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Tell MoveOn and Congress to Get Real
Sunday Mar 18th, 2007 11:01 PM
Call Congress:
(800) 828-0498
Attend a MoveOn
4th Anniversary Vigil
Today, Monday, March 19, marks four years of war in Iraq. We hope you attended one
of the hundreds of actions this weekend against the continued bloodshed. Today you
have another opportunity to attend rallies, call and visit your congressperson
before they vote this week on the supplemental bill that would allocate another $100
billion for war. Tell them "No More Money for War."

You also have an opportunity to pressure one of the largest on-line activist groups, MoveOn has not taken a stand against this Supplemental. It asked its
members to take a vote on whether or not to support the Supplemental, but failed to
explain how disastrous this inside-the-beltway compromise really is:

? It will keep the war going well into 2008;

? It omits Cong. Barbara Lee's amendment, which would have fully funded withdrawal
by the end of the 2007;

? It gives the President the right to waive requirements that troops sent to Iraq
must be properly trained, equipped and rested;

? The funds can be used for attacking Iran, since the final version removed language
saying the president had to get authorization from Congress before attacking Iran.

? And finally, MoveOn neglects to tell its members how absurd it is to give George
Bush another $100 billion for war when there is no military solution to the violence
in Iraq.

The Democrat leadership says this is the "best bill" they can get passed, but admits
that President Bush is likely to veto it anyway. We need to tell Congress to stop
the political machinations and use its Constitutional authority to end war by
cutting the funds. We need to tell MoveOn to join the rest of the peace movement
with the clear, principled call to Congress: Vote No on the Supplemental. Don't Buy
Bush's War.

This week, your leadership is crucial. Call your member of Congress at 800-828-0498,
and inspire your friends to do the same. Attend a MoveOn candlelight vigil tonight
with the real message: No Money for War.

Standing strong,

Dana, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Liz, Medea, Nancy, Patricia, Rae, Samantha, and Sonia

P.S. If you really want to be engaged, come join us in DC: We've put together an
amazing household of activists, the CODEPINK House, which we've rented for an entire
year! We're taking action daily in the halls of Congress. And we need YOU! Join us
for a long weekend, a week, or a month! Click here for DC house and action info
and sign up to join us.
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