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Shin Beth, Dahlan’s thugs, coordinate terror campaign
by al-masakin
Monday Jun 18th, 2007 11:00 AM
Shin Beth, Dahlan’s thugs, coordinate terror campaign against Hamas supporters
[ 16/06/2007 - 12:41 AM ]
From Amr Nabulsi
NABLUS, (PIC)-- The Israeli media on Friday, 15 June, reported that Israel was allowing Fatah and the PA to move weapons and personnel freely throughout the West Bank as part of a coordinated campaign to hound and terrorize Palestinian civilians who are sympathetic to Hamas.
The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that tacit cooperation was already underway in several parts of the West Bank, especially in Tulkarm, Jenin and Nablus were masked Fatah thugs carrying American-supplied M-16 rifles have been terrorizing civilians and vandalizing businesses whose proprietors are suspected of supporting Hamas.

On Thursday night, the faceless thugs abducted a 35-year-old man from downtown Nablus and took him to an unknown destination. A few hours later, the body of Mahmoud Anis al-Slasou’, a father of three children, was found killed near the Rafidya hospital. Eyewitnesses said al-Salsou’s body was riddled with ten bullets.

Meanwhile, the thugs, who were escorted by Mahmoud Abbas’s America ’s armed and financed Presidential Guardsmen, shot people haphazardly, especially those growing beards and looking religious.

One Nablus shopkeeper described the thugs as “scum, vermin and dirty animals who are working on behalf of and in coordination with the Israeli death squads.”

“Who would commit these criminal acts other than thugs and reptile criminals” said the man who didn’t want to give his name for security reasons.

Also, in Nablus the armed thugs have abducted more than 18 people and took them to an unknown destination.

Several other abduction attempts failed thanks to the vigilance of the targeted activists. However, whenever activists evaded abduction the terrorists would storm residential homes, vandalize property and smash electric appliances. In some instances, the terrorists sought to set homes on fire.

One eyewitness told PIC that he heard one of the terrorists speak in Hebrew over his mobile phone, suggesting that he might have been in contact with Israeli intelligence officers.

Much of the terrorist rampage against Islamic institutions took place in the northern West Bank where Fatah vigilante groups are heavily infiltrated by Israeli intelligence informers.

In Tulkarm, Fatah thugs attacked and ransacked Islamic charitable institutions, including offices belonging to the Change and Reform lawmakers. The offices were burned to the ground as Palestinian security personnel were looking one.

Earlier, several businesses belonging to religious people were vandalized and ransacked by masked thugs affiliated with the so-called Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Some of the thugs threatened to turn against mosques and religious places. “If need be, we will burn the mosques,” one thug said via a megaphone.

In Tarqumya, near Hebron , masked Fatah terrorists opened fire on worshipers leaving a local mosque Thursday night. No injuries were reported.

In Bethlehem and Ramallah, pro-Hamas student activists were attacked by armed Fatah thugs, who were shooting rabidly into the air.

Some PA officials, like Minister of Information Mustafa Barghouthi, as well as community leaders have called on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to impose discipline on his security apparatus and see to it that the rule of law is upheld.

However, the call seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the Fatah thugs continued through the night to terrorize innocent civilians in many parts of the West Bank .

Meanwhile, many pro-Hamas activists have been holding meeting in many parts of the West Bank apparently for the purpose of organizing “local vigilante groups” for the purpose of providing a semblance security for their families and businesses and homes against possible attacks by the Israeli-backed thugs.

The apparent connivance between the Fatah gangsters and the Israeli occupiers is already drawing strong reactions among ordinary people.

“Now, finally, we understand that Fatah is an agent of Israel ,” said a cabbie in Bethlehem .

“We thought for long that Fatah was a genuine revolutionary movement…but what these thugs are doing reveals that we have been wrong all along.”

Another taxi driver, sitting nearby, awaiting passengers, remarked that “your fingers are not the same.”

“There are certainly traitors within Fatah like Dahlan and his gang. But there are also good, honest and patriotic men and women in Fatah who would never sell their souls to Israel and America for money.”
by al-masakin
Monday Jun 18th, 2007 11:04 AM
[ 18/06/2007 - 10:20 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Fatah leaders in Gaza Strip have urged their mother faction to set up a revolutionary court to prosecute Fatah leader Mohammed Dahalan for destroying the Movement and bringing shame on it.

Dahalan is widely believed to be the leader and financier of the mutiny trend within Fatah faction that spread mischief in Gaza Strip and attempted to destroy the Palestinian social structure there in service of Israel.

“Fatah faction must establish a revolutionary court to prosecute all those contributed in destroying the faction, on top of them Fatah MP Mohammed Dahalan, and to severely punish them”, the Fatah officials in Gaza underlined in a press conference they held in Ramattan news agency in Gaza city Sunday.

Hussam Odwan, one of Fatah leaders in Gaza who was speaking on behalf of his comrades, urged Fatah prominent political leader Ahmad Hillis to take the initiative, and to immediately start practical steps to reestablish the Movement on stronger foundations, and to protect its cadres from the “treason trend” in Fatah.

Moreover, Odwan warned Dahalan and his mutiny trend against repeating the same mischief and destruction they did in Gaza Strip in the West Bank, urging good and prudent Fatah leaders in the West Bank to “kick them out before it is too late”.

Ala Tafish and Abu Al-Waleed Al-Jabari, two of the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leaders, and Yousef Esa, Fatah secretary in central Gaza Strip, attended the conference and emphasized on Palestinian national constants and the resistance option.

70% of Palestinians fought Dahalan:
Meanwhile, an Egyptian security source accused Dahalan of being directly responsible for the destruction and bloodshed in Gaza Strip, affirming that he (Dahalan) wanted to grab power by force in order to serve an external agenda.

The mass-selling Al-Masri daily newspaper quoted the source that was identified as a member of the Egyptian security delegation in Gaza as saying, “Dahalan and his mutiny group, which dominated the PA security apparatuses and fought on his direct orders, are to be blame for the bloody clashes in Gaza”.

“The clashes in Gaza wasn’t between Hamas and Fatah, but it was a fight between Dahalan’s group on the one hand, and 70% of the Palestinian people on the other hand”, the source further added, underlining that Egypt wasn’t authorized to remove that mutiny trend from power.

The source furthermore unveiled that neither Hamas nor Fatah central committee wanted that mutiny trend, but, he added, unfortunately they were “forcibly imposed on the Palestinian people by Israel and the USA”.

“Palestinian people did not want the group of Dahalan to dominate Fatah because they were convinced it was a suspicious group implementing external and Israeli agenda”, the source asserted.

More important, the source acknowledged that Hamas Movement had repeatedly urged PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to get rid of Dahalan’s gang and to replace them with more honorable Fatah leaders; but, the source unmasked, Abbas didn’t heed Hamas’ appeals.