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For a California Anarchist Gathering in 2004!
by Calanarcho (modanarcho [at]
Thursday Nov 27th, 2003 12:59 PM
Through the "California Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian Yellow Pages", we are hoping to put together a Anarchist Conference/Gathering in 2004, representing all tendencies, and with spreakers, workshops, and other events worth traveling for!
For a California Anarchist Gathering in 2004!

This is a copy of the email that was created for a couple of purposes. It came together while creating a large list of all anarchist groups, collectives, and anti-authoritarian projects in this state. The emails that have been compiled are the result of that list, and with this list we hope that you can use to further your networking, and also to find new contacts for events, and projects. Beyond networking, we are hoping that through this email list, we can create a large anarchist/anti-authoritarian gathering sometime next year, (after the SF Anarchist Book Fair, possibly in summer), covering topics relating to our movement, and covering information worth traveling far and wide for.

Ideas Include: FTAA Report Back, APOC Conference Report, John Zerzan Speaking?, Cascadia Media Collective Workshop, Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty Tactics, Black Blocs, Next Step?, Earth First in Orange County, Class War Prisoners, Food Not Bombs Struggles, Re-Wilding ala Primitivist, Starting a Union via IWW, A West Coast NEFAC?, Building a Website, ect.

As well as...

We also hope to have a website up and running that will include message boards, and an Indymedia type of news posting system, and message boards. We hope to create a space for California Anarchists/Anti-Authoritarians to come together and share news about events, so we can make it easier for ourselves to try and organize.

About this listing...

Firstly this listing is comprised of lots of different kinds of groups. From anarchist collectives like DAAA, and Bay Area Anarchists, to anti-authoritarian groups like Food Not Bombs, Anti-Racist Action, and Critical Mass, and also publications and organizations like AK Press, No Compromise, and Killing King Abacus.

We will see where this takes us. Please email us back with your ideas about creating a Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian gathering/conference in 2004, and creating some sort of online Infoshop to help organize and network.

Thank you !

modanarcho [at]



Anaheim Food Not Bombs: Anaheim Food Not Bombs Meets Every Saturday at 12 noon in La Palma Park, located on the corner of La Palma and Harbor Blvd. Feel free to come and cook and eat with us.

Web -

Email - AFNB714 [at]


Food Not Bombs: The group meets to distribute food on Sundays at noon at Central Park in downtown Bakersfield. Go to website for map.

Web -

Call - 327-4593


Food Not Bombs: Berkeley Food Not Bombs meets in the Long Haul Infoshop, and feeds in Tower Park.

Web -

Email - ebfnb [at]

Call - (510) 644-4187

Long Haul Infoshop: The Long Haul Anarchist Infoshop puts on events, holds study groups, and serves as the meeting place for many anarchist groups. Also has an reading library, and autonomous zone.

Web -

Phone - (510) 540-0751

Slingshot: One of the Bay Areas best anarchist papers. Covers local events, anarchist opinion, and vegan recipes. Contibutions to the newspaper are welcome.

Web - (view bottom of page, hyperlink Slingshot)

Email - slingshot [at]

Anarchist Study Group: Anarchist study group that meets at the InfoShop, and also webstie home of the Bay Area based Anarcho-communist group.

Web -

Beuru of Public Secrets: Situationist Distro and resource center.

Web -

Email - knabb [at]

Write - PO Box 1044, Berkeley, CA 94701

Copwatch: Organization watching cops, and documenting harassment and mistreatment.

Web -

Call - (510) 548-0425

Berkley Critical Mass: Celebrate clean transportation over fossil fuels in an anarchist takeover of the streets.

Web -

Bay Area Anti-Racist Action: Miliant Anti-Racist nework to oppose the organizing of racists.

Email - arabay [at]

Call - (877) 289-7300 ext. 730

Write - c/o the Law Offices of Larry Hildes

1840 WoolseySt., Berkeley, CA 94703

Barrington Collective: Web site linking Berkeley anarchist collectives together. Offers links to co-op housing, Food Not Bombs events, and other anarchist happenings. Good site.

Web -

Email - contact [at]


Food Not Bombs: Email for info and feed time.

Email - mdmuir [at]

Call - (415)868-0817


Anti Racist Action: Email for more info.

Email - ar_action [at]

Write - PO Box 940, Buelton, California 93427, USA


Food Not Bombs: Food Not Bombs feeds at different parks throughout Chico, go to the Chico Peace Page for times and places.

Web -


Anarchy Achieves: Online collective of classic anarcho-syndicalists and anarcho-communist texts. From Emma, to Chomsky, to Kropotkin.

Web -


Corona Food Not Bombs: Serves every Saturday at the City Park, 1pm, on 6th Street.

Web -

Email - CoronaFNB [at]


Costa Mesa Food Not Bombs: Looking to start up: Will cook Wednesdays at 2:30pm.

Email - mindteaseiam [at]


Food Not Bombs: Central Park at the big tree, Sundays at 12:30, email for more info.

Email - davisfoodnotbombs [at]

Write - P.O. Box 72287, Davis CA 95617


Food Not Bombs: Fresno FNB has two groups, that feed at different times throughout the week.

Web -

Web -

CVAC (Central Valley Anarchist Collectives): Anarchist Collective that does Food Not Bombs, outreach, and organizes for protests.

Email - cvac [at]


Food Not Bombs: More info unavailable.

Write - c/o Gabrial Vallejos, 544-1/2 No. Mcphersoal Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Anarcho-Punk Federation: APF is a federation of active anarchist punks. Email for more info.

Email - policest [at]


Raise the Fist!: Anarchist, anti-capitalist, and radical news website formally run by political prisoner Sherman Austin. Homebase for Sherman Austin's defense fund as well.

Web -


Anarchist Black Cross Federation: Gives help and support to prisoners and families of class war soldiers. *

Write - PO Box 3671, Anaheim, California 92803-3671

Anti-Racist Action: Write to for more info. *

Write - PO Box 1055, Culver City, CA 90232

People Against Racial Terror (PART): Newspaper put out by Anti-Racist Action. Good for distro.

Web -

Email - part2001 [at]

Indymedia Center: LA Independent Media Center. *

Web -

Luna Sol Café: Vegetarian Café: Bands play there, works as an info shop, and meeting place fore radical groups. Looking for new location, aka needs help!

Web - , see also

Email - lunasol [at]

Call - (213)380-4754


Food Not Bombs: More info unavailable. *

Call - 707-964-4758

Write - c/o Daniel & Eric, P.O. Box 2083, Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Food Not Bombs/Mutual Aid: Food Not Bombs serves on Sundays and Tuesday. Sunday at 17th, and G St., Tower Park 4pm. Tuesdays, last two of the month 5pm, Graceada Park, Needham St. Mutual Aid is a free clothes program like Food Not Bombs, gives away clothes first two Fridays of the month. Robertson and Sutter road, 5pm.

Email - modanarcho [at]

Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA): Anarchist Collective involved in Food Not Bombs, Mutual Aid, Homeless Activism, Animal Liberation, and other issues. They put on events, film showings, teach-ins, and other events.

Web -

Email - modanarcho [at]

Northern Californian Anti-Authoritarian: DAAA Newszine about DAAA happenings, news, and upcoming events. Looking from writers.

Email - modanarcho [at]


Food Not Bombs: Email for more info.

Email - montereyFNB [at]


Ak Press: Large distrubuter of anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho communist, situationist, progressive, and radical books, zines, and other items. They also do talks, teach-ins, and film-showings.

Web -

Email - info [at]

RACE (Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color): Collective of Anti-Authoritarians and Anachists of color.

Web -

Email - race [at]


Ontario Food Not Bombs: Sundays at 4:00pm, and Fridays at 6:00 pm at City Hall (C and Lemon).

Web -

Email - ontariofnb [at]

Call - (909)262-4468


Oxnard Food Not Bombs: Saturdays @ 3 at Colonia Park.

Email - soyoxnard [at]


Critical Mass: Critial Mass from Peninsula.

Web -

Email - daniweber [at]


Food Not Bombs: Walnut Park (Petaluma Blvd. and D Street) Saturdays at 5pm.

Email - FNBPetaluma [at]


Pomona Food Not Bombs: Cooks every Sunday at 997 Bradford St. in Pomona at 1 pm. Serves food at 5 pm in "Old Man's Park" on the cross streets of Rebecca and Second St..

Web -

Email - fnbpomona [at]

Call - (909) 469-5100


Food Not Bombs: 4pm in Library Park on corner of Placer and California St.

Web -

Email - violetrdg [at]

Latona Subversive Artists Collective: Engages in Critical Mass, Food Not Bombs, animal liberation events, and other community based anarchist activism.

Web -

Email - robotdemento [at]

Critical Mass: On the First Saturday of Every Month, at Library park, south of the downtown bus depot behind the Lorenze Hotel (where MarketFest Happens).

Web -

Email - ReddingCriticalMass [at]


Food Not Bombs: Meets Sundays by Wherehouse off of Orange St. in Redlands.

Email - spongemagazine [at]

Call - (909)514-6287


Food Not Bombs: Downtown Riverside/White Park on Saturday afternoons.

Email - foodnotbombs909 [at]

Renaissance Bookshop: Has lots of anarchist, and radical books.

Web -

Email - renbook [at]

Call - (909)369-8843


Green Chaos Collective: Online database for anarcho punks, vegans, and the southern California anarchist scene.

Web -

Email - greenchaos [at]


Food Not Bombs: Now serving every Sunday and Wednesday at Cesar Chavez Park (10th & I Streets) Sundays at 1:30, Wednesdays at 4:00.

Web -

Email - sacfoodnotbombs [at]

Save the Garden Collective: Collective to save a community garden of free/green space, and a Food Not Bombs community garden.

Web -

Email #12539;savethegarden [at]


San Diego Anarchist Black Cross (Network): Please contact us for information on the new San Diego Anarchist Black Cross (Autonomous Chapter). If you are interested in joining us in our endeavors to free/facilitate political prisoners, please refer to the contact info below.

Web -

Email - ABC [at]

Write - San Diego Anarchist Black Cross, PO BOX 12423, San Diego, CA 92112-3423

San Diego Food Not Bombs: Our San Diego chapter of Food Not Bombs meets to cook vegetarian food Sundays around 11:00am at the Che Cafe, which is located on UCSD campus. If you'd like to volunteer, please call the Che first around 11:15am so that you don't show up to nobody being there.

Web -

Email - info [at]

Call - (Che') 858/534-2311

(North Country Chapter):

Sundays at 5:30 pm - meeting - call for info

phone: (760)-643-1734

North Country Food Not Bombs -

San Diego Pirate Radio Station: Free Radio San Diego: Free Radio San Diego, 96.9. Radical and Pirate Radio.

Web -

Email - freeradiosandiego [at]

Che' Cafe', Infoshop/Activist Center: A worker and student owned and controlled radical infoshop, Food Not Bombs kitchen, punk/music concert hall, and general staging point for anti-capitalist resistance in San Diego. Also includes a very excellent zine and radical libarary, and amazing garden!

Web -

Email - che [at]

Booking email (for bands) - events [at]

Compassion for Farm Animals: Animal Liberation and Vegan outreach group. Does vegan feed ins, ALF teach-ins, educational events from and anti-capitalist, and animal liberation perspective.

Web -

Email - info [at]

Call - 619.283.7721

San Diego Indymedia Center: Regular collective meetings, and radical media.

Web -


Food Not Bombs: Saturdays @ 1:00 PM at the Valley Village Park in North Hollywood on Tujunga Ave, between Riverside Drive and Magnolia Blvd., across from the YMCA.

Email - sfvfnb [at]

Call - (818)728-0879


Food Not Bombs: Lunch, every Monday at 1:00 pm, at

Haight St. and Stanyan St., at Golden Gate Park. Dinner, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at U.N. Plaza, on Market Street at 7th Street.

Web -

Email - sffnb [at]

Call - (415) 675-9928

Art and Revolution: Creates revolutionary art and puppets for protests and demos.

Web -

Email - bayarea [at]

San Fransico Independent Media Center: Indymedia center for the Bay Area. One of the most respected in the indymedia network.

Web - *

Anarcho-Punk Federation: Email for more info.

Email - anokandpeace1984 [at] YAHOO.COM

Girl Army: Women's Self Defense Training Collective and Program.

Web -

Call - (415)835-4728

Critical Mass: The San Francisco ride begins at 5:30 pm on the last Friday of the month at the Embarcadero BART station at the foot of Market Street, and features several hundred riders.

Web -

Listserve -

Bikes Not Bombs: EVERY BUSINESS DAY until the war has been stopped! San Francisco: 5:00 PM Justin Herman Plaza (Embarcadero BART)

Web -

Email - info [at]

No Compromise: Militant Direct Action Journal of Animal Liberationists and their supports, also covers animal rights news, security culture, and earth liberation topics.

Web –

Email – nc-info [at]

Bound Together Anarchist Book Store: Open 7-days a week, meeting space for collectives, has zines (anarcho-communist, alf, primitivist), books, and videos.

Web -

Call - (415)431-8355

Write (or go to!) - 1369 Haight St (at Masonic), San Francisco, CA 94117 *

Biotic Baking Brigade: Anarchist collective that goes out and (organically and veganally) pies capitalist, evil doers, and others in a direct action of sweetness!

Web -

Email - bbb [at]

Industrial Workers of the World: Syndicalism Lives!

Call - (415)863-WOBS

Write - 2940 16th St, Suite 216, SF

Emma Goldman Papers: Group dedicated to furthering Emma's work.

Email - emma [at]

Write - University of California, 2372 Ellsworth St, Berkeley, CA 94720

Homes Not Jails: Group working with homeless people on housing issues, squatting, ect.

Web -

Email - hnj [at]

Call - (415) 282-5525

SF Reclaim the Streets: Reclaim your life, reclaim public space, reclaim the streets!

Web -

Email - rts_eastbay [at]

Call - (415) 820-9658

Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition (ARDAC): Animal Liberation collective that does protests, outreach, tabling, and events.

Web -

Email - info [at]

Anti-Militarist Anarchists: Collection of anti-militarist anarchists, and anarchist veterans of wars. Meetings are every Monday at 7:00pm at the Long Haul Infoshop, near Ashby Bart Station in Berkeley.

Web -

Call - 1-866-857-5291


Food Not Bombs: Meets every Friday night from 2:00 until about 6 pm. The cookings are at CHAM 80 S. Fifth Street San Jose (We serve in different locations every week so please contact us if you're interested).

Web -

Email - foodnotbombs_sj [at]

Call - (408)314-6669


Food Not Bombs: Second and Fourth Sunday of every month, at Mitchell park on the corner of Osos and Pismo St., from 3-6pm.

Email - fnbslo [at]


Food Not Bombs: Civic Center on Ross & Civic Center (on the lawn across from the library) Sundays at 4pm. Active with protests, and puts on benefit shows.

Web -

Email - safnb [at] (Kim)

Earth First!: Earth First! Collective to be forming in Orange County area in the start of the new year (2004).

Web -


Food Not Bombs: Saturdays at the Santa Barbara Downtown Public Library, South Lawn from 4pm-5:30pm.

Web -

Email - info [at]

Call – (805)685-9678 (Dave LaDelfa)

RAWA Supporters of Santa Barbra: RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan.

Email - sbrawa [at]

Santa Barbara IWW: Meets monthly, organizes around labor issues.

Web -

Email - sbgmb [at]


Food Not Bombs: Wednesdays 4:00 by Pacific Ave. behind Taqueria Vallarta near the Farmer's Market. Saturdays 2:30 at the clock tower at end of Pacific Ave.\

Web -

Email - santacruzfnb [at]

Earth First!: No compromise in defense of Mother Earth in Santa Cruz! Organizes, does events, and tables.

Web -

Email – cruzef [at]

Indymedia Center: Independent Media Center of Santa Cruz.

Web -

Pirate Radio, Santa Cruz: 96.3 FM. Radical news, and also independent music.

Web -

Listen – 96.3 FM

Aporia: Anarchist and anti-state communist journal of opinion and tactics.

Web -

Email - aporiajournal [at]

Killing King Abacus: Anti-Authoritarian, anti-capitalist, and autonomist zine, and online news sourse.

Web -


Food Not Bombs: Email for more info.

Email - davidbusch [at]

Call – (310)389-7446


Food Not Bombs: Email for more info.

Email - fifteen62470 [at]

Write - 1275 4th St. #373, Santa Rosa CA 95404

Free Mind Media Guild: Radical Group that tables, and organizes for protests.

Web -

Email - laidoff [at]


Anarcho Punk Federation: Email for more info.

Email - autonomy82 [at]


South Bay Food Not Bombs: No longer serving, but helping out with other Food Not Bombs Chapters.

Web -

phone - (310) 543-5081

email - sbfnb [at]


Food Not Bombs: Contact for more info.

Call – (707)268-9118

Write - c/o Ned Bob , PO box 427, Whitethorn, CA 95589


Food Not Bombs: Saturdays at 5pm, Central Park, by the Commerce Building.

Email - normalynne [at]


Food Not Bombs: Email for more info.

Email - mec [at]


Food Not Bombs: Write for more info.

Write - Paul Winders, PO Box 7923, Vallejo CA 94590


Food Not Bombs: Call for more info.

Call - (918)353-4541
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