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SF Postal Workers Call For Removal of Abusive Boss
by Michael Steinberg
Sunday May 4th, 2008 12:31 PM
On Friday, May 2, 100 San Francisco postal workers picketed at the Byrant Annex to call for the removal of an abusive supervisor there.
San Francisco, May 2-The day after International Workers Day, San Francisco postal workers showed their strength at the Bryant Annex at Bryant and 15th Street.

About 100 workers threw up a lively picket line that stretched half a block, demanding the removal of Mail Carrier Supervisor Ron Malig because of is his chronic abusive behavior.

This was an informational picket, and so did not block the entrance to the post office.

The action happened from 4 to 7 p.m., and was called for by the National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO, Golden Gate Branch 214.

The picketers carried signs reading, “Ron Malig Is Hostile and Cruel,” “It’s Impossible To Work With Ron Malig,” and “First Class Stamp 42 Cents, Gallon of Gas $4, Being Abused By Ron Malig, Priceless.”

The picketers chanted with gusto, “What Do We Want, Ron Malig To Go, When Do We Want It, Now!”

A press release for the picket read: “The reason for the picket line involved San Francisco Postal Service management retaining Supervisor Ron Malig as a carrier supervisor at Bryant Annex despite his continued abusive behavior.

“Supervisor Malig previously worked as a supervisorat Pacific Carrier Annex at 19th and Ortega.

"His behavior there was chronically abusive and resulted in numerous grievances and EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) complaints and a petition to Congressional Representatives. Mr. Malig was transferred to Bryant Annex where his abusive behavior has continued unabated and has resulted in more grievances and EEOs and Unfair Labor Practices filed by union shop stewards and another petition to Congressional Representatives.”

Golden Gate Branch 214 Vice President Bill Thornton said Malig “is a bully. He picks out the most vulnerable to set them up for removal [firing].”

Thornton said one mail carrier at the Pacific Carrier Annex is “on removal.” He said that at that facility “there were a lot of grievances” against Malig for “obnoxious abuse,” and accusations of “some physical” abuse.

Thornton also said that management thus far has supported Malig because “his numbers are good.” This means his productivity matches what management’s “computer generated numbers” require for worker productivity, Thornton said.

But, Thornton also said, this is in violation of the Postal Service’s policy spelled out in 1992’s Joint Statement on Violence, which reads:

“Making the numbers” is not an excuse for the abuse of anyone. Those who do not treat others with dignity and respect will not be rewarded or promoted. Those whose unacceptable behavior continues will be removed from their positions…We will enforce our commitment to a workplace where dignity, respect and fairness are basic human rights, and where those who do not respect those rights are not tolerated…

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