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CODEPINK Arrested and In Jail, Cameraman Assaulted and Injured
by Pink Eyes
Monday Jan 1st, 2007 7:02 PM
When CODEPINK Women for Peace tried to conduct a PEACEFUL protest marking the death of the 3.000th U.S. soldier at Golden Gate Bridge, they were met with hostility, their civil rights were violated and ten were arrested and taken into custody. A San Francisco News 7 cameraman was assaulted by police while trying to cover the event. He suffered an eye injury and his camera was damaged. He is currently at a hospital in the Bay Area.
If you haven't heard already, the cops at the Golden Gate tried to stop the CODEPINK protesters, including Sam, Medea, and Ann Wilson. Our sisters, who were marking the deaths of over 3,000 American soliders refused to leave, citing that they were on public property and had a right to be there. The cops claimed, on television, that the bridge was private property and they had to leave.

A cameraman from News 7 San Franciso was filming the protest and the police tried to keep him from doing so. Apparently the police struck the cameraman, injuring his eye and damaging the camera. The cameraman was at the hospital, according the most recent report. When a reporter attempted to get name and badge number of the offending officer, that officer refused to give his name and physically covered his badge with his hand; this is in direct violation of standard police procedure.

The police then proceded to arrest ten of the protesters who are still presumably in jail.

News 7 called the Parks Service after the event and confirmed that the Golden Gate Bridge is indeed public property and people are accorded the same rights with it as with any other piece of public property.

It is likely these women are currently being held in the San Francisco County Jail. Please call now and demand their immediate release. They have not broken any laws, but were instead harrassed by overzealous law enforcement.

(415) 553-1430

If you can't get through on this number, please see the San Francisco County Jail webpage and keep calling numbers until you reach someone who will listen to you.

Also, please call News 7 and let them know that you appreciate their responsible reporting, including this cameraman who bravely faced his duties and was assaulted as a result. Tell them that you want reporters willing to challenge the power structures that attempt to violate the civil rights of people.


The following is the announcement for today's NONVIOLENT and NON-traffic jamming protest:

Sorry for the last minute reprieve - the U.S. casualties number stayed at 2998 today, Saturday so we've decided to postpone tomorrow's demo until Monday Jan 1st - same time same place: Noon at the Golden Gate Bridge.

We will meet in either parking lot on both sides of the bridge around 11:45a.m. and begin to march across at noon, meeting in the middle.

Wear as much hot pink as you can - paint or sew large numbers on the front and back of your clothing - or whatever you want to say.

We will begin the New Year 2007 determined to end war this year!