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Russian lawmakers: Ban Jewish Groups

by repost
Russian accuses organized Jewish Zionist groups of inciting ethnic hatred and PROVOKING anti-Semitism. This seems to be accurate criticism with regards to Zionist groups here in the U.S. as well.
Russian lawmakers: Ban Jewish groups


Associated Press via THE JERUSALEM POST
25 January 2005

A group of nationalist lawmakers is calling for an investigation aimed at
outlawing all Jewish organizations in Russia, accusing Jews of inciting
hatred and provoking anti-Semitism.

In a letter dated January 13, about 20 members of the lower parliament
the State Duma, asked Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov to investigate
their claims and, if they are confirmed, to launch proceedings "on the
in our country of all religious and ethnic Jewish organizations as

Arguing that Jews were to blame for anti-Semitism, the authors of the letter
want Jewish groups outlawed based on legislation against extremism and
fomenting ethnic discord.

"The negative assessments by Russian patriots of the qualities and actions
against non-Jews that are typical of Jews correspond to the truth, indeed
actions are not random but prescribed in Judaism and have been practiced for
two centuries," says the letter, faxed in part to The Associated Press by
office of lawmaker Alexander Krutov.

"Thus," it says, "the statements and publications against Jews that have
incriminated patriots are self-defense, which is not always stylistically
but is justified in essence".

The stunning call to ban all Jewish groups comes amid concerns of persistent
anti-Semitism that continues to plague Russia. Jewish leaders have praised
President Vladimir Putin's government for encouraging religious tolerance,
rights groups accuse the authorities of failing to adequately prosecute the
perpetrators of anti-Semitic and racial violence.

Russia's chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, said the lawmakers were either insane or
"quite sane but limitlessly cynical" and were hoping to win support "by
the anti-Semitic card."

Speaking with Israel Radio, Lazar called on Russia's chief prosecutor to
to expel the legislators from the parliament since, he said, they were
against all religions and were harming Russia.

"Everyone who read this letter surely understood that something irregular
taken place. It is a known fact that there are those in parliament who
these views. However, it has been a while since an anti-Jewish theme has
raised, and suddenly everyone is talking about it", Lazar told the radio.

According to the rabbi, "The timing was not coincidental and was made on the
same day in which the UN commemorated 60 years since the liberation of Nazi
death camps. President Putin is slated to visit Auschwitz in the near future
they probably wanted to express their objection to the upcoming visit by
sending this letter."

With Putin planning to join events this week commemorating the liberation of
Auschwitz by Soviet troops, Russia's Holocaust Foundation head Alla Gerber
said it was "horrible that as we're marking the 60th anniversary of this
and great day ... we can speak of the danger of fascism in the countries
defeated fascism."

She said that while the Russian state itself is no longer anti-Semitic,
are "anti-Semitic campaigns that are led by all sorts of organizations."

"The economic situation is ripe for this, an enemy is needed, and the enemy
is well-known, traditional," Gerber said.

Responding to the lawmakers' letter, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on
Israel Radio that the Israeli government "will act on every level to combat
this. We do not let any group or country live peacefully with phenomena like

"There is a large international call to arms against anti-Semitic incidents
anywhere in the world. To my great sorrow, these incidents have been
a lot lately, but we have to fight anti-Semitism anywhere it is."

Echoing anti-Semitic tracts of the Czarist era, the letter's authors accuse
Jews of working against the interests of the countries where they live and
monopolizing power worldwide. They say the United States "has become an
instrument for achieving the global aims of Judaism."

"It is possible to say that the entire democratic world today is under the
monetary and political control of international Judaism, which high-profile
bankers are openly proud of," the letter says.

Along with outlawing Jewish organizations, the lawmakers call for the
prosecution of "individuals responsible for providing these groups with
state and
municipal property, privileges and state financing."

The prosecutor general's office could not immediately be reached for comment
on the letter, which the Interfax news agency said was signed by lawmakers
from the nationalist Rodina and Liberal Democratic parties as well as the
Communist Party.

by deanosor (deanosor [at]
Usually i don't like one-liners but in this case, my title speaks for itself.
by Prof
This is disgusting. So antisemitism in russia is rising to the point where they want to ban all jewish organizations from even existing?

by gehrig and the rug chewing Prof

people and groups that target Jews are bigoted, and should be condemned on that basis alone, but, from a broader ideological perspective, they rarely limit themselves to Jews

the same people in Russia who issued this statement are undoubtedly the same people who support ruthless measures against the Chechens and provoke turmoil with other "nationalities" within Russia and the old Soviet republics

in other words, they are nationalists, and, in many instances, outright fascists

any leftist should find them contemptible for all of these reasons

as for Prof's argument that opposition to Israel equals anti-semitism, only hard core Zionists still believe that one

after all, if that's true, the US must be a country that is, by definition, anti-semitic, because it has a social structure that does not provide Jews with a privileged status

and, if not, then why can't there be one Palestine structured on a similar model?

maybe, to be consistent, gehrig and Critical Thinker will get around to saying that the Prof needs meds, as they seem to do with JA so often

after all, shouldn't they display the same compassionate concern for the Prof that they do for JA?


Nazis and the other fascists project what they are on other people and charge the victims with something so that they feel free to kill them.

In Hitler times was the Jews' conspiracy to control the world. Now Israel is the reason.

In Hitler times the Jews didn't deserve living; now, they don't deserve living in Israel. And why not the Jews? And why anyone else can live in their countries? And why do the Americans have the right to live in the USA? And which right does Jordan have to exist?

by heard it before
Indeed there is not. It happened before in Palestine. It fact, the precise opposite is not happening. The ethnic cleansers in Palestine are Palestinian Arabs and their mercenary Westerners and Vichy-Jewish ultra-Orthodox lackeys. The victims are Jews.

Palestinism and nessiesque anti-Zionism *are* ethnic cleansing.
by heard it before
The State of Israel is a fictional concept that is being enforced upon the Land of Palestine by a vicious pack of brutal goons. The State of Israel is the political wing of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization, the IDF.

Jews have exactly as much right to live in the Land of Palestine as does anyone else, no more and no less. They do *not* have the right to rule the place and lord it over the other people who live there, as determined on the basis of bloodline. That’s racist by definition.

It’s exactly what the Nazis tried to do to Europe, the KKK tried to do to the American South, and the Interahamwe tried to do to Rwanda. It’s evil, and it must be stopped. The world has the same moral obligation to disarm the racist aggressors in Palestine, as it did in Rwanda, South Africa, and the Warsaw Ghetto.

by Prof
This is a thread about current bad anti-semitism in Russia from people who run the country.

Why is this thread being flooded with anti-Israel bullshit?

by Critical Thinker
He has nothing on JA when it comes to posting reams based on the one theme he's trying to get across. Compared with JA, he barely engages in that practice.

Even when I believe Prof has one or two claims somewhat off the mark, he's more than 90% correct and I enthusiastically support the powerful counteroffense he's mounted against that Ron.

I have NO amount of concern, let alone compassionate, for JA, an unrepentant antisemite who keeps spouting the same historical and racial lies almost non-stop. I feel very little aside from contempt and hatred for the freak.


Leave this comment up please.
by JA
AFRO-CRITICAL WANKER: "I have NO amount of concern, let alone compassionate, for JA, an unrepentant antisemite who keeps spouting the same historical and racial lies almost non-stop. I feel very little aside from contempt and hatred for the freak."

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