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Killings and Shootings in San Francisco the worst in recent years.

by Francisco Da Costa
We are in the first week of September and the murder and killing tally has reached 82 and is on the increase. For sure at the end of this year we will cross the 100 mark and as usual the Mayor of San Francisco and the pimps and whores that work for him - have no clue how to curtail crime - will blame some one else. Over twenty five percent of the youth live in Southeast Sector and these youth get no help what so ever - all they get every day is a promise that something may come their way. Smoke signals sent in the night and the youth are looking for help.
San Francisco in the year 2007 should have learned how to curtail crime.

Especially crime among young people. The paradox is that thousands of families have left San Francisco and this includes youth. We less youth and yet more youth are dying.

Twenty five percent of the youth live in the Southeast Sector. Every day, these youth hear promises that something will be offered them - but every day they get nothing but empty promises.

One has just to study the CityBuild Retention rate - it is a joke. Millions of dollars in salaries and very little in terms of results - good jobs over a long period - know as career jobs. What is happening? Who is pocketing the money? What has Sophina Maxwell to say about this?

The Juvenile System stinks to high heaven. Please, go check the incarceration rate. Check the rate of Samoan Youth incarcerated? Who is going to do something about this? When?

The Mayor Office of Criminal Justice with Lenore Anderson is a joke. The Safety Committee with Ross Mirkarimi and Sophina Maxwell a circus - where they talk and talk and talk and little comes with action plans.

I checked them out for a long, long time - and I did this to pay my dues. They are a bunch of idiots. Stupid idiots that have adversely impacted all the constituents and a waste of tax payers' money.

The City and County of San Francisco has a over $6 billion dollar budget. Per person we spend more then Los Angeles and New York. This may surprise some but it is the truth. So, what are we doing with our money? Why are we not investing in your families and youth?

As I said more families are leaving San Francisco and our Mayor Gavin Newsom knows this. His side kick Jessie Blout informs him of this or should daily. Our City once took pride in families but today we take pride in things and doings - closer to the likes and tastes of whores and pimps.

Our Mayor, Gavin Newsom has no moral compass. Hundreds of City Officials make more then $190,000 and they should be making less. Other get paid because of who they know and what they have to offer in private.

Room 200 at City Hall is a whore house and has been for the last Four Years. Even, Mayor Willie L. Brown took his private business outside City Hall. Ask him he will tell you that.

The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice has NO clue what is happening at ground zero. I watch these idiots speak - trying some times to produce some fake data without even having a clue where they get the data from.

These idiots have NO clue that the San Francisco Police Department as it stands today is dysfunctional. I have stated this clearly before the SF Police Commission and before the Board of Supervisors - many times and will state it again in writing.

Minority youth, are targeted for no reason all the time. One has just to watch Law Enforcement and especially the obese guys on motorcycles - stop innocent people and give them a ticket - in and around Third Street.

Then watch the many Police cars on Third - and daily you see them make left turns - when they are not suppose to make them. Cross traffic lanes when they are not suppose to cross them.

I know something about Law Enforcement and these actions - noticed by the public, these actions make everyone sick in the stomach.

We have our Thursday, Town Hall meetings at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church at Ingalls and Oakdale. The area is safe more so with many Sisters and Brothers from the Nation of Islam. Sisters and Brothers well dressed and dignified and really not a whimper in the area around.

Everyone know people are attend Church and respect one another. I know I walk and talk and say hello - to the community before I take my place in Church. I have been doing this since May and not once have I heard or witnessed any trouble from say 5 p.m to 9 p.m.

You will see police cars on Thursdays. In one hour one day I counted twenty - going round and round the block trying to intimidate whom?

So, I went into the street and asked them what was going on. I told them we meet every Thursday and that Heather Fong, the Police Chief knew about our meeting. I hope she knows because I told her so - and if she reads what I write she should.

So, should the pimp who works from Room 200 in City Hall.

The same guy that slept with his best friend's wife. So, should anyone that knows about Lennar at City Hall and how these vermin have help pollute the neighborhood and slowly kill our Children and Elders and others.

Two years ago just before Summer - three recreational facilities were shut down. Joseph Lee Gym on Third Street. The one popular facility on 195 Kiska Road called Milton Meyer Gym and next door the Boys and Girls Club.

Hundreds of youth did not have a place to go. The YMCA was there but charged money and was run badly by a woman that now works for Lennar doing their Public Relations.

In the interim there was a rise in crime, killings, shootings and other adverse impacts.

There is NOT one single City Official that understands the situation. If they do I challenge them to meet me one on one and I will tell them stuff that will churn their stomachs.

We have whores and pimps working for City Hall and one of them is Lenore Anderson that has NO clue what so ever.

Then we have Sophina Maxwell, a Black - that does not give a damn about Black children or for that matter poor folks.

Three years ago two containers carrying arms and ammunition were landed in the two areas in the Bayview Hunters Point.

I brought this to the attention to the Board of Supervisors - the fools could not understand what I was saying. Present, when I spoke three years ago was the Police Chief, Heather Fong and many other Law Enforcement so called experts.

We must ask ourselves who are these folks that are bringing all these high powered weapons into the community?

Who is the one making decisions to close three Recreation Facilities when we really need them most to support our youth and their parents?

Who is behind the Injunction at Oakdale and Mission and Western Addition and why are such methods use and what it the ultimate goal?

Why is there an influx of meth use and other killer drugs that are on the increase? Who is bringing this into the community?

Why is it that young people - youth of San Francisco detest to join the San Francisco Police Force? Why is the SNITCH philosophy so ingrained not only in youth but Adults now?

Who is recruiting the many rednecks that live in Napa and beyond and come here to make their money working for Law Enforcement?

Are the Fishers, the Shoresteins, the Blums, Getty, other scum bags planning to take over large areas - using private funds - to capture prime Real Estate? Much like Gain has done in Maui at Hana in Hawaii?

Who was instrumental is bringing division among the San Francisco Police Department - the Old Guard and sound Police Officers like Gregory Suhr and Rick Bruce who I consider my very good friends. And the others that tow the line and are ass lickers?

We have a Mayor that talks the talk and cannot walk the walk. On the streets of of San Francisco they call him "punk jack ass". No one respects him. He is a sissy. In other words he has no balls.

Crime is on the increase in San Francisco because we have morons trying to work things remote control.

We have a District Attorney that is not really concerned about San Francisco but her own political rise and power. She use to be a side kick of Willie L. Brown Jr. and those in the know - how low she sank.

The only decent person and decent entity we have going for the youth is our Public Defender and his Department.

Our Juvenile Department complete with new facilities but in charge Bill Sifferman and Allen Nance reminds me of a ZOO. There is more order in our SF Zoo then the Juvenile System.

Our City has done little to help Samoan Youth.

It is not that they are bad but no one has figured out how to help the tradition Samoan people. All they need is a little help - Samoans helping Samoans - not the traditional ones that steal the money but new leaders - trained so that they can empower themselves and take their own people to a better place.

The same for African Americans.

We cannot put our trust in Amos Brown who goes off and runs his mouth like some jack ass. He even will use abusive words and thinks he can get away with murder. Such fools are harbored by Mayor Gavin Newsom - and this is plain knowledge.

The same with Calvin Jone, Aurelious Walker, and others - these so called Black Pastors should go into the streets and preach and teach and save our youth. If God is with them they have nothing to fear.

The youth know who they are and that they serve the devil and their main interest is money.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has divided the people. Used Lennar to buy sell outs and there are many that I have named and it sickens me to name them again and again. Mostly Black leaders that will allow our youth to die. Our children to die. And in the bargain embrace money and mundane stuff.

Not one of these Black Pastors especially Aurelious Walker - spoke out against closing the three Gyms even though I brought it out in the open again, and again and again.

Not one of them has spoken about the killings and shootings. Now, here is where you can distribute material and use the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Instead these jack ass will help Lennar BVHP LLC distribute material printed by Lennar BVHP LLC.

We need new leadership. We cannot afford to have a pimp like Mayor Gavin Newsom - jacking off and spewing diatribe every where he goes. He is no leader - he is a disgrace to San Francisco and those leaders and constituents that have standards. The man has lost his moral compass.

I bet you end of September we will cross the 90 mark of people shot and killed - and I bet you most of them will be youth.

May God in his Infinite Mercy bring some sense to our leaders and especially those sell out that have blood on their hands.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy
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