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Pictures From The Vigil for Global Justice

by Z
On Jan. 16th a "Rally Against Global Terrorism" took place in Berkeley to protest Congresswoman Barbara Lee's vote against the apartheid wall. In response, a Vigil for Global Justice was organized to protest in support of Palestinian Freedom. Several hundred people showed up on both sides.
§Boths Sides Of The Street
by Z
by Z
§Jews For A Free Palestine
by Z
§Never Again
by Z
§Mourning Mothers
by Z
§Thanks Barbara Lee
by Z
by Z
§Hindu Right For Israel
by Z
There was a sizable number of Indians who took part in the proIsrael rally (and the flag at the top left of this picture is an Indian flag).

Many right-wing groups in India are violently antiMuslim. The main anti-Muslim parties in India are the
BJP ( ), the RSS ( ), the VHP ( ). These groups follow an ideology know as Hindutva ( ).

AntiMuslim sentiments whipped up by Hindu fundamentalists have lead to mass killings as in the case of a massacre in Gujarat in 2002 (where BJP government officials were reported to have participated in attacking Muslim houses and burning people alive)

Not all of the antiMuslim feelings in India are a result of the Hindu Right. India's long running conflict with Pakistan also plays a role. Aside form normal nationalistic hatred between any two countries that are fighting, India has attempted to present the seperatist strugle in Kashmir (which is believed to be backed by Pakistan) as part of Bush's War on Terrorism.
§Bush Cheney Sign
by Z
The strange religious messages on the sides of the bus make a little more sense when you realize that the use of the bus as a prop in War On Terrorism rallies is sponsored by Christians for Israel ( ). The Christian RIght has been trying to court the Israeli right for religious reasons for several years (see ). Their support for Israel is closely related to their view on the rapture and the role Israel will play in the end times.
"For Christian Zionists, the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of God's covenant with Abraham and the center of His action from now to the Second Coming of Christ and final battle of Armageddon, when the Antichrist will be defeated. But before this can occur, they say, biblical prophecy foretells the return of Jews from other countries; Israel's possession of all the land between the Euphrates and Nile rivers; and the rebuilding of the Jewish temple where a Muslim site, Dome of the Rock, now stands."
by Z
KNEW was a major sponsor of the event. KNEW is the station that airs Michael Savage (a racist homophobic and somewhat antiSemitic shock jock) as well as Bill O'Reilly and other extreme right-wingers.

For info on Michael Savage's homophobic and racist rants see

In a way KNEW wasnt just one of many sponsors but was one of the major organizers of the event. If you look at you can see that they had the only tent at the event and had the largest information table.
§Man From Christians For Israel
by Z
by Z
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