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National WhistleBlower Hotline
by Roger Rancourt (realcountscount [at]
Tuesday Aug 7th, 2007 2:01 PM
Today, Jeff Fisher made so much noise in Washington DC that the website was attacked.
Mr. Patrick J Fitzgerald from the Department of Justice is quite upset with this action against
the First Amendment. Now we are going to try to post the site cached information for the world to see.

National Whistleblower Hotline 202-580-8531

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
(Disclaimer: Whistleblower Jeffrey Fisher married into the Fisher family. His ex-wife, Amy Fisher is who accomodated him with this surname. While Fisher is not his real last name, the Fisher family are in fact his ex-inlaws who live in Florida. For security purposes Jeff's real last name will be kept private.)

As we all know, AIPAC covering up election fraud serves no one.

Tortured by Mossad agents for knowing the full truth, Jeff Fisher is an unusual whistleblower who has endured everything.

AIPAC can't cover a crime up anymore, a crime which has gone on for over a decade in fact.

A crime which, started with the neocons paying to have actual schools brainwash, abuse, and destroy kids. During this process of abuse, the kids were physically taught election fraud.

Jeff Fisher is more than a man. He's a legend, and not only can the CIA not keep up with him. They can't stop him either, because he has never been afraid of the neocons or their bogus operation to abuse kids & immigrants.

As for the election fraud itself, maybe its time everyone ask these two nice people from South Florida, Wellington. A small quiet town supposedly.

Irving & Judy Fisher are covering up a massive crime, by not releasing Jeff Fisher's property. They are the parents of Amy Fisher and Jeff's simple inlaws.
Those computers belong to him, and always have. By hook or by the book, we are getting his property back.

Why not call Irving & Judy Fisher and ask them why they are holding in their hands files which include a coverup of the United States elections? Do they have any reason to do so?

Irving & Judy Fisher

Here's a good idea of what they are presently covering up, by not releasing all of Jeff's property he owns immediately.
He paid for them himself, and he certainly didn't give them to the inlaws.

So why are Irving & Judy Fisher covering up for a crime which includes congressional pages being trained to do election fraud in various schools? Why not ask them?

The entire Arab American community and International Iranian News wants to know too. And also, perhaps they can answer why they are not letting anyone know about this. Especially when Interpol themselves, already have nearly all of the emails.


posted by Roger Rancourt at 6:04 PM

Proud Mary said...
Well, it's about time someone put up a blog for Mr. Fisher. Our small group here have been watching all activities on the net and this is a welcomed sight.

I am going on vacation and at least someone will know now more about the hidden truth.

We have had such a hard time keeping up with Jeff Fisher and his whereabouts.

We knew where he lived in Century City, California.

We also knew about the shelter in Binghamton, N.Y. and the St.Patrick Four Trial and his participation. Bravo for helping them in giving them Constitutional advise on day four of the trail.

The most interesting and baffling episodes were way back in December of 2004 while he was still in Washington DC, to be exact, Georgetown.

One episode he almost got caught while talking to an agent from the Middle East posing as a staff member talking about a golf course being built in his country. His friend saved his butt that day and that person didn't even know how serious it was. His friend just thought it was rude and in bad taste. Interesting? Yet in many ways quite true. Jeff did learn from that.

Another episode was when he was subjected to a nerve agent that placed him in George Washington hospital on December 16th, 2004.

He showed bravery and loyalty and love for mankind by not letting his friend not know anything about the threats on so many lives he was forced to protect. He ended soon after that going to the Pentagon thanks to his friend and getting an important message from a soldier that needed to first obey his oath and protect the Constitution.

We then tracked him down to a five star hotel in NYC in January of 2005.

His friend was so true to him and he was to that person also. That is the kind of friendship that does not come around often for anyone.

He really was blacklisted and attacked in NYC. We were unable to do anything about that situation. For it was just after the swearing in of the President and his office was still quite livid about the incident that took place on January 6th 2005.

Jeff has called so many people on the hill that he keeps us very busy. He has made a few friends, like us who want Al Gore to step forward and claim his legal right to the presidency. We are so afraid to do anything especially after Congress passed The USA PATRIOT ACT.

He has made many Democrats and Republicans upset with him for revealing the truth about AIPAC and their hidden agenda with Israel.

I am going on vacation and maybe not coming back.

I am going to miss the people. I will come back when democracy is alive again in America. Please I ask God and anyone who reads my message to somehow help Mr. Fisher. He is America's last Boy Scout and real hero.

By the way for those who will blast me for this blog. I am a straight, conservative woman who is Jewish.

Proud Mary
God Bless America
Mr. Gore please get this man to saftey so you can become our true president.

By Proud Mary

8:23 PM
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