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"Toasting YOUR Health" Senate Bill 689= Toxic Revelations
by The Toxic Reverend (elves [at]
Friday Feb 13th, 2004 5:00 PM
American Roulette: Fore get the guns, we use products and services. Verifiable eports and articles at your library about Gulf War Illness (biological weapons), toxic chemicals and the health care system $. Posted with active links.
Ran out of access time at a public library. Ruff draft, no copyright claim.
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If this has not "toasted you", it has "toasted" some one that YOU love !

American Roulette; "Forget the revolver. We use products and services"
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Toxic Revelations
FYI (excerpt from -

Many of the 1991 Gulf War Vets are still sick & dying(102).
Senate Bill 689 is important because of the way that Toxic Chemical's work synergistically with biological weapons (67). Senate Bill 689, of the California State Senate, could help to heal our "toasted" health care system. This bill is due back on the Senate floor, March 2004. See, The California Body Burden Campaign (CalBBC).

The Toxic Cover up & Biological Weapons Revealed

In two parts. #1 Toxic Revelations. #2 Biological Weapons
Updating 02-10-04 9:30 PM PST

About: author, The Toxic Reverend Kazzoo (a book American Roulette is in progress)
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Tom Krohmer ET, PO Box 391, Guerneville, California 95446

Please note that references 15 and 144 are re-posted from the Archives. The Low Dose Cumulative Effects of Toxic Chemicals (LDCETC) must also be considered (15, 16 see Chapt.1 first sentence, 122). The report "Unslanting the CDC report" has been combined with this. Angelfire deleted over 30 MG's of evidence, images and pages. Requests for documentation and or evidence are welcome.

Tom Krohmer ET, is an Environmental Technologist , a Third generation HVAC technician (resume).
and interested in Sick Building Syndrome& Biological / Chemical Weapons.
(Bio-weapons site deleted bye ?)>

Reference Material posted at: + The cure for "File Not Found", The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. Look up web pages by their address and date, to view what had been there >

There is a need for more research regarding the Low Dose Cumulative Effects of Toxic Chemicals (LDCETC) (15, 16). One part of the difficulty is the lack of proper testing (12) of individuals with cancer, chronic illnesses, involved in violent crimes, suicide, domestic violence and mental illness, to name a few. In fact, I can not imagine a financially viable health care system that ignores this. In other words, this report isolates some of the major problems with our health care system and gives a few suggestions on correcting these "situations of circumstances".

This posted response from the now retired Police Chief of Santa Rosa (139) states that, victims of police shootings are not tested for toxic chemical exposures (regardless of their strange and often violent behavior). The fact that a policeman's response (and threshold point at which he decides to use "Deadly Force") could be mitigated by the low dose effects of toxic chemicals. Most of the police are very health concious and there fore would have lower levels of toxic chemical exposures. But many people are unaware that the diet that they believe to be "healthy", is "toxic" ().

But first they (the police) would have to admit to some "errors" rather than continue with their denials (139).

Many of the 1991 Gulf War Vets are still sick & dying(102).
Senate Bill 689 is important because of the way that Toxic Chemical's work synergistically with biological weapons (67).

Senate Bill 689, of the California State Senate, could help to heal our "toasted" health care system. This bill is due back on the Senate floor, March 2004. See, The California Body Burden Campaign (CalBBC).


First, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of "opposing factors", otherwise stated as being "all about the money".

A Congressional Report states that of the 1,400 chemicals known to cause cancer, less than 6% are tracked (145B). The huge transnational companies that produce toxic chemicals found in pesticides, herbicides and industrial and household products profit not only from the sale of these products, but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they can trigger (157).

While leading medical providers like the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore are establishing special programs to give platinum service to the well-heeled. Depending on the program, the super-rich customers may receive massages and sauna time along with their physical, house calls, and step-to-the-front-of-the-line service in testing facilities (158). And Linda Peeno MD of whom gave sworn testimony to the House of Representatives on the subject of "Denial of Health Care Services" to the insured ( 20a, 20b). In short, "Justice has been sold" (101) and millions of dollars put into "fixing the sale" ( 49). The Los Angeles Times reported that, "Drug Companies, HMO's Spend Big To Stop New Laws". They donated hundreds of millions of dollars to political election campaigns (49, 159 ). While apparently buying out "grass root organizations (68).

Now that the drug companies have been paying out millions in wrongful law suits (murder & homicide) from their SSRI's (60, 62), maybe they might want to blame the deaths on some of the toxic chemical interactions ? Toxic chemicals that the CDC has found in many Americans (21,22, main source exposure food 144, 75% of the Typical American's Exposure to Toxic Chemical's Occurs Indoors 3, Ten most Common 6).

Every year approximately 200,000 die from prescription drug reactions and another 80,000 die from medical malpractice (4) , while 41,000 die in auto accidents. [DRUG TOPICS, October 23, 1995, pg. 14-16.] What is wrong with our focus on the "drug war" when 200,000 die each year from prescription drugs, yet approximately only 20,000 die as a result of illegal drug use (60) ? The Annual Cost of Rx Therapy Problems Placed at $77 Billion (60) .
The Environmental Protection Agency, National Exposure Research Laboratory Environmental Science Division, deals with Pharmaceuticals and (toxic Personal Care Products interactions (125B ) ?
On the other hand, what do you get when you mix phthaltes (11, 21,22, 144) with Prozac (60, 62) ? See what I am on about ? Fact is that Brock at first thought the phthalates were "lindane". A pesticide of which is actually nerve gas..... Go figure. What will it take for your paper to address this?
Determine if toxic chemicals (phthalates, pesticides) are / were a factor's in these deaths. Could be that SSRI's are a common treatment for such toxic chemical exposures and so appear to be the problem with such "situations"?
This (link cited> ) is from a researcher at UCSF. One of Nations top ten universities on medical research.

Over the past decade, it has become clear that the brain synthesizes steroid hormones by using some of the same steroidogenic enzymes found in adrenals and gonads (reviewed in refs. 1 and 2). These compounds were given the name neurosteroids (3), and some of their functions have been elucidated (4). Neurosteroids that are derivatives of progesterone have been shown to act as allosteric modulators of the "gamma-aminobutyric acid type A (GABAA) receptor function (5, 6). They bind to a distinct site on these receptors and affect the frequency and duration of the channel opening. In thi! s way, they modulate GABAergic transmission, and, as a result, neurosteroids may affect complex behaviors such as anxiety.

Changes in neurosteroid concentrations in the brain and in the plasma have been associated with the ..........

End excerpt. from>

It would appear that many are ignorant of the fact that our gonads are a part of the endocrine system. So I am calling "endocrine disruptor's" > Gonad Busters.
Angelfire deleted the photo's though >

But then Industry has know for over fifty years that it has been poisoning us and paid out millions to settle cases and seal the records (26). Small wonder that the Chemical Industry Manipulates Science, Bends the Law and Endangers Your Health (81).

The Mental Health page get's into "Toxic Victim or Mentall Ill", with MIT school reference material and link to there page.

Well "they" are making headway in medical research, right? Well how about what patients at 'The Hutch' weren't told about the experiments in which they died. A five-part series by the Seattle Times March 2001 (46 A Seatle Times five part series).

Or what about a story titled "Firm failed to get consent for tests of blood substitute", by The Associated Press. And I quote, "A company conducted an ill-fated blood-substitute trial without the informed consent of patients in the study - some of whom died, federal officials say. Baxter International was able to test the substitute known as HemAssist without consent because of a 1996 change in federal Food and Drug Administration regulations. The changes broke a 50-year standard to get consent for nearly all experiments on humans". End quote (52). Not to worry, they stopped that trial. But a library search a year later found an article about (and names) several other firms starting the same type of research (52B). But the article does not say if they are / were getting "patient consent". So maybe we could be used for this if we turn up at a hospital and unconscious from a car wreck ?

In January of 2004, the newspaper said that the Anthrax Vaccine given to all of the military has been stopped by a court order. The story also mentioned accusations of the military being used for a medical experiment with that vaccine.

Death of the Anthrax Vaccine , written by Garth Nicolson PhD. exposes how this worked. This is not "just about the vets"(AGWVA). That "situation" has corresponding factors with "civilian abuses" (20a, 20b, 45, 46, 54). I hesitate to cite #99. But hey, this one remind me of their telling us to use "duct tape and plastic sheathing". So ........

99: Lax oversight of biological experiments cited. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer Thursday, February 8, 2001Breaking News Sections (02-08) 14:44 PST WASHINGTON (AP) Experiments with lethal viruses and bacteria conducted at federal weapons labs lacked required oversight and controls, raising concern about potential risk to workers and the public, an Energy Department report finds.

There just to many instances of uninformed medical research abuse with humans to list here. And I am not talking historically. But theses links do list a few of the more current ones, Health Care Medical Research Mental Health Military Radiation Experiments

Just in case you did not consider this to be of concern to you and yours. I caution you, the "Twenty-five Rules of Disinformation" (161) are usually in use, too.

All I can think of is what my Aunt Dorothy Krohmer told me when I mentioned that I thought that doctors at the University of Washington were using me as a guinea pig. She said, "Just think of all the people that it might help". I caution you, the "Twenty-five Rules of Disinformation" (161) are usually in use, too. But then there is "WHEN FAMILY MEMBERS JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND", by Bill Remak of the CAHCVTF. I am sure that many Gulf War Vets and HIV patients understand what he has written, too. I learned it all to well on March 23, 1999. not get to lost in all that I say.

The Ultra-Rich that come to Sonmoma County (146BG protested) that control most of this (from Enron, WorldCom and many more (*145BG* , 121pdf) refer to most of us as "Useless Eaters (160).

And going to the other extreme, The Healers gather here every year, too. This kind of balances things out. Feel better now ? Well, back to the inter-play between toxic chemicals and infectious biological weapons called, "mycoplasma's".

Un-slanting the Center for Disease Control Report of the toxic chemicals found in Americans (22, 144) is a time consuming issue and it becomes even more complicated when low grade and chronic infections caused by mycoplasma's (a biological weapon) are brought into the subject matter. That aspect will be addressed later with reference material including the Congressional Record.

The newspaper article titled (145B) "U.S. Lags in Toxicity Testing", states that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and other members of Congress have reported of the estimated 14,000 are known to cause cancer, less than 6% are "tracked". The testing for toxic chemicals in Americans that has been done, only concern the levels of 27 toxic chemicals (44).

The synergistic effects of the "toxic mix" that can multiply in toxicity rather than add (15, EPA report, Chapter 1 first sentence 16) was not addressed, at all.. The issue of "Total Body Burden" was also ignored. There can be a vast difference between what is circulating in a body and what is stored in various tissues (82).

Victims of suicide (which are ranked as the #8 leading cause of death) may very well be proven to be "Toxic Victims" in many, but not all cases. Just as I strongly suspect that many if not most of the "Mentally Ill" are.

Suicides are ranked as #8 at about 32,000 deaths per year. While every year approximately 200,000 die from prescription drug reactions (60) and another 80,000 die from medical malpractice (Errors in medicine 4), while 41,000 die in auto accidents. [DRUG TOPICS, October 23, 1995, pg. 14-16.] What is wrong with our focus on the "drug war" when 200,000 die each year from prescription drugs, yet approximately only 20,000 die as a result of illegal drug use? The Annual Cost of Rx Therapy Problems Placed at $77 Billion and suicide with 32,000 deaths per year should be more like the tenth leading cause of death, bye these numbers. But numbers do not lie. Unfortunately, liars can figure.

The Center for Disease Control released a report of the "levels of concern" of the 27 chemicals that it did test for, in Many American's (144). The main source of exposure was reported to be food . Environmental Exposures, %75 occur indoors, and mainly in our own homes (3). Other reports list the 10 most common sources of indoor exposures (6). Now I fail to see how the leading source of exposure could be food, the Center for Disease Control released a report of the "levels of concern" of the 27 chemicals that it did test for, in Many American's (144). The main source of exposure was reported to be food (144). The Environmental Protection Agency has said that, %75 of exposures occur indoors, and mainly in our own homes (3). Other reports list the 10 most common sources of indoor exposures (6).

But go figure, the numbers just "do not crunch" !One question is "why does our government put out so much mis-information" ? Another is, "are they trying to hide something "?

This excerpt is from>

108: The Efficacy of Chemotherapy for Cancer, By Don Benjamin.

"…In an article entitled "Chemotherapy: Snake-Oil Remedy?" that appeared in the Los Angeles Times of 1/9/87, Dr. Martin F. Shapiro explained that while "some oncologists inform their patients of the lack of evidence that treatments work...others may well be misled by scientific papers that express unwarranted optimism about chemotherapy. Still others respond to an economic incentive. Physicians can earn much more money running active chemotherapy practices than they can providing solace and relief.. to dying patients and their families."

"Dr. Shapiro is hardly alone. Alan C. Nixon, PhD, Past President of the American Chemical Society wrote that 'As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good'."

In 1986, McGill Cancer Center scientists sent a questionnaire to 118 doctors who treated non-small-cell lung cancer. More than 3/4 of them recruited patients and carried out trials of toxic drugs for lung cancer. They were asked to imagine that they themselves had cancer, and were asked which of six current trials they themselves would choose. 64 of the 79 respondents would not consent to be in a trial containing cisplatin, a common chemotherapy drug. Fifty eight found all the trials unacceptable. Their reason? The ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity14. "

End of excerpt.

Now about granting some of the State agencies some legal "clout" (39, 56, 58) including the Duty to Rescue Law that is a first degree criminal misdemeanor (57),to help correct some of the problems in our health care system (45,, 46, 54) and instances of patients being denied care (even though insured) to help cut costs at a hospital at the expense of their lives (sworn testimony for the House of Representative 20a).. "Clout" that State officials claim not to have (55) ! Some of this "clout" (39, 56, 57, 58) is being used by other States ! Also, write, call fax and e-mail your own local representative in regard to these matters. But please wait until after you have read section 2 on the biological weapons.

The National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals is a new publication that will provide an ongoing assessment of the U.S. population's exposure to environmental chemicals using biomonitoring (21). They are not using the biomarkers for the LDCETC's (12), even though they are a division of the Center for Disease Control and must know better. Regardless, the agency (21) said that it would be testing "subpopulation" for "toxic chemical exposures".

Another one of my suggestions is that we start an e-mail campaign to ensure that proper testing (12) of certain "sub-populations is done. Most notably "violent offenders" (victims in the case of the before mentioned police shootings) and the top ten causes of death, including suicide.

Senate Bill 689, of the California State Senate, could change this. It is due back on the Senate floor, March 2004. See, The California Body Burden Campaign (CalBBC). This is also important because of the way that the Low Dose Cumulative Effects of Toxic Chemical's work synergistically with biological weapons (67).

EPA Office of Research and Development,Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) as Environmental Pollutants Pollution from Personal Actions, Activities, and Behaviors

For more information about the National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals please contact:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Center for Environmental Health
Division of Laboratory Sciences
Mail Stop F-20
4770 Buford Highway, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30341-3724
Telephone (toll-free): 1-866-670-6052

To simplify the complexity of the controversy (14), I will give this example. Bill Moyers of the Public Broadcasting System did a show named Trade Secrets and has created a web page of the same name (26). There is to much documentation there to list, in regard to "industry" covering up the damage to OUR HEALTH from toxic chemicals, for over fifty years.

He was tested for over 800 toxic chemicals and over 80 chemicals (at various levels of exposure) were found, in him. That presents the potential for more viable chemicals reaction variations than the pick six lottery in one patient from the perspective of LDCETC's ! But regardless of this, many of the "tolerable levels of exposure" to a (singular) toxic chemical have been fraudulently produced for decades.

While Dr. Amen has been able to document some abnormal brain scans of such patients, there is still a need for ADEQUATE toxic testing (12) of these patients. The "controversy" (14) around this issue had also included (at some levels) contentions that the biomarkers were inaccurate because they did not correspond with expected results from exposures to some toxic chemicals with a "known" toxic tolerance level correctly. How ever, many of these "known levels" are now in question because of the recent ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY FINED $9 MILLION IN FRAUD CASE FOR RELEASE: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2002 from the EPA, (135) and is further complicated by a history of such abuses in the past (137).

The point being that I suspect that the biomarker tests are and were accurate (12), and that the actual test results for toxic tolerance levels were and are in error.

Further more, such biomarker tests (12) should be used to prove the relationship with mental illness, violent behavior and to many other illnesses to list (such as cancer).

The "Decade of the Brain" has brought many new advances to our understanding of the brain and behavior. In this 100 minute video program, Dr. Amen explores the latest research on the biology of criminal behavior. He reviews the published literature on this topic and discusses actual cases from his own forensic psychiatry practice, including his brain imaging work with people who have committed murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery and aggravated assault. The actual brain imaging pictures are shown for each case. In addition, the correlation of attention deficit disorder (ADD), other psychiatric illnesses and criminal behavior is highlighted. The antecedents to violent behavior are discussed in detail along with the guidelines for appropriate medical treatment of violent behavior.

142 : Current Research Correspondence regarding Toxic Chemical LDCE's and Psyche (Mental Health)

143 >The Amen Clinic, 143B >Pictures Brain Scans by Dr. Amen,

144>Troubling chemicals detected in people by the Center for Disease Control, usual source "food".

145 >Unexpectedly high chemical levels found in Americans, March 21, 2001

Please note that Dr. Amen has shown abnormalities with brain scans, yet the toxic testing to be used is a question because of the LDCETC's and the fraudulent testing practices of "industry".

Examples of such fraudulent testing abuses:

The USDA acknowledges it should coordinate its review process for herbicide-tolerant crops with EPA, and says a draft plan is under review. Jim Rogers, 301-734-8563,,

But it is well documented in the book "Toxic Deception (81) that they have known this since the 1970's. In the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories (IBT) performed about 35-40% of all U.S. toxicology testing. Of the 867 audits of IBT performed by the FDA under the 1962 law, 618 were found to be invalid because of numerous discrepancies between the study conduct and data. FDA flexed its muscles and found four IBT managers guilty of fraud." Yet the EPA has still been accepting these "studies" that are financed by industry, with out any real review !!!

Test fraud again made headlines in 1994, when Craven Laboratories was fined over 15 million dollars and its ... Fifty Years of Legislation, by CAROLINE COX (132).

Biological Weapons and the LDCETC's

These mycoplasma's have been around for thousands of years. In fact, a mummy had been shown to have died from such an infection (walking pneumonia). Back then, parasitic infections and malnutrition were the main "factors". Today we have the LDCE's of Toxic Chemicals, as well.

The doctors at the University of Washington diagnosed me with Reiters Syndrome. It is a reactive form of arthritis that attacks joints, nerves and the eyes. It is caused by a mycoplasma that our government has experimented with as a biological weapon since the 1940's. Because they were classified as a "military secret", the National Institute of Health has with held the information from institutions that teach medicine. But there are a few dozen various "chronic disorders (such as arthritis) caused by mycoplasma's(Hylack, HMBW).

Over two hundred American cities have been used to test biological weapons, since the 1940's - ConRec: Congressional Record - titled HUMAN DRUG TESTING BY THE CIA, 1977, Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources. This Committee met on September 20, 1977. This information was found on Microfiche CIS785411-19, with the call #KF49.C6. IT IS AN OFFICIAL US DOCUMENT (over 200 American cities used in biological weapons expirements.

GSHDTCIA: Google search results, term "HUMAN DRUG TESTING BY THE CIA, 1977"

From my own experience with a denial of Emergency Psyche Care on 03-23-99, I can tell you that ALL of US have a problem with this. If you are not a victim of "it", the "maniac" that you could be victimized bye could very well be.

The treatment for these mycoplasma infections was publishwed in a "peer reviewed medical journal" and has a better than 70% cure rate for many "chronic disorders" (M50). The Intern. J. Medicine 1998; 1: 115-117, Considerations when Undergoing Treatment for Gulf War Illness/CFS/FMS/Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment of Mycoplasma Infection's / Prof. Garth Nicolson

The LDCE's of toxic chemicals can cause a predisposition for subclinical infections . This is explained in every day language in the transcript of (67) 08/09/00 "CFS National Radio Program with Dr. Roger G. Mazlen, interviewing Prof. Garth Nicolson". While Nicolson has found the gentically spliced mycoplasma's in the Gulf War vets, he has dected many of the "spliced mycoplasma's" in the general public.

How ever, the organic mycoplasma's were studied as "Biological Weapons" since the 1940's (HMBW) and much of the information had been withheld for decades (Hylack, 74). For more information on this, seeThe Gulf War Vets at - and/or Prof. Nicolson's web page at -

This can further complicate a diagnosis (142). But, it is treatable (M50).

Some excerpts from the Reference Material:

------------------------------- Plus a comment:

"Your immune system is only as strong as it's weakest gene. If you do not reduce the "strain" it might "pop" at arthritis, cancer or over a few dozen chronic illnesses. Mycoplasma's just happen to work in that way. Besides the LDCE's and all of the variable chemical reactions as another influence". Tom Krohmer, Environmental Technologist.

MBY Mycoplasma's by subject : Peer Reviewed Medical Journals, reference material 1-50

General 1-13, Cancer 14-18, Hominis 19-21, Immunosuppression 22-24, Central Nervous System 25-32, Therapy 33-34, Autoimmune 35, Arthritides 36-40, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 41-43, Gulf War Illness 44-45, Urogenital 46, Laboratory 47-48.

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