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San Francisco - Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down

by Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner (duweapons [at]
Bob Sarvey: We have achieved ... a major victory.
(San Francisco) March 6, 2007 - Bob Sarvey, a Tracy, California citizen/activist looked at the plan of the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab and said that it was wrong. Today the giant nuclear weapons lab waited until the last minute and withdrew the controversial nuclear radiation spreading proposal.

Bob Sarvey said in a prepared statement late Tuesday afternoon, March 6, 2007 "I just received a call from the head man at the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control district, Seyed Saderin. He has decided under intense pressure from the Lab to cancel the Site 300 permit and the hearing is off. WE have achieved a major but temporary victory. I am sure that the lab will try again and the DU explosions continue throughout the country and the world. But tonight let us savor one small victory."

The controversial and secretive Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab detonates in the open air about 200 radioactive "dirty bombs" a year creating deadly and radioactive uranium gas in the heavily populated San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas of California. About 10 million people live and work within the large metropolitan areas.

The University of California "managed" Weapons Lab had requested to go from detonating 1000 pounds of radioactive uranium and tritium bombs a year to 8000 pounds a year on November 12, 2006. The request was approved by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Board in nearby Modesto, California.

Bob Sarvey objected and filed an appeal. So did a large housing development near the radioactive bomb site in Tracy, California. The developer also withdrew from the case today, March 6, 2007.

Manhattan Project and Nuclear Weapons Lab retired staff scientist Marion Fulk said today about the withdrawal by the Nuclear Weapons Lab "Now they can put those deadly radioactive explosions that release uranium and tritium into the atmosphere underground."

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Topics generally include those of interest in building a positive culture in the midst of a militarized society and items of interest in nuclear warfare and radiation warfare.

by Anne Goddard
Dear Bob

This wonderful victory for the truth behind the nuclear industry is an inspiration for many millions of other people. You have inspired, perhaps for the first time, others, who feel as deeply as you do, to take a stand, to seek justice, to join you and to continue with your struggle.

I thank you from the depths of my soul.

May the name of Bob Sarvey be one held of the greatest respect and admiration for all time...
I know it is one name i will never forget.
Bob, your strength and courage have refuelled me.

Thank you.

Warmest regards
Anne Goddard
by Herbert R. Reed, Ret. SSG, United States Army (herbert_reed [at]
I would to say frist, good job in stopping the Nuclear Weapons Lab. The military has been using Depleted Uranium weapons in many countries for years leaving a trail of death and destruction for years. After the frist Gulf War when soldiers came home and reported that they were sick, after serving in Iraq, their reports fell on deaf ears at the military level. But they turned around and made a video showing how harmful Depleted Uranium is and how to prevent possible exposure. A video that was never released to the public nor shown to the soldiers. They didn't want to admit their new weapon was the cause of their new sickness. The video was made in 1995, I went to Iraq in 2003 and at no time did they tell us anything about depleted uranium, nor did they show us the video. CN&N obtained a copy of the video and recently aired it in a story with myself and eight other soldiers who haved filed a law suit against the United States Goivernment. A Federal Judge has allowed our suit to proceed and is currently pending. How can they say support the troops when they don't even support us. The evidence speaks for it self. Now when the soldiers come home they are not taken care of, In 2003 we had the same problems at Walter Reed and reported them to authorities but little was done. The military is very good at cover ups, but we the people put the people in congress and the senate, it's up to us to fight for our soldiers, lets show them(The Military) that we do support our soldiers, write for an investigation, no one who had fought for the RED WHITE AND BLUE should be treated like our soldiers are being treated. This is why I'm still fighting. Thank You Ret. SSG Herbert Reed
by Ret. SSG Herbert R. Reed (herbert_reed [at]
December 5th 2006 Herbert Rudolph Reed Retired Staff Sergeant (SSG) United States Army Contact Information Herbert R. Reed 6 Somerton Court Columbia, South Carolina 29209 Home # 803-743-9286 Cell # 914-275-2984 Military Service Active Duty Army - May 1973 thru March 1980 Reserve/ National Guard Coast Guard Reserve ( New York ) - May 1990 thru June 2001 Army National Guard ( Orangeburg New York ) June 2001 thru November 2004 (Iraq - 2003) To who it may concern: My Name is Herbert R. Reed and as my service records reflects i started my Military career during the Vietnams era, when i believed in what our Military stood for. I was proud to wear the uniform and to carry out the orders of my superiors. I once believed that when a soldier had done all he could to complete the mission and was no longer able to carry on, the Military took care of it's injured. I believed that my superiors would never purposely send a soldier into a situation without the proper protective gear and information needed to completed the mission. One or two things has happened, either thousands of soldiers like myself were wrong in what we believed or it's always been this way and we couldn't see through the glitter and shine of our boots and buckles or something has drastically changed and no one has informed the soldiers that they are now listed among the items, Marked (equipment) expendable. Soldiers need to believe that our superiors stand behind us all the way. Myself and others don't feel that way these days because of this Depleted Uranium issue. There are too many unanswered questions, half truths, unexplained illnesses and birth defects. It's like the vietnam Agent Orange story all over again, where the military denied agent orange had anything to do with the soldiers and their families illnesses. Our situation is a little different in that the military had two chances to get it right. The first being in the nineties when we went to Iraq and the soldiers came home sick. There were Military reports generated by then Military doctors indicating the cause to be exposure to Depleted Uranium. One doctor was forced into retirement because he would not give up his investigation into depleted uranium being the cause. It appears that this new found weapon is more important than their own soldiers health and a new way of disposing of nuclear waste and they are unwilling to part with it at any cost. I know this to be true because when i found out that i had been contaminated with DU i met with Senator Hillary Clinton. At this meeting Senator Clinton stated that she was part of a committee after the first gulf war to investigate possible solutions to the problems soldiers were having. The committee's recommendation was that if there was another war, every soldier would be given a base line physical, (complete physical examination) so that when they returned and found themselves ill there would be something to compare against. This would have been perfect, if it had been used, maybe it would have answered some of the questions from the previous war sense we went right back into the same country as before. I don't know about anyone else but that just opens up a a whole lot of suspicion in my mind. I would think that if a simple exam might have answers to some questions we might have administered them. Then there is the question as to why we were not informed that we might come into contact with depleted uranium while in Iraq. There was no mention of the Depleted Uranium at all during our training, although there are military manuals on how to treat a soldier exposed to Depleted Uranium. Also the military manual states that no urine sample should be taken from an exposed subject after twenty four (24) has elapsed. My urine was collected months after my exposure and i still tested positive. The manual also states that there are three levels of exposure, there are just too many details that if put together looks a little suspicious. Then there are the scientist in Germany and Italy which i met in Japan this summer while attending the two week Uranium conference, who have been conducting research into depleted uranium exposed soldiers from various countries. The question that we have to ask our selves is, is everyone wrong but us. Then there is the method we are using to test our soldiers, all i can say is it's inadequate . It has taken over thirty years for the truth about Agent Orange to start coming out, can we afford another thirty years and countless lives. I say no and this is why i have been fighting for better testing, health care and research for our soldiers and me. I'm not an expendable commodity.
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