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Revolution Video

by c.zelikson (czelikson [at]
Check out this exciting new video, "Revolution"-Why it's Neccesary,Why It's Possible, and What it is All About! A film of a talk by Bob Avakian,Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA
by swerve
check out the endorsements.
"if we had a leader like [bob] we'd be free a lot sooner." (a paraphrase)
what a load of crap.
by maoist moron
I agree 100%
Too bad that we can't delete them.
by not you
So, I read the transcript (or at lest a good deal of it) a few weeks back of the speech from Supreme Visionary Glorious Leader Chairman Bob (tm), because his disciples really push the stuff non-stop, ya' know?

Bottom Line:
It was really TAME. Totally sanitized for the unsuspecting masses. No discussion of the Stalinist nightmare Rev Bob would love to impose on us. No homages to Mao, nor any discussions of how homosexuality is a disease of capitalism that will be eliminated under the reign of Bob.

Oh, yeah, and one other thing...


Honestly, this shit wasn't terrible. It wasn't particularly offensive, on its face. But neither was it original, creative, nor inspiring.

If I had to guess, I'd say this is pretty much just a money-raising scam, because anyone who might be fooled into buying this shit will undoubtedly run screaming when/if they discover what the RCP and Chairman Bob are really all about.

by no red moonies
What's it doing here? Doesn't this site claim to be non commercial?
by curious
"what the RCP and Chairman Bob are really all about"

While I disagree with the RCP's historical analysis I am curious to know what you are referring to.

When you go into Revolution Books and see a picture of Stalin on the wall you could see this as a sign that the RCP wants to be totalitarian and murder millions or you could see them as a little crazy and both politically and historically inept. Perhaps in modern Russia a picture of Stalin would suggest neoNazi ties but in a leftist bookstore in Berkeley is just suggests they will never be able to organize more than a small group (outside of the frontgroups they organize that do a lot of good work).

The RCP's stand on homosexuality used to be very bad, but they did change that. So did most of the left which was almost universally homophobic if you go back more than a few decades. It is troubling the RCP remained homophobic as long as they did but I wouldnt single them out more than any other political group since they did change several years ago....

The RCP's focus on a single leader is cult-like and groups that have personality cults around figures bother me (even if its dead anarchist heros like Bakunin or Machno). It is questionable if a group having a living prophet is worse than just seeing Marx or Malatesta as having more to say about current reality than those who live in it. Living prophets tend towards corruption but they also are likely to lose their spark and its harder to quote them as scripture.

Maoism, Trotskyism, and most strains of Anarchism are at root utopian (although all groups deny that). Within utopian movements its easy to hate and detest other utopian movements but for most outsiders its like watching Christians debating the Eucharist. The Anarchist vision of a future is much more appealing than the Maoist vison, but for a nonbeliever that really is just like saying that one dislikes Christianity due to its vision of the apocalypse (if you dont believe in God why would you care about a religions views on what will happen when Jesus returns)

Long term goals do impact present organization, but the impact isnt that strong. Many of the RCP's front groups are less totalitarian than many Anarchist groups; the working of organizations seem to depend more on the personalities involved than the ideologies of the members.
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