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Federal Banking Murder, Links, Proof, San Francisco FDIC, Bush, Mafia
by Kurt Brown, alter-ego Saint Ram Bone
Monday Aug 23rd, 2004 1:01 AM
<p>In this post I will make several postulates with links proving my points, and I will also make some logical inferences and logical deductions that stem from
the facts I have been able to glean from the web and my own experience as a Bank Examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco</p>

In this post I will make several postulates with links proving my points, and I will also make some logical inferences and logical deductions that stem from the facts I have been able to glean from the web and my own experience as a Bank Examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco, California  and the office in Sacramento/Roseville California.  It is no wonder we are trillions of dollars in debt in the USA and we do not even have a viable space program and the homeless are everywhere.  The government is interwoven with the mafia, and that fact has become more obvious with each passing year.  See the Mobile Audit Club for information on when the National Treasury Employees Union began to expand on the Assassination Attempt Details Page, found by following the link below or searching on

I have alerted the public to crime at the FDIC since I left their employment in 2000.  Two attempts have been made on my life, both on the highways of America since that time.  The details of the attempts on my life are at the link below at Mobile Audit Club.  The link to the Home Page of the site gives more details of other horrors.  I recommend you read through this post before going to the Mobile Audit Club.  It has some free music, art and comedy and true investigations and I would like for you to read this post first with its proofs.

The Federal Government has prosecuted me for carrying my legally owned weapons when fleeing for my life after an attack upon it in 2001 in Louisiana.  I have been denied a trial by jury by the Los Angeles Superior Court due to accusations by the criminal empire that is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and their criminal control over the courts that tries to silence us, which they illegally demanded from me.  Kiss my vowels and suck my bowels is my reply.    I was basically tortured and drugged and imprisoned and physically abused to force a felony plea in which I could not make bail in the Los Angeles County Jail to arrange my case.  The jail is a monument to jail house murder and air borne tuberculosis and I would have signed anything, any plea, to get out from under the grip of the criminals of USA government in the FDIC and the federal National Treasury Employees Union police agencies, including and especially President George Bush's Secret Service, a federal banking agency that handles counterfeit money in addition to security of officials.  I was given a unjust One Million Dollar Bail for owning firearms, legally purchased, when the federal government did not respond to my requests for help after the attack in 2001.   I had a gun permit and forgot to take a gun out of my pocket when going to report the attempt on my life with no police response in front of a city council meeting cable TV camera in early March 2001.  I took the gun back to my truck and then returned to make the announcement.  I had a gun permit.  I did not harm anyone and the police at the gate did not even ask to see it.  I called it my sex toy later because the female deputy was so beautiful.  They questioned me about it later.  The Alabama government is just like Somalia and Mexico.  They steal everything and now 14 schools in Mobile do not even pass the dumb-as- Alabama qualifications test.   I was going to report thievery of inmate food funds when the Sheriff, who is a proven thief, took my gun permit on 4-3-2001.   I remember their schools like yesterday.  I hate the place because of it.  I have a court date coming up in which I was arrested for trying to enter the Mobile City Council meetings again.  Come and see.  I am going to ask the Judge McMaken, "Can I f--- you up the as- when you get to H-ll, like you are f---ing me now?"  They are robbing me just like all corrupt judges of history, not only of money, but also of the right to audit them and correct their ineptitudes.  That is another story.

I was attacked again in 2004.  It is ironic that I was attacked East of St. Louis, Missouri because a banker was killed in Missouri in 1983.  I have pasted some details from an article below and I have included the links.  It is ironic that his car was driven into a disabled veterans memorial.  I believe he was murdered.  The criminals tried to run my car off the road twice.  I believe what they do is beat you unconscious and then drive the car into something exploding it, or they simply make you and the car disappear.  The attack on myself in 2001 was an ambush in Louisiana with a car slowing my vehicle and then dropping or aligning my tire with a cross-tie, which I believe they refer to as a Rollie-Pollie, if a prank caller at my home was heard correctly.  My vehicle jacked upward, but I made it through the road block and was followed and cornered, but people were near so I was not shot or beaten.  The attack in 2004 involved two vehicles attacking me with three or more waiting down an embankment.  A car and a truck repeatedly tried to ram my vehicle from the side.  I later noticed a group of cars down an embankment as if they were waiting for me.  The clippings from the news article regarding the banker are in italics.  The federal government has repeatedly tried to say I am insane.  Sometimes it pays to be a little crazy.  I dealt with mafia during my childhood, so dealing with them was child's play  to me as an adult, which is why I am alive.   During one morning in 2004, when forced to live alone in California by the California government in relation to my arrest after whistle-blowing on the FDIC, I awakened to find a young man with his hand behind a newspaper standing at the side of my front door and I thought I was about to be shot.  I slammed the door shut.   I received several prank calls afterward.   Immediately afterward I was attacked near St. Louis on my next trip home to the Gulf Coast to visit family near Florida.  The mobsters thought they had a college student or prissy ass banker when dealing with me.  My comment to them, "I do not care if I live or die you pieces of government mafia sh-t.  You and the criminals at the top of federal government have ruined my good name, but I still breathe."  In one prank call to California right before I was attacked in St. Louis in 2004, a man said, "Mr. Dallas said bring a spear next time".  You know the federal mafia took my guns so, " Enjoy the Pen Tip Mother F-----."  Here is the clip from the article.

The Mafia, CIA & George Bush
On July 22, 1983, someone drove William Lemaster's Lincoln Continental 
across a bridge in the small town of Lexington, Missouri, about 25 miles 
east of Kansas City, then made a U-turn and came back across the bridge, 
gaining speed until the car crashed into the concrete foundation of a war 
memorial. There was an explosion and fire, and the driver's body was burned
beyond recognition. 
(Incredibly, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's board of review in
Washington approved Russo's employment by the bank, despite his felony 
conviction, mob associations and a recommendation by the FDIC regional 
office not to approve it.) (Note: In 1974, Anthony Russo was convicted for conspiracy to 
promote bribery and interstate prostitution. He spent 16 months in prison 
for this conviction, and surrendered his law license the day before he 
entered the penitentiary. Before he stopped practicing law, he had 
represented members of the Civella family in some of their criminal 

(Incredibly, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's board of review in
Washington approved Russo's employment by the bank, despite his felony 
conviction, mob associations and a recommendation by the FDIC regional 
office not to approve it.) 

For example, one of the borrowers at Indian Springs was Carmen Civella, the son of Kansas City's Mafia boss, Carl Civella. The $300,000 Carmen borrowedon an Italian restaurant in Kansas City was still owed to Indian Springs when the bank failed.' Another mob borrower was Carl Caruso, a bagman for the Civella family who carried the cash skimmed from the Tropicana casino in Las Vegas to Mafia families in Kansas City and Chicago. The two Carls were convicted in 1983 for their skimming operations.

(Incredibly, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's board of review in
Washington approved Russo's employment by the bank, despite his felony
conviction, mob associations and a recommendation by the FDIC regional
office not to approve it.)

I, Kurt Brown, Auditor/Artist, believe that the FDIC regional office to which they refer is the Chicago regional office.  I also believe, although I am not certain, that not long after the denial of employment of Russo at the Indian River Bank by the then FDIC Regional Director in Chicago that a new key employee, possibly a new Regional Director was brought into the Chicago office or promoted into the position.  I believe his name is George Masa, and I logically deduced this from information on a Federal Labor Relations Agency website, as George Masa had approved of the promoting of a lesser employee at the FDIC in Chicago and lost his FLRA case in 1992.  I believe Masa is stacking mafia within the FDIC with the help of key employees in Washington D.C.  I will go into this more later and I call it employee shuffling and stacking.  To stop any legal problems, I want to say that these facts are gleaned from logical deduction and the links I will provide and I have no solid proof.  However, just like a bacteria kills and you can see death at the outer perimeter where the mechanics are, so does the mafia and the mafia types in the government, who remain hidden and maintain a low profile, but death precedes them and follows them, just like a slimy bacteria.  If I am harassed again by the legal parasites from the FDIC in D.C., I hope to seek political asylum in a foreign nation.  The USA has become consumed by criminals, including Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. and the FDIC in Washington D.C. and their union, the National Treasury Employees Union, which expanded across the entire government in 1973 when Nixon was impeached and Ford was bribed and or blackmailed.  It is no wonder the USA is trillions in debt with little to show for it.

Here is the link to the article below from where I got the information regarding Russo and the death of the banker who was killed at a veterans wall.  I am a veteran, maybe they would like to try to kill me for a third time?   Perhaps at a veterans wall?  I prefer to try and die near  the Los Angeles Veterans Administration graveyard where all of my friends can join in if it is my day!  I want to be near idealists if I am to park near the pearly gates.  I actually parked near there and the LA VA loved to crush me on behalf of the federal mobsters at the FDIC in San Francisco and D.C.  Thanks to the LA VA, in 2001 they not only destroyed my only possession from my father which was in my U-Haul, my .22 caliber Winchester rifle, but they also destroyed my good name because they were the plaintiffs in the case that labeled me a felon, denying me a trial by jury  in 2004, and a forced guilty plea under extreme duress in 2001, and in addition, they taught me to never trust anyone in the government again.  The USA is my nation of betrayal since 2000.  One fine man said it without words and shook my hand without two fingers and a thumb and then held the remainder of what was left to his chest.  We pledge allegiance to avenge the dead who died unjustly from violence wrought by peons who have tons of cash and no ethical boundaries.  I propose we change the nations slogan from "In God We Trust", to   "In Auditors We Trust, To The Creator We Pray We Get It Right"   Attorneys are good for two things, as coffee fetchers for honest auditors and as moving targets if they run for political office.

Below is the next link which shows where George Masa promoted a lesser employee and lost the case.  I was terminated from the FDIC, I believe, because I often discussed the murder of the FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco, and I was also much more astute than many of the incompetent and witless dullards they had hired.  It was ironic that the smarter new hires seemed to get fired from the FDIC or quit or were run off.  I believe the year of the murder of the San Francisco Regional Director was 1991 or 1992.  I will not name the name of the man but the federal police labeled it a suicide.  Have you ever seen an acrobatic team operate?  Imagine them with guns and you have a professional mafia hit-team.  George Masa assumed the FDIC Regional Director position in San Francisco to replace the dead regional director I believe in 1993.  (A convenience for money launderers?  I saw a man get a bank charter who was from Nevada while I was a bank examiner at the Roseville/Sacramento office in 1999.  The Bank Examiner in Charge and his assistant working with him would be the first ones in that office I would tag as being in on the take from the mafia at the FDIC in the Roseville/Sacramento office.)  The guy from Nevada who got the bank charter was direct from La Cosa Nostra, or he at least played the part. I am so sure that  I would wager all of the money that a corrupt judge in Alabama is stealing from me with the help of a scheister. (I caught a Alabama Sheriff, Tillman of Mobile, stealing $100,000 in inmate funds.  Nothing was done but his relative went to jail for being in the till also, and she said the Sheriff gave the OK to empty an account. That is another story.)  That was the only bank charter issuance I was part of, but I was at another bank examination in which a banker made $1,000,000 on the books for himself.  The S.O.B. Bank President was sweating bullets when we interviewed him.  If I recall correctly the same Bank Examiner in Charge at that bank examination was one of the Bank Examiners in Charge at the issuance of the bank charter.  Could the Mexican and Asian mafias also be involved?  You betcha, and I am willing to wager all catch-$2.2K that the Alabama government is stealing from me because I caught the filthy platy helminthes (Flatworms) stealing, once and I can catch them again.  Just pee on the ground and they crawl to the surface, metaphorically of course, even if they carry a badge in the highest office.  (Sheriff Jack'N'Jack, remember our honeymoon 4-3-2001, high noon, kind of like a count DOWN by the Auditor Artist.  Sh-t swells under the MOuRNING STAR and the Platy Helminthes come hither, just like Jack'N'Jack who should be Jack Tillman In The Box, if we lived in a just society.  But we do not, and he is exonerated and exalted while me, an honest auditor, is destroyed and restricted from involvement in government.  The time has come, and you know what I mean, two fingers and a thumb, what the f--- are we, bubble gum?.  In other words, for you dullards and pie-in-the-sky types, "They are eating US alive!"  Are you men or sheep?  If you are a sheep, prepare for the eternal fleecing.  If you are men, prepare for fallout, and have no fear as you go into that cold dark night, struggling against what is wrong to bring forth all that is right.  Their attorneys have hog-tied us with their corrupt maneuvers.  I know of no other way since we have no true democracy, other than to face those at the top of those criminal empires, bull nose to bull nose.  We are Americans, G-- D--- It.  We litter the graveyards, we replenish the Earth.  Two Fingers and a thumb, gone.

It is ironic, but I also believe that not long after the Indian Springs Bank incident in which the Chicago Regional Director was replaced by George Masa, that George Masa was sent to the FDIC office in San Francisco.  Right before Masa got there, the FDIC San Francisco Regional Director, who I believe was John Sexton had launched an investigation at Lippo Bank in Los Angeles, California because of suspected money laundering and other crimes and violations including Indonesian campaign contributions to one of the parties in what I call the regime, the Democratic Party.  Later, after George Masa became Regional Director at the FDIC in San Francisco, the entire case was dropped, and he crawled apologetically like a lap dog, licking their boots for forgiveness, hand in hand with the criminals at the top of the FDIC in Washington D.C. (When a Republican complains about a Democrat, it reminds me of what my illegal alien French Mistress in Los Angeles said regarding the French political system, Chapeau Blanc, Blanc Chapeau.  Translated, Hat White, White Hat. Republican and Democrat, two platy helminthes in asexual estrus.  Oh how I miss my Cheri's demeaning chambre de couche chagrin.  Maybe Nice-Matin with the little French Marquis De Sade sometimes-wannabe-communist, but not LA, not moi, not again.  I served the US military in LA.  LA betrayed me years later.  I hate LA).  Here are some excerpts, in italics, from the linked story below.

FDIC documents show that a May 1990, audit uncovered
several serious  banking law irregularities at the Los
Angeles branch, sparking an official investigation by
bank regulators.

In December 1990, the FDIC charged Lippo was
operating with insufficient capital, following "hazardous
and lax collection practices" on its loans, operating with
inadequate reserves, keeping low-quality loans on its
books, and operating in a manner to produce
Sen. Lauch Faircloth, R-N.C., questioned the timing of
the FDIC's move, noting that Lippo has emerged at the
center of Republican-fueled investigations of John
Huang, a Democratic fund-raiser who served as
a vice chairman of Lippo Bank from 1990 until 1994,
when he left to become a Clinton administration
appointee in the Commerce Department's trade division.

Huang left Commerce last December to join the
Democratic National Committee, where he spearheaded
an effort to raise funds in the Asian community. Several
of these contributions have been traced back
to associates of James Riady, the Indonesian tycoon
who heads the Lippo banking and real estate empire.

The link regarding Lippo Bank and the regional director of the FDIC, George Masa and the dropping of the case in 1996 is listed here.

I often wonder, just how much does George Masa have to do with check fraud?  Who needs check fraud when you have money to launder.  More rewards, less risk.  You can contact George Masa, Regional Director FDIC San Francisco at the link below and ask.  Enquiring minds will want to nose to nose.  Of course, I may be wrong, and Masa may just appear to be somewhat like a virulent microbe.

George Masa Check Fraud DOS Supervisor San Francisco
I have uncovered several links that show that the Regional Director in San Francisco in 
1991 and 1992 and most likely other years was very astute at following laws as written in the books
and not just as he chose to interpret them.  I believe his name was John Sexton.  In this
article linked, a man was denied a position at a bank by Sexton.  Here is an excerpt.
 In a thorough analysis of the documentary evidence presented by the FDIC and the Applicant,
 the Presiding Officer concluded that on the basis of Smith's record at Landmark, * * * and * * *, 
the Division of Supervision was fully justified in denying approval for him to serve as a director or
 senior executive officer of Landmark.
Here is the link from which I got the excerpt, if the FDIC has not hidden it.  The FDIC
managers are extreme cover up artists and bull-s--t artists.
In another link here, it is shown that the only Regional Director of San Francisco's FDIC
who had ethics was gone in 1992.  I am not for sure due to scanty information and the code of 
silence at the FDIC on the man in question.  I will include several excerpts in italics 
and then place the link.
From the start of his campaign for governor of California, Republican
nominee Bill Simon Jr. has played down his role in the 1993 collapse of
Western Federal Savings and Loan, a debacle that cost taxpayers $122

By his account, he had nothing to do with the 1988 purchase of the
Marina del Rey thrift by his family and other investors. By his account,
he served on its board of directors for about a year to monitor the
investment, but was not engaged in "anything to do with the operation of
the thrift."

Court documents and other records, however, show that Simon was more
deeply involved in the downward spiral of Western Federal than his
public statements suggest.
In a cover letter to Simon and the other members, John R. Sexton, then
FDIC regional director in San  Francisco, wrote: "You are particularly
urged to review the section of the report dealing with supervision by
the board, which has not been fully satisfactory."

Regulators' Findings

By law, board members of an S&L must set policies that protect both 
stockholders and the taxpayers who insure its deposits.

The FDIC reminded the Western Federal board that it had a legal duty to
"effectively supervise the affairs of the thrift." On the cover of every
examination report, regulators urged Simon and the other board members
to review the findings thoroughly.
In addition it appears that the FBI Director Freeh may have also been corrupt at the time
because he wanted to break down the barrier between police agencies.  What that does is 
hinder internal investigations of government by inviting collusion.  Internal government criminals
operate with impunity and with full knowledge of all investigations. I have included a few links on FBI 
Director Freeh.  It is ironic that the current FBI Director Mueller hails from the San Francisco
FBI Director Louis Freeh likes collusion between agencies because his criminals cohorts 
can not get caught if they know what the other police agencies are doing.
*   Perhaps FBI Director Louis Freeh said it best shortly after his
*   appointment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1993. Referring
*   to the incredible array of computerized control and battle gadgetry
*   available to federal law enforcement, Freeh, stressing cooperation
*   between his own FBI and the other alphabet police agencies, sardonically
*   remarked, "LET'S SHARE OUR TOYS."
More On Freeh and his attack on our personal liberties while allowing his protected
CIA Mafia types like Bush Sr. to operate Freely.
Freeh criticizes Clinton for not doing more about cocaine and heroin...most likely a red herring
or distraction to protect his hidden interests in the CIA smuggling ring with ties to Bush Sr., his mentor
Here is a link to an article that talks about Bush, the CIA and Mafia at Free  It saddens
me that the American people have forgotten how much Savings and Loan crisis cost the United States.  Bush Sr. was there, 
with his unethical kind reaping rewards at the working mans expense.  In addition, a link is here to a beautiful woman found
dead in a field.  Like I said, just like a slimy bacteria, death surrounds the criminal element but we have 
trouble putting our finger on the source.  Just say no to the Bush's.  Then let us break the monopoly of the 
regime, Republican/Democrat.  Chapeau Blanc, Blanc Chapeau, Hat White, White Hat.
In conclusion, I am a man with nothing left to lose.  I did not have that much to begin with.  The criminals in
government took the remainder.  Two fingers and a thumb my friend.
Visit Mobile Audit Club by searching Mobile Audit Club on or follow the link below and send your friends.  The party is
 about to begin under the MOuRNING STAR.  Free Art Music Comedy Science True Investigations and Horror.
Just like someone told me in LA county jail, "No one cares if you die".  I think you care about your money and your
children's future.  Meet me at the LA VA Graveyard.  I have written a new song to be put online soon.
by Kevin John Pantera
Tuesday May 29th, 2007 8:28 PM
I am currently in the process of writing a book about my recent exploits ias a state banking regulator. I recently was fired from the State of Michigan Financial Institutoions Bureau in Lansing after 23 years of service. I have been blackballed from the industry and have tried to find employment in auditing and in other areas throughout the country. These people have controll over all other state agencies and are connected. They also have gotten to employment agencies, head hunters, and I think Chandler Hill and Associates a top executive management recruiting firm. My life too was also threatened by county sheriffs on a deserted stretch of road in HURON County. I have a large number of financial abnormalities that I have witnessed and have written down, so If I should come up DEAD, my family knows exactly who is behind it. The state is like a octapus with a million tentacles that can get to anyone and everyone. They hqave gottten to the workmans compensation Board, Social Security Administration, The EEOC, and any other agency either State of Federal. These people are pure snakes plain and simple. I'm 49, out of work, and being starved out by these group of criminals. Thjis is what they are nothing more than a bunch of greedy, cheap thugs who have hijacked the constitution and taken over all forms of government as we know it. It is a total takeover, and anything goes. I trust no one, and I do not dial 911 I will dial 357. I'm certain you could add a couple of chapters in my book, hopefully I live to write it. 23 years, and they are after my ass. Give me a E-mail when you can, I know where you are coming from because they pulled it on me, and they are getting away with it. But god sees what is happening and they to will pay in the end. Take care and cover your ass, the stabbers are out.
by I left and still alive
Sunday Mar 29th, 2009 4:14 PM
I was there

and I saw it all,

they ran me off, and I ran for my life.

I now live far away and they still send a spook now and then to check me.

I could tell you all I know but then my fate would be sealed.

Please study the past or else we will be forced to repeat it in the future. READ The looting of America's savings and loans, then change the title to the looting of America for 2009.

You need to will get to know the Keating 5, they are still out there...