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"The Invisible Government"

by Who Controls our Country
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"The Invisible Government" - Who Controls our Country
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Please watch these videos to understand who really controls our country and how you can help take the country back.

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 1/4

Propaganda and the press are used to create an invisible government. The media is the real power in our country. As corporations began taking over the press, journalists had to ensure that news and opinion were dominated by official sources. In 1983 the principal global media was owned by 50 corporations, most of them American. In 2002 this had fallen to just 9 corporations. Today it is probably about five. Rupert Murdoch has predicted that there will be just three giant media companies.

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 2/4

"In dictatorships, we are more fortunate than you in the West in one respect, we believe nothing of what we
read in the newspapers and nothing of what we watch on television because we know it's propaganda and lies. Unlike you in the West, we have learned to look beyond the propaganda and read between the lines. Unlike you we know that the real truth is always subversive."

Never believe anything until it is officially denied.

Journalism is the first casualty of war.

The outcome of war is determined not on the battlefield, but on the printed page and above all on the television screen.

In Iraq the Pentagon invented the embedded journalist because it believed that critical reporting had lost Vietnam. The very opposite was true.

In both Vietnam and Iraq, banned weapons were used against civilians as deliberate experiments. Agent Orange changed the genetic and environmental order in Vietnam.

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 3/4

True democracy is never handed down by elites, it is always fought for and struggled for.

The bombing in Iraq has doubled since last year and this is not being reported.
Bill Clinton began bombing in Iraq during the 1990s in what was called the no fly zones and at the same time, he imposed economic sanctions which killed perhaps a million people, including the documented figure of 500,000 children. Almost none of this carnage was reported in the main stream media.

Many people who regard themselves as on the left, supported the war in Afghanistan, but the fact that the CIA had supported Osama Bin Laden was ignored, that the Clinton administration had secretly backed the Taliban, even giving them high level briefings of the CIA is virtually unknown in the United States.

John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 4/4

The Taliban were secret partners with the oil giant, Unocal, in building an oil pipeline across Afghanistan.
There is compelling evidence that Bush decided to attack Afghanistan, not as a result of 9/11, but 2 months earlier in July 2001. This is virtually unknown in the US, like the civilian casualties.

The most dangerous silence is over nuclear weapons and the return of the cold war. There is silence about the development of an entirely new American nuclear system called reliable weapons replacement which is designed to blur the distinction between conventional war and nuclear war.

What few people know is that in the last half century, US administrations have overthrown 50 governments, many of them democracies. In the process, 30 countries have ben attacked and bombed with the loss of countless lives. Bush bashing is justified, but the moment we begin to accept the siren call of the Democrats drivel about standing up and fighting for freedom sought by billions, the battle for history is lost, and we ourselves are silenced. So what should we do? People in the 3rd world know what to do. Some have paid with their lives, but they knew what to do.

Real information, subversive information, remains the most potent power of all and I believe that we must not fall into the trap of believing that the media speaks for the public.

In all the years I've been a journalist, I never known public consciousness to have risen as fast as it's rising today. And yet this growing critical public awareness is all the more remarkable when you consider the sheer scale of indoctrinization, the mythology of a superior way of life, and the current manufactured state of fear.

If Iran is attacked, the reaction and upheaval can not be predicted. The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive gives Bush power over all facets of government in an emergency. It is not unlikely the constitution will be suspended. I believe these dangers are understood by the public, who have come along way since 9/11, and along way since the propaganda that linked Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda. That's why they voted for the Democrats last November, only to be betrayed. But they need truth, and journalists ought to be agents of truth, not the courtiers of power. I believe a 5th estate is possible, the product of a people's movement, that monitors, deconstructs, and counters the corporate media. Journalists need to ask themselves about the part, they now play in the bloodshed in the name of a bogus objectivity. Such a movement within the media is possible. Silences can be broken. The best reporting appears on the web.

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