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Raed On Support For Sadr And The SCIRI
by Raed In The Middle (repost)
Monday Apr 26th, 2004 11:38 AM
The situation of Falluja and Najaf isn’t getting any better, but I still believe that the real crisis is the Najaf one; Falluja is a smaller conflict for sure.
The deep disagreement between AsSadr and the SCIRI is kind of historical, the older generation of both Sadr and Hakim were not the best friends ever, Mohammad Mohammad Sadiq AsSadr (the one assassinated in the late 90s, the father of Muqtada) used to criticize the general policy of SCIRI at his time, and some underground rumors accuses the Ayato Allah AlHakim (the one assassinated last year, the brother of the Current GC member AlHakim) of helping in a way or another in killing the old Sadr. When the American administration approved the return of Badr Militias (The SCIRI militias) from Iran after the end of this war, small conflicts started in the Shia areas that maybe was one of the reasons for the establishment of the Mahdi Armi (AsSadr militias). At that time the only militias in Iraq were Badr and the FIF (Chalabi’s militias), and both were approved and backed up by the American Army…

AsSadr and SCIRI are the two main Shia parties controlling the southern region of Iraq now, but the party and militias of AsSadr are much more popular, I can say that the real center of AsSadr is Amara (northern to Basra) where no one can notice a single evidence that SCIRI has any activities there, they have a real isolated small office and a mosque that they prey in, but when we speak about the main center of SCIRI we are speaking about Najaf, Najaf is the Holy-City of Shia, The Imam Ali is buried there, (Karbala is the second holy-city where AlHusien and AlAbbas are buried), AsSadr took AlKufa (which is a small town attached to AnNajaf) as his center, the main mosque of AlKufa was the one his father used to give his last Friday Prayer speech before his murder, it is an important Islamic symbol too. The thing I’m trying to say is that AsSadr is active and powerful even in the central city of the SCIRI.

The last Friday prayed speech (which is the most important political indication) witnessed the first in-public criticism of the policy of AsSadr, the SCIRI spokesman indirectly announced the beginning of the new Shia-Shia conflict. From the SCIRI position, I think they find themselves committed to criticizing any anti-occupation movement, because they are the main player in the GC.

There is something that I used to say one year ago, and I’m still repeating it… The “real” war in Iraq didn’t happen yet. I still think the American administration is underestimating what can a person like AsSadr do, and starting a Shia-Shia conflict will only increase the size of explosion.