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SHAC 7 Convicted
by this is justice?
Thursday Mar 2nd, 2006 1:14 PM
A blow to all of our civil liberties has been dealt by a jury in New Jersey.
The SHAC 7 (or, to be accurate, 6) have been convicted of all charges against them. This includes Animal Enterprise Terrorism.

The jury in this case took three days to deliberate and returned convictions for all charges against all of the defendants. They are now looking at years in prison.

The prosecutor, in his closing statements, urged the jury not to be swayed by their personal feelings about animal testing. Unfortunately, they were swayed by emotion, though not compassion. The government has done a good job of instilling fear in many individuals, which has resulted, in this case, in a jury ignoring basic facts and the rule of law.

A sad day for us all, but the fight continues. Now, the SHAC 7 will need our support as they sit in jail awaiting sentencing, as well as funds to hire an attorney for their appeal.