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Summary of attacks on election day
by ALJ
Sunday Jan 30th, 2005 7:48 AM
The Independent Iraqi Election Commission has set up 5500 polling centres around the country to offer Iraqi people the chance to vote, but election day has been marred by bombs and mortar attacks.

At least eight bombs exploded outside Baghdad polling stations, killing at least 28 people. Seven of the bombers walked up to the voting stations on foot and one used a car bomb.

Another car bomb exploded outside the justice minister's house; one security guard was killed and four others injured.


A mortar attack on a polling station killed one woman, and wounded another and her child.


A mortar shell landed near a polling station in al-Dhubbat neighbourhood, killing and injuring some people.


A US military base north of Baquba city came under Katyusha rocket attack.


A mortar attack killed one person.


Three mortars were fired into the main airport, which is now a US army base. There were no reported casualties.


Mortars struck two voting stations. US troops killed one attacker and arrested 15 others.


Six explosions, but no reported casualties.

Tal Afar, west of Mosul

One man was wounded in fighting between Iraqis and US forces.

Al-Duluiya, 70km north of Baghdad

Attacks were reported from voting stations in the city, no reported casualties.

Al-Mahawil, 80km south of Baghdad

Five people killed and 14 wounded when a bomb tore through a bus carrying voters to a polling station.

One Iraqi civilian killed and three policemen injured in mortar attack.

Polish military sources report another incident involving an explosion aboard a bus transporting voters. Three Iraqis reported killed.

Al-Muqtadiya, 100km north of Baghdad

Two attackers blew themselves up in front of voter stations


No citizens have voted because of poor security conditions