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SF events 11.27 SF Post Carbon Tonight. Oakland Peak Oil Wed. SF Boobie party Thu. SF Disc

by peak / collapse
End of oil
SF events 11.27 SF Post Carbon Tonight. Oakland Peak Oil Wed. SF Boobie party Thu. SF Disco Fri. Oakland Fungus Fair Sat/Sun.

- - - -

SF Post Carbon Tonight. Oakland Peak Oil Wed. SF Boobie party Thu. SF Disco Fri. Oakland Fungus Fair Sat/Sun.

- - - -

Immortal Technique

TELL THE TRUTH - Mos Def - Immortal Technique - Eminem

Immortal Technique - BUST BUSH: Bush Knocked Down the Towers (Different video)

Immortal Technique- Bin Laden (another different video) 3:22

Note the YELLOW ARROWS in the videos pointing to the SQUIBBS.
Squibbs are clouds of debris from demolition charges exploding on floors of the
World Trade Center before the impending collapse.

4th Branch - Immortal Technique - Failla

Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil
Video of BOHEMIAN GROVE: Reagan Nixon GHW Bush GW Bush Clinton

Immortal Technique -- The Poverty of Philosophy

Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death ( 911 INSIDE JOB) Flagged as mature.

EMINEM MOSH - Original Version

Eminem anti bush song

and there is the MONKEY SONG! DISCO! w/pics from


And don't forget THIS sweet lil' ditty! Dear George W. Bush

Banned Interview of Bush in Ireland. 09:59 Take a few minutes to appreciate the evil Mr Peabrain.

ARMAGEDDON ON YOUR MIND (anti-Bush song) -

Bush Break -- The Buffies!!!! Spring Break @ the Whitehouse w/ the Bush twins.

BUSH TWITS, er TWINS CAMPAIGN FOR DUBYA! 2004 cleavage ridiculous enjoy

Coors Love Song Bush Twins

Maybe President Bush's daughters should go to Iraq?

Are your products safe? You can't tell - !!! Excellent sidebar via url!
Labels often fail to list compounds that can disrupt biological development

The dangers of electromagnetic smog {140k}
From the abstract:
Weak electromagnetic radiation removes structurally important calcium (and
possibly magnesium) ions from cell membranes, making them weaker and more
prone to transient pore formation. This makes them leaky to even large
molecules. to download free slideshow of desert to see what happens there!

Halliburton Confirms Concentration Camps Already Constructed

Museum of Japanese American in L.A.
What I learned was that the list was made years before Peral Harbor.
So as soon as Peral Harbor happened, the people on the list were arrested right away.
Bush built a system so even Democrat won, they could still execute the plan.

Shocking assault against children by the police state

Forecast: US dollar could plunge 90 % UPI

American Gangsta: Selling gold to our mothers & heroin to our kids
By Jane Stillwater

Dear Parents Of Our Current President~We Can't Thank You Enough :-)

American-backed killer militias strut across Iraq 26 Nov 2007

The damaging legacy of Jeb! Bush, Vol. 1: The FCAT:
By Kenneth Quinnell
Blast Off - The damaging legacy of Jeb! Bush, Vol. 1: The FCAT: "Today I begin
an occasional series at Blast Off! examining the damage done by Jeb! Bush during
his eight years at the helm of America's fourth-largest state. ...
Florida Progressive Coalition Blog -


911 - inside job. Demand investigation! -

beware of 911 disinfo:

One of the few new websites that combines awareness of 9/11 and Peak Oil is

9/11 was a U.S. False Flag covert operation against its own civilians. Demand investigation!
Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic

Entire CIA MKULTRA Collection
Waterworld: how life on Earth will look 1,000 years from now,,3-2044465,00.html

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.
It is PAINFULLY clear that YOUTUBE is anxious to CENSOR this stuff.

People Likely Criminally Involved in the 9-11 Conspiracy

How 50 Men May Have Engineered 911 - - - - -
http://9/ - - & hundreds of other truth sites
for overwhelming proof that 9/11 was an inside job!!!

list of 9/11 sites is at

There are lots of "maybe" claims that might or might not be true, but the "no plane" stuff is proven not to be true, even if a lot of people who still promote it are sincere.

A list of Peak Oil websites is at

there are many others, but these are key

One of the few new websites that combines awareness of 9/11 and Peak Oil is

The core of the evidence for complicity is how the warnings were
suppressed and the war games that morning that confused the air


Proven beyond reasonable doubt: solid evidence of
deliberately suppressed warnings, interference with the
investigations of the flight schools and the various war game
exercises that morning.

- - - -

They Live Taser Saucer To Become A Reality

Pakistan weekly spills 9/11 beans - The Telegraph (India) 3/13/06

Ahmadinejad offers to be an observer at US presidential election 27 Nov 2007
Tasers can be instrument of torture, says UN

Lessons from the Cosco Busan Oil Spill

Burningman 2007 Time-Lapse


Tue Nov 27

SF Post Carbon meeting Tuesday 11/27 at 7pm
We'll meet in the Duboce Triangle / Castro neighborhood at 31 Henry Street.
Between 14th / 15th St, Sanchez and Noe. Take Sanchez a half block North of Market/15th then Left on Henry.
Conveniently located walking distance from the intersection of Church and Market Streets. A web of MUNI lines runs through the neighborhood--a much better option than trying to park your solar electric car nearby. Meeting Agenda
Send us your meeting topics now. An agenda will be sent out next weekend. It's been a long time since we met. You can probably expect discussion around the following topics:
SF peak oil task force
Psychology of pessimists & optimists
Heinberg's new book "Peak Everything"
Dennis Kucinich's winning campaign for president of the United States of America
Bunker fuel SF Green Festival And much, much more
Meeting Agenda
Here's a list of topics folks would like to discuss. Times are suggested.
SF peak oil task force (15 min)
Oil-Independent Berkeley (20 min)
SF Green Festival (15 min)
Bunker fuel spill in the Bay (15 min)
Heinberg's new book "Peak Everything" (20 min)
Communicating the energy production "scalability" problem (20 min)
Environmentalism, techno-fix & economic growth (20 min)
Psychology of pessimists & optimists (25-30 min) blog/?p=132
Peak oil is upon us
Too late to stop global warming
World population is peaking
Economic outlook for next couple decades is not good
"What a way to go"
Is going green worth it?
Investments & financial news (break-out conversation?)
Thoughts on our next meeting (5 minutes)

Wed Nov 28

East Bay Peak Oil Meeting Agenda 28 November 7-10 pm
Notice: This month its not the third Wednesday as usual.
Be sure to bring some locally grown goodies. This is the time for
people new to Peak Oil to discuss basic topics. After the meeting
starts its assumed everyone is up to speed.
FILM: What A Way To Go - Life At The End Of Empire 7:30 - 9:00
A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate
Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the
American Lifestyle.
Featuring interviews with Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen, Jerry Mander,
Chellis Glendinning, Richard Heinberg, Thomas Berry, William Catton,
Ran Prieur and Richard Manning. Produced by Sally Erickson. Written,
Directed, and Edited by Tim Bennett
A chance for people new to Peak Oil to discuss ideas presented
during the meeting.
Third Wednesday of the month (Normally) 7:00 – 10:00pm
Rockridge Branch Library 5366 College Avenue (at Manila) Oakland, CA 94618
Near Rockridge BART subscribe from this group, send an email to:
sfbayoil-subscribe [at]

Mark Schapiro: “Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products,” in conversation with Michael Pollan
Wed, Nov 28, 7:30 pm First Congregational Church in Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way (at Dana) Berkeley Tickets: $10 advance, $13 at the door.

Acro Flow Yoga at the Vulcan Oakland Wed Nov 28 8:00 PM

Juggle... Spin... Balance... Oakland Wed Nov 28
come practice... @ The Vulcan 4401 San Leandro St #56 Oakland

Thu Nov 29 Thank You Giving Party Thu Nov 29
6-8 pm Seaflow office at Fort Cronkhite in The Headlands
1062 Fort Cronkhite Sausalito, CA 94965 Please RSVP by
November 25th to terri at or call 415.229.9335

Boobie Party w/Virgy Tovar Thu Nov 29 7-8pm Free!
Virgie is so fabulous! I highly recommend checking out this event especially cuz we all love boobies and Virgie is quite titty-lating:)-Tallulah
GV weekend event – Boobie party, Reading and Book Signing with Author Virgie Tovar
Celebrate breasts at this Boobilicious party and celebration of Destination DD: Adventures of a Breast Fetishist with 40DDs. Author Virgie Tovar will share selections from her book, and facilitate a mini-workshop on breast touch and massage. Boobie story telling encouraged, so bring your boobs and those who love them. Plus special surprises, come see for yourself!
Visit Virgie online @
Good Vibrations Valencia Street Store 603 Valencia St (at 17th St)

Thu Nov 29 7pm Gallery POTLUCK @ 2050 Bryant btwn 18th/19th St.
GET INVOLVED. Food Fun Community Space.

Thu, Nov 29, 7:00 pm BASIL Seed Library Meeting Ecology Center 2530 San Berkeley

November 29th, DJs Alxndr & Obi-J
That's right, the (non-laptop) co-founder of TransportedSF will be rocking vinyl while the bus is stopped as Obi-J (False Profit) holds it down while the bus is in motion.
December 13th: DJs Kemek & Piotron
Kemek the Dope Computer & Piotron (DownLow) rocked a proto-TransportedSF 3 (!) years ago. They're O.G! Kemek has been a fixture on the electronic music scene for years, with releases on countless labels. Piotron is known for his electro-tinged break/glitch sound. We're very excited to have them back.
We meet at the Rite Spot Cafe for Check-In anytime after 7:30pm. (2099 Folsom St at 17th st. San Francisco, CA 94110). Our Bus loads at 7:45pm and leaves at 8:00pm. Don't be late! We return you to the Rite Spot Cafe by 11:30pm (note, we're going an extra half hour).
All of our events are 21 and over. We have a cash bar with beer, wine and mixed drinks on the bus. We ask that you not bring your own alcohol.
Tickets for the DJ buses available on our site under the "DJ" section:

Crush Lab and Alternative Underground Singles Night Thu Nov 29 8pm
YOU have TO COME TO CRUSH LAB Why? Because

Fri Nov 30

5:30pm 5:30 pm Justin Herman Plaza @ Embarcadero and Market!

Nov 30th there's a Gender Pirates show at El Rio, 3158 Mission at Precita. SF
Gender Pirates usually happens once a month, and features transgender performers, music of all kinds, spoken word, drag performances and usually a d.j. after the show until closing time. Admission is $5-15 sliding scale donation, NOTA.
This month features KB TuffNStuff, D.I.E., Angela Chase, Thea Hillman, MC Annie Danger, Afrodisiac, among others.
doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8.

Fri Nov 30 8PMBlade Runner: The Final Cut. One Embarcadero Center

Who: Those mavens of lipstick and accelerants, The Flaming Lotus Girls
What: A Gallery Show Fundraiser for the FLG's!
When: Friday, November 30th, 2007, 7pm-1am
Where: Somarts Gallery 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco
Why: Because YOU want to see more super giant fire art!
See more at

Fri Nov 30 BoomBox @ 540 Howard St @ 2nd / 3rd St. SF

Urban Alliance for Sustainability ~ Volunteer Soiree Nov 30 8-10pm
Come socialize and connect with the Urban Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) at our monthly volunteer soiree!
These events are intended to provide a social space to meet other allies, share ideas and resources for what is happening in the sustainability movement, and find out more about what UAS does and how you can contribute.
We will have information on the Events, Communication/ Newsletter team, and more.
Music will be provided with grooves by DJ Dragonfly. These events are fun!
Sophia Healing Center 776 Haight St. between Pierce & Scott SF, CA 94117 415-655-9373

For those of you interested in learning more about UAS or potentially contributing in some way in your free time, we will have information on the Events and Communication Teams and more. Music will be provided with grooves by DJ Dragonfly. It's free, it's chill. Please join us - we look forward to seeing you there!

Nov 30th there's a Gender Pirates show at El Rio, 3158 Mission at Precita.
Gender Pirates usually happens once a month, and features transgender performers, music of all kinds, spoken word, drag performances and usually a d.j. after the show until closing time. Admission is $5-15 sliding scale donation, NOTA.
This month features KB TuffNStuff, D.I.E., Angela Chase, Thea Hillman, MC Annie Danger, Afrodisiac, among others.

Kinky Salon's PINK Fri Nov 30 10pm

$10 at the door all night, 10:00 pm – 5:00/6:00 am, @ Mezzanine
444 Jessie Street, San Francisco,
Brooklyn’s disco phenomenon will set the night on fire with
18 musicians in tow playing two live sets of bona fide disco jams.
Nicky B and Derrick Love (Gemini)
BT Magnum and Black Shag (Jump Rope)
Safety Scissors (Donuts)
Robot Hustle (Honey Soundsystem)
Bus Station John (Tubesteak Connection)
Hosted by Christopher McVick & The Gemini Crew

Dec 2007

Sat Dec 1

Sat, Dec 1, 10am - 12:00 pm URBAN COMPOSTING Garden for the Environment 7th Ave at Lawton

SFVS: Potluck December 1, Saturday 11:30 a.m. @ Fort Mason Bldg C #260
A potluck brunch preceding the Animal Rights Film Festival at Fort
Mason, Bldg C #260 in San Francisco on Saturday, December 1, 2007
will start promptly at 11:30 a.m.
$5 plus Vegan food for SFVS members and guests will cover the
potluck and film viewing all day. $10 plus vegan food for non-
members will cover the potluck and film viewing all day. Film
screening will follow at noon.
There will be no potluck brunch on Sunday.
Film screening will begin at noon.
$10 per person all day, $5 for Students, Seniors, & SFVS Members all
day. Free for children under 12.
Check website for schedule: SF Vegetarian Society. To subscribe send a blank email to:
SFVS_List-subscribe [at]

Sat Dec 1 2pm aWear; an Eco Fashion event
Green City Gallery 1950 Shattuck Ave. One block North of University Ave.
An event for those interested in eco-conscious fashion to mingle with designers, business leaders, and emerging artists to network and create. The gallery will host eco-fashion exhibits and show films. The event will leave you feeling more 'awear' of unfashionable social and environmental issues, and inspired to make a change (even if its tomorrow's outfit).
- DIY workshops such as Reconstructing Clothes with designer Miranda Caroligne, Natural Dye workshop with Permacouture Institute, and more!
-Speakers such as Lynda Grose, a professor of Sustainable Fashion Design from the California College of the Arts and Missing Piece.
-films, educational exhibits, trunk show, and an evening mixer.
Come in costume and bring your own designs or bring a model!
Bring your old clothes for a clothing swap! Open to interested participants for workshops, exhibits or design showcases. Email Kirsti Beneke at the email address below.
sliding scale donation $5-20 no one turned away for lack of funds

Sat Dec 1, 6-10 pm Benefit Auction and Music gala to benefit the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters
Live music with fiddlers extraordinare from the Mercury Dimes and other musicians. Sumptuous appetizer buffet.
Unitarian Fellowship Hall 1924 Cedar St. at Bonita St., Berkeley (near BART)
Auction items include ~ camping gear *hot springs retreats at Orr, Wilbur, Harbin, and Osento *hemp clothes *dinners & brunches for 2 *Mendocino B & B retreat with kayaking & bicycling *a Feng Shui consultation *Freight & Salvage Gold concert tickets *lots of holiday gifts *classes in permaculture, tai chi, Pilates, and bikram yoga *chiropractic diagnosis & treatment *massage *books *original art *movies & pizza *organic wine *& lots more! 510-548-3113

*Arts and Consciousness Gallery JFK University, 2956 San Pablo, second floor, Berk; (510) 649-0499. Mon-Fri, 11am-6pm. "Mujeres de Carne y Hueso/Women of Flesh and Blood," works by Rosa Maria Valdez (reception Dec 1, 6:30-9:30pm). Nov 26-Dec 14.

Blue & Green Ball - fundraiser for Todd Blair - Dec 1st Gallery 934 Brannan St SF, CA 8pm - 1am $10
Entertainment will include DJ Vordo, Gibson Pearl Bellydancing, Art by
the Flaming Lotus Girls, Electromechanical, robotic, and interactive
art and more! There will also be a Live Auction of selected Fine Art,
Talent, and Collectibles.
As part of this event, there will be a Shopping Bazaar- including lots
of unique crafts and art.
Food and cocktails will also be available.
Event website:

Sat Dec 1 8p-2a 80 artists, 60 fashion designers, 40 filmmakers and 8 DJ's
Music by: KrisX, Russell Vargas, Laron, didje Kelli, Dirtyhertz, Taj and Dave Madix
Mezzanine (444 Jessie St @ Mission/Market/5th/6th St. SF
$6 before 10:00pm $7 after Must be 21+ ID ]

December 1–2, 2007, MSSF Fungus Fair. Oakland Museum.
A Celebration of Wild Mushrooms
* 1-2 December 2007
* Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm — Sunday: 12 pm to 5 pm
* Oakland Museum of California, 10th and Oak Streets, Oakland
In the San Francisco Bay Area, when the first rains tease up the chanterelles and porcini, fungus lovers head to the Fungus Fair: A Celebration of Wild Mushrooms at the Oakland Museum of California. The Fair, hosted by the museum and the Mycological Society of San Francisco, provides information on the uses and abuses of fungi, with displays and exhibits on ecology, toxicology, and cultivation. Arrays of identification tables display locally collected mushrooms. Campsite gourmands learn how to serve up the safe and scrumptious species through identification tutorials, cooking demonstrations, and sales of recipe books, soups, snacks, and fresh edibles. Watch renowned Bay Area chefs prepare dishes like matsutakes & roasted cauliflower in coriander cream or sautéed caramel candy cap pears and dentelles.
The Oakland Museum of California, 10 & Oak Streets in Oakland, is block from the Lake Merritt BART and a few blocks from Highway 880. Admission to the Fungus Fair is $8 general/$5 seniors and students with ID/members and kids under 5 free, and includes museum-wide access. For volunteer opportunities contact Monique Carment at moniquecarment at yahoo Mycological Society of San Francisco for future events.
admisson to museum == fungus fair included
volunteers get in free for 4 hous of time at various places gwillis2 @ for info
Three Listings for THIS event: Mycological Society of Sf

GO VEGAN - ARFF - Animal Rights FilmFest of SF Dec 1&2
Catch the web stream Saturdays 2pm-eastern /
11am-pacific at
Don't miss A R F F
Animal Rights Film Fest of San Francisco
Saturday Dec 1 11:30am-10pm &
Sunday Dec 2 12:30pm-7pm
Fort Mason Center (Marina Blvd @ Buchanan)
Bldg C, Suite 260 ...waterfront screenings
of films and videos about kindness to animals,
improved human health, and saving the
environment...with speakers, filmmakers, food, and fun
11:30 San Francisco Vegetarian Society - Vegan Potluck
Tentative Schedule, subject to change
Super Size Me—1:50-3:30PM
Speaker—3:30-3:45PM/ live music
Diet For a New America—3:45-4:45PM
Dealing Dogs—5:00-6:15PM
Chris DeRose (confirmed)—6:15-6:30
Eating (part 1)—6:45-7:15PM
Lethal Medicine—7:15-8:15PM
Shannon Keith (confirmed)—8:15-8:30PM
Behind the Mask—8:30-9:45PM
Chicken Run—12:15-1:40PM
Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest—1:45-3:00PM
Speaker on forests / music—3:00-3:15PM
Mad Cowboy—3:15-4:35PM
The Witness—4:45-5:30PM
Tools of Research—5:35-6:15PM
Thanks to CAFE GRATITUDE for its food donation, FABES
BAKERY for its donation of cakes, pies, and cookies,
San Francisco Vegetarian Society for its support
DAILY ADMISSION - Suggested Donation:
adults $10, students and seniors $5, sfvs members $5,
children under 12 - free
emcee - Bob Linden of GO VEGAN RADIO on Air America
heard in the SF Bay Area Sundays, 9pm, GREEN 960-AM
Further details:

Sun Dec 2

Sun, Dec 2, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Clean Up Ocean Beach with the John Butler Trio!

http://DivineNectarThe plus
- Erotic Performance Art
- Visionary Tantric Art Gallery by Davin
- Sacred Union multimedia journey
- Tantric & Visionary Short films by Davin
- Q & A with filmmakers Tallulah Sulis & Davin…..
Sunday, Dec. 2, 7:30 pm - $15-30 sliding scale
The Dakini Temple (((of Bast))) 696 Pennsylvania Ave. (Potrero Hill, S.F.)

Mon Dec 3

Mon, Dec 3, 1:10 pm Dr. Kevin Danaher speaking
San Francisco City College: Ocean Campus, Science BLDG. Room 302
50 Phelan Ave. SF

Eye Gazing Party Monday, December 3, 7:00 PM
AuthenticSF Headquarters (SOMA, SF)
For single women and men in their 20s and 30s $10
*Note--Media will be at this event--see below*
"A perfectly insightful evolution of the dating scene" -- SF Chronicle
"New York's hottest dating trend." -- Elle Magazine
The first Eye-Gazing Party for the Bay Area was a huge success.
We maxed out the number of people that the space could hold and we
even had a waiting list. The San Francisco Chronicle covered the event
and wrote a great article that you can read here:
What is an Eye Gazing Party?
Get details and find out how to register here:

Wed Dec 5

Dec 5 5-8pm Neighborhood Parks Council Annual Holiday Party
Wednesday, December 5th from 5-8pm.
Join your fellow park advocates at the NPC Office to celebrate the holidays with refreshments and Isabel's famous punch-all are welcome! You will even have a chance to win a door prize.
Be sure to bring your favorite dish to share!
Neighborhood Parks Council Holiday Party
Wednesday, December 5th, 5-8pm
NPC Office 451 Hayes Street, 2nd Floor @ Hayes and Octavia SF, CA 94122
Questions? Call or email us at 415-621-3260 or cgood at

Fri Dec 7

MEXICO IS A SKIRT MEXICO ES UNA FALDA ::champagne reception::
celebrating new paintings by MARY WINGS FRIDAY DECEMBER 7 6 pm -10 pm
PARK BENCH CAFE 3214 Folsom at Precita Park San Francisco
Those appearing wearing skirts shall be rewarded. (boys or girls)
Blasphemy Art also will be shown. Paintings on exhibit through January 2008.

KPFA Crafts & Music Fair - Dec 8th and 9th, in SF 10am-6pm 8th@Brannan Concourse Exhibit Ctr.

Sun Dec 9 New Moon

bizzarre Bazaar dec 9 Noon @ 2050 Bryant @ 18th/19th St in the Mission

SFVS Holiday Potluck, Sunday, December 9 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Animal People Party Co-sponsored with Animal Switchboard
Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room 260, Laguna & Marina Streets, San Francisco
$1 suggested door donation & vegan potluck dish. Children welcome.
Celebrate the holidays with a fun vegan afternoon with food, friends, entertainment, and gift items for sale. (If you
would like to donate an item for SFVS to sell or if you have some talent, call 415-885-2251 and leave a message.)
This is the first year SFVS has co-hosted this annual event with Animal Switchboard. Join the merriment and support
two worthy organizations. For more general information, call 415-474-4021. SF Vegetarian Society

Animal People Party, Dec 9

Sunday, December 9th 2007 Join us in launching two important new books
Book launch party and celebration of community activists Karl Linn and Louise Dunlap
3 to 6 pm (reception at 3, presentations start at 3:30)
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Hall, 1924 Cedar St (at Bonita), Berkeley, CA
Building Commons and Community by the late Karl Linn and
Undoing the Silence: Six Tools for Social Change Writing by Louise Dunlap.

December 10, 2007, 7pm. MSSF Holiday Dinner. Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, SF.
Reservations required. Please see November Mycena News for full details. Mycological Society of San Francisco

SFVS Annual Meeting, Sunday, January 13, 2008, Refreshments at 3:30 p.m. Meeting at 4:00 p.m.
IOA, 3600 Geary Boulevard, between Palm & Arguello, San Francisco
MUNI #38 at Trans Bay Terminal and BART at Montgomery Exit.
Members are encouraged to attend this once a year meeting in order to have a quorum. Reports for the year 2007 will
be presented. Future events, including whether to have a World Veg Festival in 2008 will be discussed. Nominations
for officers and board members will be presented and voted on for a two-year-term. If you are interested in serving as
an officer or on the board, please call 415-273-5481 to submit your name to the Nominating Committee by December
23, 2007. SF Vegetarian Society

Please save the date for the NEXT "In Search of Good Food" benefit: DECEMBER 13th. It will be an EARLY show at
El Rio (5-9pm) 3158 Mission just South of Cesar Chavez, SF, starring Cotillion (psychadelic folk, side project with members from Botticellis & Bright Eyes), Conspiracy of Venus (acapella unique women's choir), Jeremy Dalmas and You (interactive musical experimentation). Details are below.
Also, as a reminder, please check out a blog I just wrote, called "The Farm Bill, The Food System, and What You Can Do To Make It Better":
Want to know about even MORE worth-your-time SF Bay Area events? Check out my friend Lea's blog here: I am going to attempt to post updates to events at

Fri Dec 14 5:30pm SF City Hall Rm 208/218 Mirkarimi November Art Party Combined with December Holiday Party

Santarchy, Santacon Dec 15th!!!

Dec 15h from 6-10pm. December 13th, 2007 to Jan 17th, 2008 we will be presenting our
*ROBOTS ARE ART show and contest* at FLOAT, Bay Area's only Floatation
Center and Art Gallery. The show will display DIY robot art for one
month, with an artist party and contest held on Dec 15h from 6-10pm.

DEC 20 Green Movie Night @ Little Roxie 16th between Valencia / Guerro
plus Ella Baker Ctr. 10 yr anniv video. Plus Alli Star is invited to speak. Vivian from Berkeley youth Alternative.

DEC 21 WINTER SOLSTICE: SHORTEST day of year / SUN in Southern Hemisphere.

DEC 22 WINTER SOLSTICE @ / RAINDANCE Productions Stay tuned! 2050 Bryant @ 18th/19th

Dec 22 PSYtrance we bring you GeoSolstice celebrating winter solstice in the most ancient future ways! Featuring LIVE from Macedonia ? Psychoz and Lots more!

Dec 24 Full Moon



DEC 31 @ NYE stay tuned. 2050 Bryant @ 18th/19th

Petrocollapse Conference (date/place still in flux) Monday, December 31, 2007
First Unitarian Universalist Center 1187 Franklin St @ Geary, SF, CA 94109 37.7853, -122.423
Share info about Peak Oil, energy, sustainability, fuel, alternatives, biofuel, the economy, community, etc. Date/location not yet confirmed.

In collaboration with Opel Productions, Bohemian Carnival, Kinky Salon, Paradox-Media, Artsfest, Peak Experience, Harmony Festival & Playa Arts present
Eighth Annual SEA OF DREAMS NYE 2008 MetamorphoSeas Monday, December 31, 2007
An Eve-olutionary Costumed Art & Tribal Spectacle!
@ SF Concourse Exhibition Center 635 8th Street (@ Brannan) San Francisco, CA 94103
8pm - Late! 21 & Over! - Full bars!
Costumes MORE than Encouraged! Come Dressed As Your Dream!
SOD Website For Latest Info! http://SEAOFDREAMSNYE.COM
In the full West (LunaSea) Hall & half of the East (GalaxSea) Hall!
Featuring The Talents Of:
- ADAM FREELAND (Marine Parade, UK)
- BASSBIN TWINS (Marine Parade/ Lot 49/ Bassbin Records)
- SYD GRIS (Opel/ Opulent Temple)
- SMOOVE "The Dirty Punk" (Funketronic/Newsbreakz)
- DUTCH (Opulent Temple)
- EPROM (Nexus/SF)
- AUDIOVOID (Layerz/Muti Music)
- DEX STAKKER (Opulent Temple/ Redemption)
- VJ CULTURE (Videoceanograhy)
- DECOR by Anon Events, Inflatable Arts & Andres Amador
AND THE MIGHTY TWIN MIDNIGHT SPECTACLES featuring incredible arrays of Bay Area Talent!
Sculpture Garden | Vast Videoceans | Art Encampments | Visionary Gallery Maze | Mad Midnight Miracles | Opel Klub | VZP LOUNGE | Vendor Village | Krazy Game Zones | Bizarre Burlesque | Puppet Mayhem | Stilted Action | Goddess Juice Bars Everywhere | Body painting | Tantric Appetizers | Major Artsy Crafty DIY Fun | Faux-toe Portrait Gallery | Virtual Playa/ Google Earth | Hooperamalama | Gymnasty Contortions | Earth Mandalas | Peace & Love | & Much More!
Monday, 12/31: 8:00pm - Late
TICKET PRICES - (These are Early Bird Prices to allow everyone a chance! We suggest you buy now!)
~ $55 (Early Bird Advance - Limited Quantities - They will go UP!)
~ $95 (VZP* Early Bird Tickets - Limited Quantities - They will go UP!)
Ring in 2008 in style and luxury at the Sea of Dreams by upgrading to a VZP (*Very Zany Person) ticket that allows you special access to lounge areas with speical entertainment and great views of the stage.
For tickets and full info check out...


January 1st, 2008 ~ STOMPY + SUNSET New Years Day!

Jan 14-18 MACWORLD EXPO Moscone Ctr. SF
08-E-VF01 is PRIORITY CODE for FREE Macworld Exhibits only pass IF you reg by 10/5

MacCamp - A Macworld Expo-linked BarCamp-style unconference
Friday, January 18, 2008 - Saturday, January 19, 2008 6:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Citizen Space 425 Second St., #300 San Francisco, California 94107 37.7839, -122.394
As Macworld Expo/SF ends, let us continue the conversation!
Location is tentative, and depends on your support and registration. We may go with somewhere bigger, depending on sponsorship and headcount.
Please also sign up on the wiki, not just here, to indicate interest.
(note dates corrected to reflect Macworld ending on Friday, rather than Saturday... now starts that evening)

February 9, 2008, Marin Mushroom Mania. Marin Art and Garden Center. Details forthcoming. Mycological Society of San Francisco

3.20 big direct action for the Fifth Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq!
March 20 will mark FIVE YEARS of insane slaughter, devastation and profiteering in Iraq.

Lightning In a Bottle 2008: Memorial Day Weekend May 23, 24, 25, & 26 in beautiful rolling Oak foothills of Santa Barbara

Oct 13 Prophecy @ Joshua Tree: Hopi, Tibetan, Mayan Elders. produced by Earthdance folk.

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE!

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY!
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

featuring art, history, and the natural science of California, and a
special exhibit, "Baseball As America," in town for a limited time; $8
(50% off for non-profit groups w/advance notice), or FREE the first
Sunday of the month; Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat
10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; 1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200;

* NAKED YOGA is every Sunday in SF; $10; 1030am; at the One Taste
Urban Retreat Center at 1074 Folsom St @ 7th; 415-503-1100;

* The Weekly SUNDAY LAKE MERCED LOOP SKATE leaves the Sunday Roller
Disco in GGPark and does a level 17 mile skate for about 2 hours
including 5 stops along the beach and around the zoo and the lake;
FREE; 1-3pm, MEET from 1-115pm at 6th @ MLKJr; 510-521-0124;

* The NIKE MISSILE BASE OPEN HOUSE is the 1st Sunday of every month,
featuring tours of a Cold-War-era ICBM missile base that actually
operated in the Marin Headlands from'll scare the
livin' shit outa' ya; FREE; 1230-330pm; 415-331-1453

* BAD MOVIE NIGHT is every SUNDAY in SF, and includes popcorn and
residential furniture seating, plus your chance to wear stupid
costumes and yell stupid remarks at the screen; $5, plus FREE POPCORN,
but BYOBeer; 8pm each Sunday; at The Dark Room Theatre at 2263 Mission
St twn 18th and 19th; 415-401-7987 OR 415-517-3581;

I also have a nutrition / food list! email nutrition at planttrees dot org if you'd like to be on. once a week.

Eco list is 1 email per day.

I also have an activism list that comes out 6 times a day if you want all the news.

Also please visit view the archives and subscribe!

yummy recipes: recipe sites: Ani's Raw Food Kitchen
Gone Raw
The Raw Chef
Raw Food Guru
For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy spending time in the
kitchen...what are your favorite raw sites? -Rose
Your friend can subscribe to this list, by sending a blank email to:
SFLivingFoods-subscribe [at]

Aspartame Toxicity Center,

Please foster Kittens for you local SPCA.
Help raise kittens until they are 8 weeks old or 2 lbs and can be put up for adoption.
It is important that they have humans for socialization and play! (lucky you)
this is the sweetest and most fun way to bring extra love into your life,
and into the kittens' lives. This program is FREE:
You attend their kitten foster program so you know how...
And then when they have a litter of kittens for you,
they send you home with kittens and all the cat food you need.

Money 101
A very good (but 47 minutes long) video on how banking evolved, and
how today money=debt, with the inability of it being "sustainable" also explored:]

Patriot act is NULL and VOID
Any law that is repugnant to the US Constitution is NULL and VOID.
-Marburry V. Madison, 1803

Declaration of Independence

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot

Beautiful Sattelite Picture of earth.

fun events:
more events:
eco events:
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Berkeley and Oakland political events events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael)

Previous Calendars:

SF events 11.24 live free or die
SF events 11.20 Plastic Bag Ban Bash 6-9pm TONIGHT @ Minna
SF events 11.16 Buy Gold Today! Goodbye Dollar.
SF events 11.14 tonight half dozen events about OIL, Parks, and Emergencies.
SF events 11.8 Green Festival Wknd
SF events 11.6 GREEN FEST wknd
SF events 11.1 First Thu Art. Fri Day of Dead. Sat Space Cowboys Free! Sun set clock BACK. Mon Yard Dogs.
SF events 11.1 10am Fri SF Protest against 2nd war in Iraq - say No to Turkey invasion
SF events 10.30 Tue Taoist Ero tic Massage. Wed Halloween. 1st Thur Art. Fri Day of Dead. Sat Space Cowboys Free!
SF events 10.25 Fri Crit-Mass. Sat Peace March CivicCtr to Dolores Park
Sf Events 10.23 Fri Oct 26 HALLOWEEN critical mass 6pm Justin Herman Plaza; Market @ Embarcadero SF
Sf Events 10.18 SAT Crazy Fun House Maze, supperclub. Sun SUNSET Season Finale
SF events 10.16 Eye gaze Or gasmic breath Green movie Opulent temple Lights out Crazy Fun House Maze
SF events 10.11
SF events 10.9
SF events 10.5 ALEX GREY TONIGHT! )'( DeCompression SUNDAY! for 14 hours Noon - 2am. Colombus day Monday, Sleep In!
Sf Events 10.2 Fri Alex Grey. Sat Dol Park Film Night. Sun )'( DeCompression!
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