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Retired Air Force Col: They lied to us about the war and about 9/11 itself
by ben frank
Thursday Oct 27th, 2005 12:10 PM
A few weeks ago I posted the audio and video from Part 1 of Retired Air Force Col. Robert Bowman's Speech to Patriotic Americans, here's Part 2.

To Download, rt-click --> save as [the video] and/or 6.6mb Audio mp3 with cool backing music.
Listen now:
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As other speakers have said, they knew the American people wouldn't stand for it, and they said so in their documents, and they said, unless there's that new Pearl Harbor. Well 9/11 did supply that. And we've been lied to not only about the war, but about 9/11 itself.

The Bush administration was warned. They were warned by the Clinton Administration during the transition period, they were warned by the intelligence agencies of eleven other nations, they were specifically warned by one FBI agent that Moussawi was planning on flying a hijacked airliner, "into the World Trade Center."

They ignored the warnings, more than that, we have mouting evidence that _at least_, they made it impossible for those planes to be intercepted.

If our government had merely done nothing - and I say that as an old interceptor pilot and I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were and I know what they changed them to - if our government had merely done nothing and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the twin towers would still be standing and thousands of Americans would still be alive. My sisters and brothers, that is treason!

As a combat veteran, I will not stand idly by watch our security destroyed by a President who went AWOL rather than serve in Vietnam. As one who has devoted his life to the security of this country. I will not stand by and watch an appointed President send our sons and daughters around the world to kill Arabs for the oil companies.

Patriotism demands that I speak out and call it by it's name. It is treason.

full transcript will be posted soon at:
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