:
How many times have you ended up at GGL at Burning Man and enjoyed our phat beats and adult bevarages? You know who you are. Show us some love so we can do it all over again.
* We need money for a sound system, booze, propane, and metal. I'm trying to fabricate a bar and a new sign for the camp and need $$$.

Dirty Secrets "Shhh...Tell Everyone" Night of Mayhem Host: Rock It Science
SatJuly 26 at 11:00pm Where: TBA To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Sun Jul 27

Sun Jul 27 Berkeley Kite Festival on Sunday the 27th! Look for the big yellow tricycle and the "CYCLES OF CHANGE" Banner. It's a potluck. We'll be there all day. Parking sucks. Ride your bike. Downtown Berkeley BART is best. South to Channing, turn right (to the water), right on 4th, left on Addison, go over the bike/ped bridge, follow the kites, keep to the right. Bring the kids. It's the weirdest day to look up. Better than Burning Man. )i(saac

Sunday 7/27: 2pm-5pm: Burning Man pARTiciPARADE! Meet @ Buena Vista Park on Haight St free

Sunday 7/27: 7pm-10: Burning Man Fire Jam @ BMHQ 1900 3rd St (@ 16th St) free

- Burning Stories Night - Thu July 31st (actual date of Mayor's
Proclamation) - 7pm to 10pm at Burning Man HQ. 1900 3rd St (@ 16th St) free

Food Access Through Urban Gardens Discussion on July 31 in Berkeley FREE
Growing Food, Growing Community - Food Access Through Urban Gardens
Panel discussion of the ideas and projects of the late Karl Linn and
his recently released book, Building Commons and Community. A
grassroots neighborhood organizer, Linn transformed vacant lots into
shared community spaces, creating gardens and playgrounds on derelict
property and revitalizing local neighborhoods. Panelists Diana Young,
Beebo Thurman, Joy Moore, and Carl Anthony will share their vision and
practical wisdom on the roll of urban gardens both as shared spaces
for community and as focal points for food justice. Locally grown
refreshments will be provided. Wheelchair accessible.
July 31 Thurs 7pm - 9pm Free Info: 510-548-2220 x223
Location: Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave, near Dwight Way, Berkeley

The Transformational Art of Yurik Riegel- Reception
Authentic SF 10th St @Mission, SF, CA US Th July 31, 7PM 415 425 5605

Aug 2008

One Sound Visioning An evolutionary communion with shamanic sound ceremonialist Akasa
Friday August 1, 7:30 pm to Midnight Studio M 71 Liberty Ship Way (2nd floor), Sausalito, CA 94965
One Sound Visioning is a mini-workshop, ceremony, and community dance
gathering. Featuring special guest speaker Stanley Kripper and music by
Akasa, musicians BODHI, John Steiner, Vader, Anahata Sound, and DJ Neptune.
7:30 pm-10:00 pm – One Sound Visioning
10:00 pm-midnight – Community Sharing & Shamanic Dance Journey with Akasa and DJ Neptune
Experience the power of love, intention, sound, and sacred ceremony.
Clarify, empower, and synergize your vision for the planet, humanity, and
self at this evolutionary power point.
The One Sound Visioning evening includes “VISION Statement Movies” from
luminous visionaries, including the Dalai Lama, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr.
Stanely Krippner, Dr. Pamela Eakins, Dr. Rowena Kryder, and more.
$20 in advance, $25 at the door Tickets and info: 415-205-3559.
August 1 – Celebrating Your Gift (Total Solar Eclipse)
September 19 – Planetary Golden Balance (Autumn Equinox)
October 31 – Ripening in Great Mystery (All Hallows Eve/Samhain)
November 28 – Deepening Grace and Gratitude (Thanksgiving)
December 19 – Empowering Inner Light (Winter Solstice)

August 2, 2008 Think Green-World Music Festival at COPIA, 11am - 7pm Copia, Napa, CA $10

Film Premiere- The Reflecting Pool, with film maker, Mon Aug 4 7 PM
Pacific Film Archive, 2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, @ Telegraph.
9/11events: Upcoming 9/11 Truth Events
sf911truth-events-subscribe [at]

Shambhala, BC, Canada August 6-11

presenting debut album "Gringolandia" and celebrating musical diversity!
Where: Ashkenaz World Music + Dance Community Center, 1317 San Pablo @ Gilman, Berkeley
When: Friday 08/08/08 (doors 8:08pm, drum workshop 8:30pm, show 9:00pm-1:00am)
Cover: $8 advance + student price / $10 / $20 with CD (10 years old + under FREE)
ALL AGES + Wheelchair accessible
Tix + info: Info and advance tix available from (click Tickets)
Media contact: [at]
Bring: Organic non-perishable food for Fans With Cans ( collection point + DANCING SHOES!!

Film Night in the Park: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Aug 9 8-11pm Union Square

Sat Aug 9 Coda Presents : Igniter Undisclosed location in Potrero Hill (check site for location)
9:30pm - 5:00am $10 discount tickets being sold -- here.
For info, tickets and location, go to
9:30 - 10:45 :: Tamo (Angels of Bass | Garage Mahal)
10:45 - 12:00 :: Ron Nikel (Coda | 3 Degrees)
12:00 - 1:15 :: Keith Deckard (Coda)
1:15 - 2:30 :: Jason Knight (Coda |
2:30 - 3:45 :: Syd Gris (Opel | Opulent Temple)
3:45 - 5:00 :: Jeff Richmond (Coda)

Sunday 8/10: 12pm-7pm: Dirtybird BBQ Party in the Park @ Golden Gate Park
famously awesome outdoor dance party, byob free

Animal Rights 2008 National Conference August 14-18 in Alexandria, VA (a suburb of Washington, DC).
100 speakers from more than 60 organizations, 80+ free exhibits, 60+ videos, networking receptions, vegan food, cruelty-free shopping, celebrity & activist awards, and much more.

Oregon Open Air Sacred Art and Music Festival featuring some of the best musicians in traditional music along with contemporary pioneers in electronic music, traditional and visionary artists, and fellow devotees of Life? Outdoor venue in an Oregon Coastal Forest- August 15-17th,

Aug 16 Full Moon!

Saturday 8/16: 11am-late: Rock The Bells Hip Hop Festival @ Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View
Highlights: A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul, Spank
Rock, Kidz in the Hall, Kid Sister, Cool Kids, The Pharcyde $35.50/59.50/75.00
beware myspace censors

2:18pm PST FULL MOON August 16 5:18 PM EST.

SolFest Alternative Energy & tech expo August 16-17, Hopland, CA
rideshare/ carpools: or

SUNSET Party Sunday August 17 11am - 7pm - Free

582 Market St at Montgomery/2nd St. SF

)'( August 22, 2008 Internet ticket sales end: 12 midnight PST (Friday)
No tickets will be sold at gate. All tickets purchased online after July 31st WILL NOT BE MAILED and are WILL CALL

Friday 8/22 - Sunday 8/24: Outside Lands Festival @ Golden Gate Park
Highlights: Fri: Radiohead, Beck Sat: Tom Petty, Regina Spektor
Sun: Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Stars, Sharon Jones, Cool Kids $85.00 Single Day, $225.50 3 Days

SF finally gets a rockin' music fest
Radiohead Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Jack Johnson Beck Wilco
Manu Chao Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Widespread Panic
Primus Rodrigo y Gabriela Steve Winwood Café Tacvba
Broken Social Scene Regina Spektor Devendra Banhart Cold War Kids
And that's just the first third Aug 22-24. Tix on sale Sunday Mar
30. -Damien

Burning Man, BRC NV August 25 - September 1

)'( Aug 25 - Sep 1 2008
see for costume ideas )'(

)'( [BManUpdate] V12:#18:07.09.08 (Resources Edition)

Long-time Burner and videographer extraordinaire Lenny Jones has posted a set of 6 videos from Burning Man 2007. Quicktime, a high-speed connection, and parental discretion (not all of these are 100% work safe, yo) are recommended. Check them out:


TAKE week off. Burningman starts Mon Aug 25 12:01 am. BE THERE.
So leave Sunday afternoon. or leave Monday at Crack of dawn.
Because when you arrive on Monday you will see there is already too much to see and do,
you will have the feeling you wish you could be there :)
DO not attempt to leave monday and spend 5hours in traffic jam dust.
Monday is for hotsprings.
Tuesday you can goto Pyramid lake for another party.
Wednesday you can go home.

BRING: Aloe Vera leaves, break off, carry with: good for sunburns
Big hats for sun protection. Layers. Hydration rig. Bike bottles or camelback.
Fill up your 5 gallon bottles and 1 gallon water bottles at Donner Pass Rest stop 20 miles West of border.

This is such an important plant for preventing a sunburn AFTER the fact!
If you get sunburned break off a leaf. Squeeze the big end, rub it onto your skin. Take leaf camping.
ALOE VERA north END of 48th ave in the Richmond, SF! 12 plants each 12 feet wide! :) Jamie Janover presents! Crossing the Event Horizon
August 27-31 - Black Rock City, NV Burningman Locations / Times TBA
Free with festival ticket

)'( if you are going to Burning Man and would like
to do some magic in the sound Healing Yurt in Entheon village.
Below are the links on the project and the vision of the space.
I would love to bring together as many healers, sound healers and performers interested in being involved in this amazing sacred sound immersions project being created by Pantheogenesis in Entheon Village at Burning Man. Please let me know. There will be a lot of opportunities as you know the hours are 24/7 for 7 days! It is all volunteer as is in the spirit of Burning Man. If you have already planned to be there perhaps you will be inspired to add this to your schedule or activities Other wise perhaps you will be inspired to be there now! As you know Entheon village is a High Profile Project, located on the Esplanade. Alex Grey had his art and did lectures there in 2006. Please contact dianaemaxwell [at] if you are interested If you know of anyone you think might be interested please feel free to forward this to them! Blessings!

Fri Aug 30 5:30PM Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero.
Bring: Bike Helmet Costume. Light if you expect to be out past 8:30pm sunset.

Waffling Waystation - Help Us Feed You on the Playa!!! Thursday, July 31 8pm - 2am
The Space Gallery 1141 Polk Street @ Hemlock SF $10 - $20 Sliding Scale
Formal or Fancy Burner Style Apparel Encouraged - Use your imagination!
The Waffling Waystation is hitting the Playa for its inaugural cruise as an autonomous theme camp! We're going to need some dough if we're going to be serving you all those waffles, bacon, and mimosas!
Come on down and get treated like a waffling superstar!
- A line-up of fabulous performers, including those world klass klowns, Gooferman! DJ's Influence, KT, and Sparkle will be laying down the beats and sharingb their needles!
- A selection of sweet and savory waffle treats! FREE FREE FREE straight to your tum!!!
- An ORGY of art!!! Bring your checkbook because you'll be able to bid on many magnificent works by Burner artists, including Becca Henry, Neil Girling, Debi Tonga, Emily Gaubinger, Lee Harvey Roswell, Morgan Hastings, and John Paul Marcelo!
- Fantastic selection of wine and beer, including FREE vodka drinks from 9 to 10 pm!
- Hookah Parlor provided by those wonderful HookahDome Peeps!
- Mind twisting visuals by Jack Stallion and Danger Cavanaugh
- Your shining fellow Burner friends, dancing and having a blast!
Please come and support the Waffling Waystation! Then we'll be servin it up to you on the Playa!!!

Burners Without Borders Fundraiser
***Please join us for a night of drinks, dancing and celebration in support of Burners Without Borders' final month in Peru!***
Come out and help us celebrate the many successes of the Burners without Borders community in the past year! Performing at this event will be San Francisco-based artists: Alorahset, Vow3l Movement, Megs and DJ dr booty (see bios below). These artists are generously donating their musical talents to this evening.
WHAT: BWB Fundraiser: Benefiting the Pisco, Peru Reconstruction Project.
WHERE: The House of Shields Saloon
39 New Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA.
map here:
WHEN: July 31, 8pm-Midnight: Closing out with da FUNK!
COST: $15-20 Donation at the door.
*Thank you to Sellers Market and the House of Shields for donating hors d'oeuvres.
*BWB T-shirts and Hoodies will be available.
This is a great opportunity to show your support for this relentlessly creative community and have a good time while you do it. If you can't make it, please consider giving a donation online at under the 'Donate' link.
What are we celebrating???
August 15, 2008 marks the one year anniversary of an 8.0 earthquake that devastated the Pisco region of Peru and is also the final day of Burners Without Borders' incredibly successful nine-month reconstruction program in this area. The many schools that are being built, the opportunities BWB has created for Peruvians to build permanent homes, and the hundreds of other projects volunteers have spearheaded have been realized because of the over 300 selfless volunteers who have graciously donated their time and energy to this amazing reconstruction effort.
But, none of this would have been possible without the support of YOU, the larger community, who has contributed over $80,000 thus far to BWB's reconstruction efforts in Peru. Visit to see what we've been up to and how your valuable contribution has been put to use. Be sure to check out the BWB Blog to read about our projects through the words of the volunteers who have worked on them.

Sep 2008

NEWS :A General Strike Has Been Scheduled for 9/11/08 -- Please Read Details
BushShouldHaveBeenImpeached-subscribe [at]

EarthDance, Laytonville CA September 12-14

Sep 12-14 Laytonville, CA 3day music festival in old Oak Trees, forest paths, and river
THE DIGABLE PLANETS, NEKO CASE, $140.00. Only a limited supply are available until July 8th. Jamie Janover presents! Crossing the Event Horizon
Sunday, Sept. 14th - Earthdance Laytonville, CA In the dome Time TBA
Free with festival Ticket

FULL MOON September 15 5:15 A.M.

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Conference - Sep 15-18, 2008 Sept 15 -18 Sheraton Delfina Hotel 530 W. Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Rainwater catchment or "harvesting" is an ancient practice now
enjoying a revival as an alternate water supply. The practice involved
collecting rainwater from a roof or other surface before it reaches
the ground and storing it for future use. Jamie Janover presents! Crossing the Event Horizon
Symbiosis, Angels Camp CA Late September TBA

Ocean Cleanup Sept. 20 Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup is the world's
largest volunteer event of its kind. Last year,378,000 volunteers from
76 countries and 45 states cleared six million pounds of trash from
oceans and waterways and recorded every piece of trash collected.
Sign up now to join this year's cleanup effort on Sept. 20, 2008, and
a local coordinator will be in touch with you soon.

SAT/sun Sept. 20 & 21 Treasure Island Music Fest


12 hot dates, 1 fun night - a benefit for Breast Cancer Action (BCA):
Thu Sep 25 5-9pm ( auction 7:30pn) $20-40 sliding scale at the door
@ El Rio: 3158 Mission St (@ Cesar Chavez), SF, CA 94110

Fri Sep 26 5:30PM Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero.
Bring: Bike Helmet Costume. Light if you expect to be out past 8:30pm sunset.

Oct 2008

SF Lovefest 2008 at Civic Center Oct 4-5 11am-4am

Saturday, October 4th, 2008 all ages welcome
Parade starts @ Noon @ 2nd / Market St. The love continues to Civic Center Plaza

9th World Vegetarian Festival for October 4-5
Golden Gate Park County Fair building: 9th Ave @ Lincoln Ave. 10am-6pm FREE

)'( Sun 10/12 Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! events:
2008 SF Decompression - Sun Oct 12 on Indiana St (entrance at 19th and Minnesota), SF

Oct 13 Prophecy @ Joshua Tree: Hopi, Tibetan, Mayan Elders. produced by folk.

Full Moon Oct 14 4:04 P.M.

Friday, October 17, 2008 Spectra Ball SF

Fri Oct 31 5:30PM HALLOWEEN RIDE - Best bike ride PARTY in the city!
Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero. Preview all the halloween parties as you ride by!
Bring: Bike Helmet Costume. Light if you expect to be out past 8:30pm sunset.

Fri Oct 31 Spider Ball @ Old Federal Reserve SF Steven Raspa and friends

Nov 2008

FULL MOON November 13 1:19 A.M.

Nov 14-16
GREEN FESTIVAL in SF @ Concourse Exhibition Center: Brannan St @ 8th St. Fri/Sat/Sun

Fri Nov 28 5:30PM Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero.
Bring: Bike Helmet Costume. Light if you expect to be out past 8:30pm sunset.

Dec 2008

Full Moon Dec 12 11:38 A.M.

Last working Friday in December 5:30PM Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero.
Bring: Bike Helmet Costume. Light if you expect to be out past 8:30pm sunset.

END 2008

Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days.

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE! 3601 Lyon between Lombard and Crissy Field.

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY!
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm;
1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200; South end of Lake Merrit.

Tips from The Cancer Project - The Nutrition Rainbow - rainbow.gif

Download Nutrition Rainbow Poster (PDF) (find under shopping)(FREE) read the archives for great food tips

Dr. Ornish study finds healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes SFVeg-subscribe [at]

Eating Meat Causes Global Warming

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Can mushrooms save the planet?

fun events:
more events:
eco events:
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael) Barefoot Boogie and DanceJams

2008 Previous Calendars:
SF events 7.17 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Tonight 6:30pm!
SF events 7.15 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Thurs 7pm!
SF events 7.12 COSMIC DRIVER free tonight. Burning Man Desert Art Preview 7pm Thu 7/17
SF events 7.9 REVOLT because congress is criminal
SF events 7.2 REVOLT for Independence. study the laws of sovereignty
Sf Events 6.26 FriTransMarch. SatDykeMarch. SunPride. FREE STUFF in Dolores Park b4 Trans Fri + b4 Dyke Sat.
Sf Events 6.24
SF events 6.20 )'( Precompression Fri. Sat Solstice San Geronimo. Sun Sunset + )'( PrepareForPlaya
SF events 6.17 UCBoaksNOW. SaveTheBayToday. )'(PreComFri. Raindance,BigOneWknd. )'(PrepForPlayaSun.
SF events 6.13 )'(OpulentTempleFri )'(BBQ-A-NoobieVolunteerPic-i-nicSat YogaTaiChiSat NorthBeachFestSun
SF events 6.11 SagradaTempleFundraiserThu OpulentTempleFri BBQnewbieSat YogaTaiChiSat
SF events 6.5 Harmony Festival Weekend Santa Rosa
SF events 6.3 FreeMuseumWeek June5BankHoliday HarmonyFestWknd SunStopTheSprayLiveConcert
SF events 5.27 ChevWrong BAD OIL. NoSpray aerial pesticides GGbridge walk Sat.
SF events 5.21 Lightning in a Bottle Thu-Mon plus CARNAVAL green zone Sat/Sun
SF events 5.15 Bay to Breakers is SUNDAY May 18
SF events 5.13 Bay to Breakers Sunday 5.18
SF events 5.6 FREE MUSEUMS + Stop Aerial Pesticide Spray of SF BAY
SF events 5.1 MAYDAY! SF + Thu Art + Sun HOWWEIRD St. FAIRE
SF events 4.29 GENERAL STRIKE MAY DAY. HOWWEIRD st. Faire Sun May 4!
SF events 4.24 Th NoSpraySF. Fri Digital Be-In. Sat BEACH IMPEACH. Sun People's Park Anniv.
SF events 4.22 EARTH WEEK Save Earth. Get Off The Grid. protect your water and food
SF events 4.15 NOSPRAY Wed SACTO. Save the internet Thursday.
SF events 4.10
SF events 4.8 FREE TIBET
SF events 4.3 Th hula hoop +art. F artHaight. Sat Anon Gallery. Su Climate,,Tibet. Mon LBAM
SF events 4.1 Fossil Fools Day Bike Parade Berkeley Bart at 5pm
SF events 3.26 Fri. CellSpace Sat. St Stupid's Day Parade Tuesday!
SF events 3.20 Th Bike Safety. F Full Moon. Sa Bunny Jam. Su Sisters in Dolores Park
SF events 3.18 5 years of current war on Iraq
Sf events 3.14 3.15 Chevron Richmond 3.19 SF, San Rafael, Walnut Creek Direct Action to Stop War
SF events 3.11 non-violent direct action at the Chevron refinery in Richmond Mar 15
SF events 3.7 No Aerial Spray Sat SF 10am-Noon 253 Hyde Street at corner of Eddy
Sf events 3.4 FREE MUSEUM day
Sf events 2.29 see ENGAME and
SF events 2.25 ENDGAME
SF events 2.19 Wed Feb 20 Full Moon! + LUNAR eclipse 7pm
SF events 2.14 PILLOW FIGHT 6-7:30pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero
SF events 2.12 Laura Flanders tonight @ Global Exchange
SF events 2.8 Chinese New Year
SF events 2.5 Vote / REVOLT / Fat Tuesday
SF events 2.1 Fri: GeminiDiscoMighty, DepthCharge. Super Hero Party Saturday!
SF events 1.29
SF events 1.23 CELLSPACE FRI + SAT +
SF events 1.15 MacWorld Sat Roe V Wade Anniversary
Sf Events 1.9 Fri Capricorns. Sat Burnlesque. Mon MacWorld
SF events 1.3

SF events 12.27 Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans
SF events 12.20 Fri Dec 21 1-4pm Near Macy’s at Union Square
SF events 12.18 Financial planning for the Endless Depression Wednesday Eve Oakland.
SF events 12.14 Fri UAS + AnonSalon. Sat Santarchy. Sun SelfDefense.
SF events 12.11 Santarchy Sat + Self Defence Sun
SF events 12.7
SF events 12.5
SF events 11.30 Fri critical-mass 6pm. Disco 10pm. Sat/Sun Fungus Fair Oakland Museum.
SF events 11.27 SF Post Carbon Tonight. Oakland Peak Oil Wed. SF Boobie party Thu. SF Disco Fri. Oakland Fungus Fair Sat/Sun.
SF events 11.24 live free or die
SF events 11.20 Plastic Bag Ban Bash 6-9pm TONIGHT @ Minna
SF events 11.16 Buy Gold Today! Goodbye Dollar.
SF events 11.14 tonight half dozen events about OIL, Parks, and Emergencies.
SF events 11.8 Green Festival Wknd
SF events 11.6 GREEN FEST wknd
SF events 11.1 First Thu Art. Fri Day of Dead. Sat Space Cowboys Free! Sun set clock BACK. Mon Yard Dogs.
SF events 11.1 10am Fri SF Protest against 2nd war in Iraq - say No to Turkey invasion
SF events 10.30 Tue Taoist Ero tic Massage. Wed Halloween. 1st Thur Art. Fri Day of Dead. Sat Space Cowboys Free!
SF events 10.25 Fri Crit-Mass. Sat Peace March CivicCtr to Dolores Park
Sf Events 10.23 Fri Oct 26 HALLOWEEN critical mass 6pm Justin Herman Plaza; Market @ Embarcadero SF
Sf Events 10.18 SAT Crazy Fun House Maze, supperclub. Sun SUNSET Season Finale
SF events 10.16 Eye gaze Or gasmic breath Green movie Opulent temple Lights out Crazy Fun House Maze
SF events 10.11
SF events 10.9
SF events 10.5 ALEX GREY TONIGHT! )'( DeCompression SUNDAY! for 14 hours Noon - 2am. Colombus day Monday, Sleep In!
Sf Events 10.2 Fri Alex Grey. Sat Dol Park Film Night. Sun )'( DeCompression!
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