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Banners of hope on our open hearts
by Maia & Elfie Ballis/SunMt (elfie [at]
Thursday Jul 3rd, 2003 5:35 PM
To hear Kucinich in Fresno 700 of us come with our banners of hope on our open hearts
700 of us come with our banners of hope on our open hearts

We deeply love America, our flag, & our nation?s ideals. We are frightened. Angry. Sad. We see the current government giving more profits, power & regulatory favors to greedy corporations on a path of growing fascism and endless war, while cutting back on our essential human services & education programs. In our hope we cheer Dennis Kucinich as he calls the cutting of domestic programs ?weapons of mass destruction.? As he backs joining international treaties to build peace.

We hopeful are charged to deliver our beloved country from the march toward fascism. Let?s spread the word so together we can roll over the deadly $$$ media and political circus.
Valley Kucinich contact: 559.292.4905.

Hear Kucinich on weapons of mass destruction:
Hear Kucinich on treaties as peace steps:
Hear Jemmy Bluestein & Frank Moschella sing ?Which side are you on??