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Center for Consumer Freedom attacks PETA once again
by foa
Friday Jun 17th, 2005 10:48 AM
More "consumer freedom" crap attacking PETA and distracting from the CCFs' true goals of protecting the profits of their big business backers...
This NON-profit, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which represents the interests of major FOR-profit food, alcohol, tobacco companies, is also against public health advocates and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Their goal is to remove any legal and financial responsibilities for big businesses through a phony Orwellian-named "consumer" group. A more accurate name for the CCF would be "the center for consumer responsibility" as it is certainly never their big business backer's fault for anything -- these companies are only offering "choices" to consumers, and if these "choices" are unhealthy and the public suffers, then so be it.

"" - sure, okay. PETA never ever claimed to be against euthanasia.

Giant irony not mentioned in the "business" newswire piece below is that the CCF represents restaurants, alcohol, and tobacco big biz... if the issue for them were truely killing then how many animals deaths are their clients responsible for? KFC alone kills over 800,000 chickens a year. And that's just a single fast-food company. How many people suffer due to the unhealthy food products offered by the CCF's financial backers? How much do we all pay in added healthcare costs as a result of decades of unhealthy "choices" being foisted on the American public? The CCF claims the recent public health interest in reducing obesity in America is much ado about nothing -- they'd prefer we keep on keeping on, oblivious to health risks. If the issue were truely "killing" for the CFF, then how many *people* a year die due to alcohol- and tobacco-related diseases in the US every year? 300,000? 400,000? How about worldwide?? RJReynolds provided the seed money to get the CCF going a few years back. Not too hard to figure out why.

Besides, PETA isn't about not "killing" animals, it's about making sure animals do not *live* in human-created hells called factory farms, research laboratories, circuses, and so forth.

The CCF have determined PETA is an easier target than MADD or public health groups and so the CCF completely misrepresents PETA's positions on a number of issues (including euthanasia), distracting from what they are really up to, and that's protecting big businesses' "right" to sell you any crap they can make a profit from regardless of its ill effects.

more on this shady group at


from United Business Media's "PR Newswire"

Center for Consumer Freedom Has Warned 'Ethical Treatment of Animals' Workers Routinely Kill Animals

AHOSKIE, N.C., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Last night, one month after the launch of, two employees of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were arrested on 31 felony animal-cruelty charges for killing and disposing of dogs and puppies in a dumpster. Today the Center for Consumer Freedom is calling on Americans to stop making donations to support PETA and its grim-reaper program.

When Ahoskie police arrested PETA employees Andrew Cook and Adria Hinkle last night, they found 18 dead dogs in a nearby shopping-center dumpster (including a bag containing seven dead puppies), and 13 more dead dogs in the PETA-owned van the two were driving. Police observed them throwing several dark-colored bags into the dumpster before the arrests were made.

This is not the first public mention of PETA's large-scale euthanasia program. In May 2005 the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) unveiled a giant Times Square billboard and a new website ( CCF had obtained official records from the state of Virginia showing the militant animal-rights group had put over 10,000 dogs and cats to death since 1998.

In 2003 PETA euthanized over 85 percent of the animals it took in, finding adoptive homes for just 14 percent. By comparison, the Norfolk SPCA found adoptive homes for 73 percent of its animals and the Virginia Beach SPCA adopted out 66 percent. PETA's required report documenting its 2004 record is currently over 4 weeks late.

A Bertie County (NC) Deputy Sheriff told The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald that Cook and Hinkle assured the Bertie Animal Shelter "they were picking up the dogs to take them back to Norfolk where they would find them good homes." Pittman added that persons identifying themselves as PETA representatives have picked up live dogs from that shelter during the last two months.

"This is disturbing behavior on the part of self-professed animal lovers, and I hope the public takes notice," said Center for Consumer Freedom Director of Research David Martosko. "PETA raked in nearly $29 million last year alone, but apparently it couldn't spare any money to care for the flesh-and-blood animals entrusted to its employees. It's ironic -- If anyone else were caught red-handed with 31 dead dogs, PETA would be holding a press conference to denounce them."

Martosko added: "Last month when we launched, we warned the public that PETA was not the warm and kind group it claimed to be. Now it's clearer than ever that Americans who truly want to help animals should donate to their local animal shelter, not to PETA."

The Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit coalition supported by restaurants, food companies, and consumers, working together to promote personal responsibility and protect consumer choices.

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