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Understanding/Exposing 9-11- Update from the trenches

by Carol Brouillet (cbrouillet [at]
Overview of "Bush Did It!" marches, rallies, media coverage, the growing movement for demanding/exposing the truth about 9-11, plus upcoming Bay Area events including John Judge, Sept. 18th & 19th and Michael Ruppert, October 4th & 6th.
Understanding/Exposing 9-11 Update from the Trenches

(more details posted at

Like a three ring circus, last week’s media hoopla could be viewed in many ways, depending upon whether you were being blinded by the spotlights, or sitting in the dark, faraway, watching the whole panorama. Certainly, the Bush Administration was hoping that people did not notice the “Bush Did It!” rallies and marches, complete with brass band, that took place in San Francisco, and a smaller march on September 11th in Oakland, nor the series of public forums questioning 9-11 and the “War on Terrorism” which took place across the country.

SF Rally and March

which went to the 4th Annual Power to the Peaceful Concert and Social Justice Rally which drew together 20,000 people-

The September 11, 2002 March and Rally in front of the Federal Building in Oakland-

But even the mainstream press figured out that- “9/11 skeptics abound”

I spoke to a reporter from the San Francisco Examiner for half an hour between demos Sept. 11th- he couldn't even get my name right- let alone the facts! He wrote-

I wrote to the paper demanding a “Correction!!!!”

However, I haven’t seen or heard from them since.

The deafening silence, however, is that emanating from the “Established Progressive
Press,” which has shocked many of us. The failure of the Left, however, to seriously
build a strong anti-war movement can be partially explained by Bob Feldman's
excellent work and a funding map of the Progressive Institutions-

Nevertheless, a joyous, magical, organic networking is happening amongst researchers, artists, poets, musicians, activists, publishers, networkers, film-makers, students, activists resulting in a whole new wave of collaborations, synergies.

Manifestations of these new networks are the evolving Guerrilla News Network documentary- Aftermath Unanswered Questions from 9-11 and the remarkable Center for Cooperative Research, founded by Paul Thompson which has created the Complete 9-11 Timeline-

I gather that this brought together publisher John Leonard, and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed which led to the outstanding book- The War on Freedom, To make the circle complete, Nafeez drew from Paul Thompson’s work on The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh, (who wired the $100,000 to Mohammed Atta under orders from the head of the Pakistani Intelligence, the ISI’s Lt. General Mahmud Ahmed) when Nafeez spoke to us, via webcam on September 11, 2002.

Nafeez’s voice, so desperately needed in these times, did manage to break through the gatekeepers (at fundraising time naturally, for KPFK; the book was the most popular item during their recent pledge drive and they ordered 720 copies!). He has also been interviewed on KBOO and KALW, and hopefully more stations will follow.

Information, books, video clips, urls, are circulating rapidly amongst a growing network of people determined to cast light upon the dark secrets the government doesn’t want us to know.

I still think the big question is- Can we organize resistance, faster than they can organize repression? The lies and lunacy seem to know no bounds, at least the satirists have plenty of ammunition. I guess we really would cry- if we couldn’t laugh at those desperately trying to cling to and expand their power-
David Rockefeller Speaks- satire by Victor Thorn

More books are being published, more people are speaking out, faster than I can keep track of them! In the Bay Area, both John Judge and Michael Ruppert will be speaking on 9-11-

John Judge will be speaking on- "9-11 and Future Wars," 7- 10pm, September 18, 2002, San Francisco, California At the Women's Building, 3543 18th Street, and 7-10pm, September 19, 2002, Oakland, California, Fellowship Hall of Humanity, 390 - 27th St., (between Broadway and Telegraph), Oakland , 415-648-8472

John will be focusing on 9/11, the permanent war, the rise of American fascism and the opportunity for real democracy. His observations and writings can be found at

Michael Ruppert, will be speaking on- "Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld- Caught! In the web of their own lies about September 11th, 7pm, October 4, 2002, San Francisco, California and at Sebastopol’s Vet’s Hall 282 S. High St. (off Bodega Hwy.) Mike has been at the forefront of the struggle to expose the truth about 9-11. His website is

I’ve been invited to speak on a television program, in Nevato, in San Geronimo Valley, and at a conference in Berkeley in November. Kyle Hence (from Unanswered Questions) and I will both be at the Bioneers conference this year, although we are not formally on the program- we’ll have our mouths and materials…

Massive anti-war protests are being planned, in addition to the mobilizations against the IMF and World Bank in DC at the end of September. I just hope that at some point, everyone will figure out the links between corporate globalization, militarization, state terrorism, the WTC and pentagon attacks, and we’ll be able to rein in the Rogue Empire before it can do more irreparable damage. It will require an unprecedented level of effort and cooperation amongst the fragmented opposition to “tyranny, oppression, injustice” that exists, and continues to grow in the U.S.; it will be a challenge, but there is hope, and if you want to be hopeful, and be a part of it, just lend a hand… The movement for truth, peace, justice, freedom is welcoming everyone; we need an enormous big broad coalition, and each of has a part to play, limited only by our imagination, courage, and passion for a better world.

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