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Parking Lot Panic Law: Training Tutorial Downtown 3 PM Saturday
by Robert Norse (rnorse3 [at]
Friday May 5th, 2006 12:45 PM
Satirical and Serious Protest Against the Latest Anti-Homeless Law, the Fifteen Minute Parking Lot Trespass Law coming up Saturday. Bring your parasols, lawn chairs, wits, cameras, and friends to the Pacific Avenue sidewalk in front of Artisans at 1368 Pacific. Edibles also welcome. At 4 PM the merriment will move to Bookshop Santa Cruz a block away (no demos for more than one hour in Santa Cruz in any one spot!).
Below is the text of a flier for those who can't download the file.

Surviving the Downtown Parking Lot Panic Law

The Downtown Discipline Division of HUFF presents:
A Special Training Exercise to Aid the Unwashed & the Unruly
Saturday, May 6th 3 PM in front of Artisians (1368 Pacific Ave.).
Moving at 4 PM to Bookshop Santa Cruz (1520 Pacific Ave.)

++ Blending In With Shoppers in the Knick-Knack Emporia Downtown

Wet and soggy from standing out in the rain cause it’s illegal to stand in a parking garage area? No need to be! Lose yourself in happy hoardes of hurried shoppers rushing to shop fast and return in fifteen minutes to their vehicles to rejoin their loved ones to beat the meter maid! Learn how to sparechange small amounts of money, secure donated camoulflage yuppie clothing, and melt into the middle class! It beats sitting in the rain!

++ Learning the New Rules for Parking Lots and Garages

A special briefing session on how to avoid being arrested for trespass in a Parking Lot or Garage when the new “Safety First” “No Entry to the Poor” law goes into effect 6-8.
Understanding the troubled history of the new law and the Crime Wave downtown that provoked it.

++ Training to Use the Convenient Parking Lot Overflow Zones

How to shelter yourself under the eaves and overhangs of businesses on Pacific Avenue against the elements. Choose shops that have been supportive of anti-homeless laws. Don’t block shoppers’ view of merchandise in the store windows. Learn to use the kazoo while panhandling to encourage financial support.

++ Enforcing the Law Against Scofflaw Shoppers & Intransigent Tourists

Say No to Selective Enforcement! Help our SCPD already working overtime surveilling subversive parade organizers and terrorist cello players! Spot criminal tourists breaking the “Fifteen Minutes Only” law. Photo their vehicle. Help restore security in these crime-ridden areas! Seminar on How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest. Walk the lots to catch mixed-up moms, sleepy-headed students, and sinister seniors law- lessly lingering in their cars! Special points for nabbing disabled drivers & their cronies.

++ Spotting New Shelter Spots: Downtown Tour of Overhangs

Walk-along with our certified experts, checking out the fronts of different shops and businesses to see which provide the best location for Parking Lot Overflow Areas. Special attention given to shops that support the current law! Give them the credit they deserve!

++ Si Se Puede! Peekaboo! Identifying the Players & the History

Unmask the creative minds behind the Fifteen Minute Law. Give them the public recognition they deserve, Share notes about other creative “poor--get out!” programs like the new First Alarm patrols of City Parking lots already in place!

++ Plotting, Petitioning, & Partying: Preparing for a Hot Sujmmer

Sign up other to legally support court challenges, initiatives, and direct action protests. Speak out on our streets about the latest City Staff plan to remove 8-10 square blocks of public space. Strategize about ways to inform shoppers about the new law!

++ Sleeping Within the Law: Helping backward Santa Cruz catch up.

The new Jones decision from Los Angeles has set a precedent for Santa Cruz striking down police harassment of people sleeping at night with no shelter altneratives. Learn how to “get legal” with the cops. Tent City talk. And more.


Share the Food and Watch the Foolishness
Speak Out Again on the Fifteen Minute Parking Lot Law
Santa Cruz City Council Tuesday May 9th 2:30 PM City Hall
(Actual discussion likely to be after 3:30 PM)

Flier by HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 831-423-4833 309 Cedar #14B Santa Cruz, 5-6-06

Note: Santa Cruz City Council is expected to pass the "Parking Lot Trespass Law" on Tuesday at its 3 PM session. Phone 420-5020 and e-mail city council at citycouncil [at] .

More info on the Parking Lot Panic law can be found at & elsewhere on the indybay website.