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by King Daevid MacKenzie (thevoiceoflabor [at]
Sunday Nov 7th, 2004 2:59 AM
from Skeeter Sanders' blog

A New Declaration of Independence for New England (And All the Other "Blue States")

My Fellow New Englanders:

This has been a disastrous week for America and the world. Despite a record 54 million Americans casting their votes for John Kerry for president, an even bigger record 58 million Americans voted to keep President George W. Bush in the White House.

I will not repeat the litany of actions taken by this president and his regime in the four years since he came to power under circumstances that I will go to my grave believing were undemocratic. You know them already. The tragedy is that his reckless fiscal, domestic and foreign policies will continue unabated for four more years.

These policies will only bring more economic misery for the majority of Americans who are not millionaires; totally destroy the fiscal health of the U.S. government; cost millions more Americans their jobs and, worst of all, make more Americans the target -- on our own soil -- of more terrorist attacks from abroad.

Yet, based on the election results, it is clear that we who oppose this administration are outnumbered by millions of Americans calling themselves conservative Christian evangelicals who strongly believe in this president and his wrongheaded and dangerous policies -- and are hell-bent on implementing a radical, even fascistic, social agenda upon all of us.

They have the audacity to brand our opposition "un-American" when, in fact, it is their agenda that is a patent betrayal of the principles of the founders of this country.

They are bullies who have employed all manner of fear-mongering, intimidation and smears to gain power four years ago. And it is only now that we are waking up to the realization that they will stop at NOTHING to stay in power.

Now that the evangelicals have won, they are planning to implement Plan B: the total transformation of the United States of America into an evangelical Christian Nirvana -- and hellfire and damnation to anyone and everyone who stand in their way.

Having already taken over the Republican Party and achieved total dominance in the red states, Plan B includes a massive campaign to "save" (Read: brainwash) the rest of us who live in the "heathen, sodomite-loving" blue states -- and either lock up or kill those of us who won't submit to their right-wing, theocratic rule.

It is time for we New Englanders to seriously consider seceding from the United States and forming our own nation:

*** A nation where there is a STRICT separation of religion and government, as the original founders of the United States intended and the Christian Taliban has completely disregarded.

*** A nation where the civil and human rights of ALL its citizens -- including the right of its female citizens to freedom of reproductive choice and the right of its gay and lesbian citizens live their lives with dignity and respect -- is constitutionally guaranteed and CANNOT be taken away.

*** A nation that cares for its less fortunate.

*** A nation where elected officeholders are fully accountable to the people.

*** A nation that guarantees that no one be educationally disadvantaged.

*** A nation that spends its citizens money wisely and within its means

*** A nation that does not engage in an aggressive, imperialist foreign policy of pre-emptive war in open defiance of the world community.

That nation used to be the United States of America. It is not that nation anymore. Under the regime of George W. Bush and its right-wing Christian Taliban allies, the United States has not only betrayed all the principles of its founders, but is moving inexorably toward becoming a totalitarian, neo-fascist, theocratic dictatorship, preparing to trigger a third world war against the entire Muslim world.

We refuse to be citizens of such a nation. We refuse to governed by this regime. We refuse to have our civil and human rights taken away by this regime. We refuse to have our good name destroyed abroad by this regime. And we refuse to have this regime make our beautiful New England homeland the target of repeated terrorist attacks as a direct result of this regime's reckless and irresponsible actions abroad.

WHEREAS, this regime, having won the 2004 election on the strength of its right-wing Christian Taliban allies, is bent on denying women their constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice by packing the Supreme Court with right-wing anti-abortion justices, and

WHEREAS, this regime is determined to destroy the separation of church and state by vastly expanding its so-called "faith-based initiative," channelling millions of taxpayer dollars toward specific religious institutions whose doctrines are diametrically opposite those of many New Englanders, especially those of non-Christian faith, and

WHEREAS, this regime is equally determined to refuse to listen to dissenting viewpoints -- and to stifle those who refuse to be silent in voicing their dissent,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the people of New England, who did not and will not grant our consent to this dictatorship, hereby serve notice that we shall go our own way and create a new nation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that our home states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island shall secede from the United States of America and create a fully sovereign, independent Republic of New England if the newly-re-elected regime in Washington, D.C. -- which we New Englanders voted against in overwhelming numbers -- moves to fully implement the theocratic agenda of its Christian Taliban supporters.

The American war for independence from the British Empire of King George III began in New England with the Battle of Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire. Nearly 230 years later, we are prepared to launch, if necessary, a new struggle for the independence of New England from the theocratic tyranny of the Christian Taliban which now dominates the so-called "red states" of the Deep South, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain West.

We strongly encourage those who live in the other cluster of "blue states" on the West Coast -- California, Oregon and Washington -- to do likewise.

In accordance with the state motto of New Hampshire, we shall live free -- or die trying.

D. B. (Skeeter) Sanders,
Burlington, Vermont

* * *

Please pass this message on to everyone on your E-mail list who lives in New England and the other "blue states."