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anti-semitic candidate for kpfa lsb
by Doug Henwood
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007 8:15 AM
holocaust denalist's premium defended by bob english
I don't know who you are, beyond your signature
ID, but I'm not sure how much of you I'll put up
with after this.

Bob English wrote:

>Further, the fact that Guns and Butter couldn’t
>have "rebroadcast (it) on KPFA" because "it"
>doesn't exist, adds another layer of personal
>and intellectual dishonesty and laziness on
>Lilley's part.

I know Sasha and her work, and this is bullshit -
there's nothing dishonest or lazy about her. If
you're flinging about charges like that, you're
not welcome here.

>So there's another aspect that needs to be
>included in this discussion: the discrediting of
>the 9/11 truth movement, 9/11 skeptics and
>researchers (who question the official state
>cover story) by progressives and journalists,
>like Lilley and Norman Solomon, who enjoy
>wearing the mantle of free speech and free
>intellectual inquiry while trashing radicals and
>anyone who questions the Big Lie or exposes
>false flag and other undercover, gangster
>operations of the national security state (1) -
>see notes below.

Wow - an email post with footnotes! You don't see
that often. You must be a real serious dude.

> Do I need to note that they join with the Bush
>Administration and right wing in dismissing the
>9/11 inquiries

This is typical of your style of argument. If
anyone questions your view, they're part of the
right wing. Well fuck that. The "9/11 truth
movement" is a bag of crap. It brings discredit
on actual radicals, progressives, journalists,
and researchers. And how can you slide into a
rant like this?

> – as well as challenges to the origins, nature
>and manipulations of the “war on terror” - as
>“conspiracy theory?” If people on the left know
>that the state operates, for instance, to not
>only execute, but also cover up the nature and
>extent of the nuclear devastation of Hiroshima
>and Nagasaki, as we’ve heard recently on
>"Democracy Now!", why can’t they grok

Grok? I haven't heard that word in like 15 years.

> that the state is very capable of perpetrating
>(or being complicit in) the 9/11 events as a
>false flag operation to pave the way and provide
>the political climate and justification for the
>Afghanistan and Iraq invasions/occupations (2)
>and the developing "Homeland" police state?

Thank god you can't hear 9/11 nonsense on
Democracy Now! But the nature and extent of the
devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren't
exactly a secret before. A lot of serious
scholars have done work trying to suss out the
actual motivations for the bombings - whether
they were really directed at the USSR in
particular. But that's real research, not
Hufscmid-style nonsense.

>In this and other respects, we’re with Joe in
>advocating for unconditional, uncensored and
>inclusive free speech - that is, let everyone,
>including the haters and deceivers, have a say
>to express and expose their views and nature,
>and let the listeners and readers decide what’s
>true and mis-represented.

Editorial judgment and discretion isn't the same as censorship.

> And let’s evaluate their truth and accuracy on
>the issues currently addressed rather than prior
>statements and shortcomings on other issues.
>So since Hufschmid in particular is targeted
>here by Lilley, we’re going to take up his 9/11
>viewpoint and contribution. First and without
>going very far into his website statements and
>language and whether or not he qualifies as a
>racist or neo-fascist (3), let’s note for a
>moment that he at least claims to be a truth
>seeker with a different view of the Holocaust
>and the concentration camps (which he apparently
>doesn't deny but questions their function as
>extermination centers).

Ok, so you've revealed yourself as either a crank or worse. Thanks. Bye.


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by Richard Phelps
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007 3:16 PM
DH: I know Sasha and her work, and this is bullshit -
there's nothing dishonest or lazy about her. If
you're flinging about charges like that, you're
not welcome here.

Commentary: KPFA Needs Dialogue, Not Demonization
1. By Sasha Lilley (11-13-07)

"It has also been claimed that we conspired to hijack both this and last year’s board elections, by not airing candidate spots on the air. However, the elections are run by an independent election supervisor who determines the timing for on air candidate statements, not us." (Emphasis added.)

KPFA needs truth not lies. This statement put in the Berkeley Daily Planet today is false and Sasha Lilley knows it is false. In the last two elections the station management refused to allow any election candidate info during the fund drives while the CL slate mailer was arriving with the ballots and none ran for a few days after the fund drive each year. For the whole story see below.
Ohio & Florida? NO KPFA 04 & 06

In the 2006 Local Station Board (LSB) election we had no candidate information on air for more than two weeks before the ballots were mailed and more than a week after the ballots arrived. 778 ballots were picked up at the post office before any candidate information was played. How many others were in the mail or filled out and ready to mail before the candidate information was aired, we will never know. What we do know is that Lemlem Rijio, Interim GM, and a member of the strategy group that was discussing “dismantling the LSB”, (see reverse side of this flyer for the (“KPFA Pentgon Paper”), refused to run any candidate information from October 3 to October 19. After that she refused to allow staff to prepare the carts for broadcast for several days. This may not seem to affect the outcome one way or the other until you realize that the Concerned Listeners (CL) Slate sent out a large mailing to arrive with the ballots. This combined with the election “gag” imposed by the IGM tilted the playing field decidedly in the Concerned Listeners favor. Please note that other members of the “dismantling the LSB” strategy group, Brian Edward-Tiekert, Bonnie Simmons, Rain Geesler and Sherry Gendelman endorsed the Concerned Listener Slate and Sasha Lilley and her mother helped put the CL slate together and get the Wellstone endorsement.

Let’s take a trip back to the 2004 election. Remember the ballots arriving very late to the Bay Area? If you think this was an accident let me give you a fact that may change your mind. was the entrenched staff slate/web site during that election. They still have that web site but since they lost that election so badly to Peoplesradio, who elected its members to 6 of the 9 available seats, 2/3 of the votes, the entrenched staff obviously felt they needed a new image: Concerned Listeners. Peopleradio had its website up in August 2004 and its endorsers together and was out at all major KPFA and other political events. KPFAForward DIDN’T get its web site up until October 14, 2004 or later, the day before the ballots were to be mailed. If you want to check this go to and run You will see the beginning date of October 14, 2004 with the owner being Mark Hernandez. Hernandez was a KPFAForward candidate in that election and a CL candidate in 2006. The Executive Director in 2004 was Dan Coughlin, a close ally of the KPFA entrenched staff. He hired the National Election Supervisor (NES) for the 2004 election. (There were other election dirty tricks in 2004, but this was the main one.)

For some unknown reason the Bay Area ballots were delayed several weeks. They were not mailed when the others were. Why? Who benefited from the delay? The entrenched staff slate. They now had time to get their endorsements together and get their materials and emails out telling people to see their now operative web site, for several weeks before the ballots arrived. They couldn’t do that this time given that the current NES, Les Radke, would not allow such tactics. So this time they obtained an advantage the old fashioned way, get station management, who they are in collusion with, to shut down the election coverage on the air, making the Concerned Listener mailing much more effective in the vacuum. Sarv Randhawa, Mary Berg and Rosalinda Palacios who all regularly support the “dismantlers” on the LSB and PNB, voted to gut a motion that was passed by the PNB Election Committee 10-2, (originally written by PeoplesRadio’s Richard Phelps). The original motion would have required election and candidate information to be aired during September, October and November until the ballot deadline. There would have been no election GAG on KPFA air and thus a reduced advantage for the CL mailer. The struggle for democratic process and transparent operation at KPFA/Pacific is not over. Those that only want the listeners money and not their input are doing their best to “dismantle the LSB”. If you want democratic process and fair elections VOTE for peoplesradio’s. For more history see

Richard Phelps

by deanosor
(deanosor [at] Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007 3:30 PM
Who's the anti-semitic candidate for KPFA LSB and whydo you say that? Repeating a document from LBO about something that somebody wrote about WBAI does not state your titledargument. I agree that thsoe who state the Arabs couldn't have done 911 are racists, and that holocasut deniers are generally anti-semitic, but whose the candidate and what did the candidate write that was anti-semitic? Idon't think it is anti-semitic to quote someone on a different subject where sometimes th peerosnthey are quoting is anti-semitic. Stupid and not researched well, yes, but anti-semitism needs to be more direct than i've read, unless i'm missing something.
by Holocaust Family Member
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007 6:59 PM
The stench of anti-Semitism from Doug Henwood's drivel would make Hitler proud, and certainly makes the American Hitler, George Bush, and his fellow perpetrators of the American Reichstag Fire, the 9/11 Inside Job, very proud. To defend the Nazi USA government's lies, a conspiracy theory, of the 9/11 Inside Job is to defend war and fascism, and the vicious anti-Semitism perpetrated by the Nazis that constitute the US government. George Bush's grandfather was a Nazi collaborator and the politics of Junior are no different. Israel is not just a US military base that exists to protect US oil profits in the Middle East, but also, of course a death trap for Jews, promoted by the Nazi USA collaborators, the Zionists, whose political ancestors collaborated with Nazi Germany. For more on that history, see:
Zionism in the Age of Dictators by Lenni Brenner at

The Iron Wall by Lenni Brenner at

The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman at

51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis edited by Lenni Brenner
(2002) Barricade Books, New Jersey, ISBN 1-56980-235-1

The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black
(1984, 2001) Carroll & Graf, NY, ISBN 0-7867-0841-7

The Third Reich and the Palestine Question by Francis Nicosia
(1985) University of Texas Press, ISBN 0-292-72731-3

It was obvious not only to me, but also to my Holocaust surviving mother (most but not all of my family survived the Holocaust) AS SOON AS IT HAPPENED that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. In fact, my Holocaust family made sure I learned as soon as I could comprehend such things to ASSUME THE US GOVERNMENT IS LYING UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, and that is certainly a good rule of thumb for all KPFA listeners. I can remember the first words mother said when I called her at work as our high school was closed early on November 22, 1963 when the CIA murdered President Kennedy. She said THIS IS A REICHSTAG FIRE. I knew exactly what that meant and the 9/11 INSIDE JOB IS ANOTHER REICHSTAG FIRE perpetrated by the US military at the behest of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rich & Giuliani to perpetrate war and fascism so as to maximize the profits of the capitalist class.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR POLITICS ARE, YOU CAN INVESTIGATE A CRIME, AS ALL LAWYERS DO, REGARDLESS OF THEIR POLITICS. The first thing you do is EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE. The evidence clearly shows AS IT HAPPENED, that there was NO AIR DEFENSE. That AUTOMATICALLY MEANS IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB. The second piece of evidence that we all witnessed AS IT HAPPENED was CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, of the Twin Towers and Building 7, which was not hit by a plane, and as we learned later, one demolition substance used was thermate, a military substance.

THE US GOVERNMENT ADMITS THAT IT HAS NO EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT THE ALLEGED HIJACKERS DID ANYTHING. In fact, 9 of the so-called hijackers were alive on 9/12/01. The evidence shows THERE WERE NO HIJACKERS ON THOSE PLANES; they were all on REMOTE CONTROL GUIDED BY THE US AIR FORCE. It was the same US Air Force that hit the Pentagon with a missile on the side that was under construction, and further damage was done by demolition explosives. The plane that supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania landed at Cleveland airport and a pile of metal with no bodies, said the coroner, were in the hole in Pennsylvania.

ONLY THE US GOVERNMENT, AGENT OF THE US CAPITALIST CLASS, HAD THE MOTIVE, MEANS AND OPPORTUNITY TO PERPETRATE THE 9/11 INSIDE JOB. You will receive that lesson in detail in your homework at the end of this article.

Those of us of Jewish ancestry simply assume that among those who are not of Jewish ancestry have picked up some anti-Semitic ideas. I have yet to experience it in the 9/11 Truth Movement, but sooner or later, we all experience it in this backward society, INCLUDING AMONG OUR FELLOW SOCIALISTS. When we can, we call them on it, but do not stop fighting for socialism and do not stop supporting science.

DOUG HENWOOD AND HIS FELLOW 9/11 TRUTH DENIERS are clearly proud SUPPORTERS OF BUSH SCIENCE, which is anti-science since science means knowledge. Bush's fascist lie on the 9/11 Inside Job contradicts basic laws of physics, just as Bush science opposes evolution, abortion and the concept of global warming. JUST LIKE NAZI GERMANY, SCIENCE IS HELD IN CONTEMPT IN NAZI USA.

For those who really want to learn more science and how to conduct crime investigation, YOUR HOMEWORK IS BELOW.

BEFORE YOU START YOUR HOMEWORK, WALK YOUR BALLOT TO KPFA on or before November 15, 2007, the last day your ballot can be RECEIVED by KPFA. It is too late to mail it.
Two excellent slates are:
1. Voices for Justice at
and their related, very informative website,

Their candidates are:
Steve Zeltzer
Carl Bryant
CC Campbell-Rock
Sureya Sayadi
Their program is at:
Their endorsers are at:
and are:
Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia congressperson
Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai, medical doctor and 2007 candidate for mayor of San Francisco
Cindy Sheehan, peace activist
Sandra Everette, CTA member and member of San Mateo Greens
Gregory Richardson, Video producer, CTC
Joan Mathis, Video producer, CTC
Jack Heyman, ILWU Local 10 executive board member
Idriss Stelley Foundation
Willie and Mary Ratcliff, publisher of San Francisco Bayview
Ralph Schoenman, producer of Taking Aim and author
Riva Enteen, past chair of KPFA Local Station Board

2. The People's Radio slate is the other good set of candidates, with their program, candidates and issues listed at:
Their candidates are at
and are:
Richard Phelps
David Heller
Attila Nagy
Bob English
Gerald Sanders
Mara Rivera
Stan Woods
Their endorsers are:
Dr. Peter Phillips – Project Censored director
Michael Parenti – Author & lecturer
William Mandel - 37 year KPFA foreign affairs commentator/talk show host, author
Peter Camejo – 3 time gubernatorial candidate & Green Party member
The Green Party of Alameda County endorses each of our candidates individually
The Peace & Freedom Party of Alameda County
The Peace & Freedom Party of San Francisco County
The Petaluma Progressives
The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance
Richard Gage - AIA, Architect, Founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Jack Heyman – ILWU Local 10 Executive Board member rank & file organizer
Jack Ford – Teamsters Local 921 SF Chronicle Truck Drivers former president
Liana Molina – Woodfin Hotels Boycott coordinator
Eva Royal - Cesar Chavez Holiday Committee Chair, former UFW Bay Area Regional Manager/organizer
Alan Benjamin - Delegate to the SF Labor Council for Office and Professional Employees International Union #3

LaVarn Williams – KPFA Local Station Board, Pacific National Board director & Treasurer
Bonnie Faulkner - Host of Guns & Butter, KPFA
Miguel "Gavilan" Molina - Host of Flashpoints, La Honda Bajita
Francisco Herrera – musician, KPFA Flashpoints contributor
David Janda - KBBF, member of Voces Cruzando Fronteras, photogapher
Ernest Rivera – SomArts Cultural Center board president

Listen to Guns & Butter on KPFA at 94.1 FM at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays and online at:
DVD that is a Must See at
1. Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert
2. The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions & Distortions by David Griffin
3. The New Pearl Harbor by David Griffin
4. Debunking 9/11 Debunking by David Griffin
5. Painful Questions by Eric Hufschmid
6. The Iron Triangle (on Carlyle Group) by Dan Briody
7. 9/11 Revealed: The Unanswered Questions by Rowland Morgan & Ian Henshall
8. Waking Up From Our Nightmare by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman
9.9/11 Facing Our Fascist State by Don Paul
10.9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA by Webster Tarpley
11 Body of Secrets by James Bamford
12 The War on Truth by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed
13 The Terror Conspiracy by Jim Marrs
14 Towers of Deception by Barrie Zwicker (with DVD enclosed)
15 9/11 and American Empire edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott
16 Flight 93 Revealed by Rowland Morgan
by Martin
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007 10:50 PM
Did Doug Henwood actually post this ? I have my doubts . Why would a Nationally known Social Democractic economist , based in NYC , decide to intervene in the KPFA Board elections ? I think i will contact him to see if all this is kosher (pardon the pun ,but i'm half Jewish so it's okay )
by Bob English and Linda Hewitt
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2007 2:19 PM
There’s No Anti-Semitism, there are censorship, lies and videotape.

As indicated by the preceding comments there's a lot to explain here with background and current context detail. While I’m trying to focus on the LSB election rather than the multiple source attacks on selected candidates who are opposing the Concerned Listeners, I’ll start with (for me) a fairly simple, direct reply - and post more later, including the full text of the original e-mail message that Doug Henwood distorts in his cut and paste, last minute election hit piece.

As anyone can see there is absolutely no anti-Semitism expressed here. Deleted portions of the complete message (sent/signed by Linda and I to his "lbo-talk" list over 2 years ago) will show there is no support for or association with anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial, only support and advocacy for free speech and against the kind of censorship and dismissive ridicule that left establishment “journalists,” programmers, managers, hacks and other gatekeepers like Henwood, Sasha Lilley, Brain Edwards-Tickert, Larry Benski and Dan Siegel have imposed on Pacifica programming and listeners from the old hijacker regime through the present.

Linda and I are pacifists who love all life and beings. We actively oppose and don’t support any forms of war, killing, genocide, capital punishment, discrimination and racism. I refused Army induction during the Indo China war, supported the UFW and SF State students and faculty striking for black and Third World studies and admissions (arrested and beaten by cops). We’ve been Free Pacifica and listener democracy activists from 1999 and helped bring new by- laws and elected governing boards to Pacifica. I love my son who is half Jewish by birth and of course does not appreciate Henwood’s crass, despicable, race-baiting smear.

This mess was posted here yesterday/Tuesday morning when Henwood was interviewed on the KPFA Morning Show by Phillip Muldari, apparently after discussing the LSB election (and management’s campaign to discredit candidate criticisms) with his staff allies, likely including Muldari and interim program director Lilley. So he’s smearing us here as "anti-semitic” in the context of the election and apparently for asserting that free speech is for everyone - not only for him and his friends and allies with access to and control of KPFA air and programming - to present an alternative analysis, questions or viewpoints of events and issues, such as 911 truth vs. the official version.

Here is the part deleted - after Henwood abruptly terminates the text and his trashing commentary of me/our message - that further clarifies and confirms that we are not engaged in anti-Semitism, agreeing or associating with what is labeled "holocaust denial" (if necessary I can later post the entire uncensored message).

The message continues: “...Since we are all entitled to this and other forums to express our views and questions of official government and media myths on various issues, we have to concede that this guy and those who agree have a place and time to express their views, rather than simply labeling and dismissing them as “holocaust deniers.” And then of course we and others, including Zionists, have the opportunity to refute that view as bullshit and present the facts confirming the genocide through out Europe. Remember that Noam Chomsky was viciously attacked for writing an introduction to a book that questions the Holocaust story, as a defense of free speech. We’re not excusing or agreeing with Hufschmid on that issue ….”

“3. From a look at some of his website writings, Hufschmid seems more like an equal opportunity elitist with a low opinion of what he considers the willfully ignorant, uniformed, unwashed masses.”
by Bob English and Linda Hewitt
Thursday Nov 15th, 2007 7:21 PM
There’s No Conspiracy Theory, Holocaust Denial or Anti-Semitism as charged, but there are censorship, election manipulation, lies and videotape.

Doug Henwood is moderator and master of the “lbo-talk” discussion list. In August 2005 one list thread had to do with the controversy over WBAI offering the Painful Deceptions video as a premium for fundraising. My wife and I were primarily addressing Lilley's inaccurate statement that KPFA programmer Bonnie Faulkner ("Guns and Butter") broadcast portions of a San Francisco 911 Forum, which according to Lilley included the video producer Eric Hufschmid, who she and others allege to be a "holocaust denier” (but actually did not include him, except as a video exhibitor in a room separate from the Forum). We then went on to discuss free speech and left establishment censorship and dismissal (as exemplified by Lilley, Henwood and some list subscribers) of the 911 truth movement and other issues as no better than right wing, corporate media and national security state gate keeping, censorship and dismissal of documented state conspiracies that have proceeded and served as pretexts to enabled wars, including the "War on Terror." For that we've been attacked and trashed from the get go on Henwood’s list, and continuing for two years in the context of two KPFA elections - anonymously in 2006 and this time with managers, staff and their allies responding both out front and under cover to candidate criticisms with distortions and flat out lies. Our response here and elsewhere is long over due.

The distorted drift of Henwood’s late election hit piece is that since people who are or are labeled "holocaust deniers" are considered typically anti-Semitic, anyone who defends them in any way, including their right to free speech, for all to hear and evaluate for what it is, must be anti-Semitic. In our respect for and understanding of the nature and criteria of free speech vs. censorship, Linda and I are in pretty good company. For instance, as we note in the message, Noam Chomsky, while not a friend of the 911 movement, had written an introduction to a book by a so called “holocaust denier” in order to illuminate a defense of free speech as being not only for those we agree with, but also and especially for those we disagree with or even abhor. For that he was of course viciously attacked, not only by Zionists, in media and on speaking tours.

We should admit (as I can explain further if necessary) that we made at least two mistakes:

First, in posting for the first time, we naively assumed that lbo-talk was a free speech forum where all views are heard, respected and discussed. Of course it’s actually Doug’s little house where he’s the master, says who and what comes and goes, is posted or silenced. Reading either the Henwood chopped up section version posted here or the full e-mail text to be posted later if requested or necessary, please note for examples:

1. He ignores and dismisses as “bullshit” the facts we presented that demonstrate our conclusion that Lilley lied or was at least intellectually dishonest and lazy to discredit Bonnie Faulkner and Guns and Butter without researching, checking or knowing what she was talking about. After all it was Lilley posting previously on lbo-talk who condemned a) the new Pacifica by-laws and democratic elections as “a disaster,” too expensive to maintain (so maybe we should dismantle them?) and b) older listeners, who’ve supported and saved Pacifica through out their lives, as “self-appointed guardians with too much time on their hands.”
2. I didn’t say (as Henwood misstates) that those on the left who dismiss 911 truth as “conspiracy theories” are right wing, I just said that they echo and share the terminology used by the right wing and George Bush to ignore and marginalize it’s advocates (Bush speeches after 9/11 include “…let us not be mislead by dangerous conspiracy theories…”). But Henwood doesn’t just mischaracterize my statement (“well fuck that”) and dismiss 911 truth, he trashes the movement as “a bag of crap” (including activists, scholars and intellectuals, researchers, theologians, architects, scientists, 911 victim families). That may pass for tough talk in NYC or Boston or with Rush Limbaugh crowd but we don’t think it plays very well here in the opened minded, enlightened Bay Area or in most current progressive areas and groups.
3. We didn’t say the nature and extent of the nuclear devastation of Japanese cities was not now well known, we actually referred to the then recent report on Democracy Now! revealing that the state apparatus had initially worked to *cover up* the nature and extent of that devastation (just as it covers up 911 as an inside job).
4. Instead of passing on or agreeing with our broad spectrum free speech, anti-censorship advocacy, he justifies “Editorial judgment and discretion” as distinct from censorship, that is smart, professional people like Doug and Sasha are taking care of everything for us and are qualified and privileged to judge, decide and draw the line between acceptable speech and unacceptable speech that needs to be eliminated, ridiculed or trashed.

The second mistake was falling into the trap of commenting on “holocaust denial/deniers” without more research or questioning what Mr. Hufschmid actually writes and advocates rather than accepting what Henwood and Lilley have labeled him. With the opportunity of free speech he would be able to explain and defend his actual orientation, view point and analysis of the subject issues; in fact as I now understand it, Hufschmid apparently isn't a denier but like others speaks out against justification of Israeli and Zionist excesses, atrocities and occupations committed in the name and under cover of the Holocaust.

As a separate comment and if necessary, I may post the entire e-mail text so that any interested readers can understand it’s full subject context, content, meaning and intent without Henwood’s rude bullying, twisted comments and distortions. It’s long, with references to some material no longer current, so I won’t blame anyone for not reading it unless otherwise inclined to accept Henwood’s crude, cut and paste hit piece and anti-Semitic label as the truth. He selectively edited out most of the text and abruptly cuts it off mid-paragraph where he labels and casts us off as “a crank or worse.”