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Flashpoints Sept 5: DEA terrorizes Santa Cruz MM co-op; Vieques; Ohio sucks
by Jaguar Johnny
Thursday Sep 5th, 2002 9:50 PM
KPFA Flashpoints Radio Sept 5, 2002
-Robert Knight and the Knight Report (5 min)
-DEA terrorists raid sleeping Santa Cruz compassionate usage medical marijuana coop (25 min)
-US Navy bombs Vieques again, burns vegetation, w Professor Deborah Santana (13 min)
-black Muslim woman traveling in Ohio convicted on trumped up charges (11 min)
KPFA Flashpoints News Radio
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SF EVENTS: Meet Chivvas Moore and Brian Wood Thurs Sept 5 7PM, at AFSC, 9th and Market, SF. 415-565-0201
"rally Power to the Peaceful concert w Michael Franti and Spearhead, 11AM-6PM Sat Sept 7, GGP, SF

Thursday, Sept 5, 2002 - Start Audio "for
-00:00 Dennis Bernstein: introduction: 20 heavily armed DEA terrorists raid sleeping Santa Cruz medical marijuana cooperative; US Navy bombs Vieques again, burns vegetation; black Muslim woman traveling in Ohio convicted on trumped up charges
-00:46 now with Robert Knight and the Knight Report.. Robert: reports
-05:45 20 heavily armed DEA terrorists raid sleeping Santa Cruz medical marijuana cooperative.. (SF Chronicle story) (action alert) (S.C. Indymedia)
-30:00 US Navy bombs Vieques again, burns vegetation, w Professor Deborah Santana
-43:38 Dennis: black Muslim woman, Jambalya Ali (sp?) traveling in Belmont County, Ohio convicted on trumped up charges.. interview with CAIR spokeman [no futher review available tonight]
-56:13 End today's show. today's review by john lionheart

Wednesday, Sept 4, 2002 - Start Audio "for
-00:00 Dennis Bernstein: introduction: Israeli military terrorists "Southkill more.. report on devastation in Jenin.. Birzeit Univ closed down.. Powell booed in South Africa.. report from Food First
-01:20 now with Robert Knight and the Knight Report.. Robert: Bush seeks rubber stamp from Congress for war on Iraq.. "AUDIObut most nations see Bush as the threat.. Germany at odds with Britain.. Sharon wants Iraq invasion Nov 1.. US Navy hires third transport ship.. rush to war.. US joint military exercise in Jordan.. Powell carries water for Bush in South Africa.. booed and protested when he blames Africa for food shortage, boosts frankenfood.. (audio).. giving the Shaft to Africa.
-06:00 Dennis: "AUDIO World Summit on Sustainable Development derailed by rich nations protecting corporate profits.. now w Ana Natal (sp?) of Food First.. Ana: in South Africa people challenging "Landlessprivatizaton of water.. about the landless peasants movement.. in Brazil 40,000 people die of hunger every year, in a very rich country.. more than 60% of the land controlled by 2%.. in South Africa only 2% of land redistributed to the poor.. about the equity promised in Rio.. sustainable development.. Ana: our study: The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Go Hungry, Hunger: A Growing Epidemic in America .. 44% of the wealth controlled by 1% of the population.. "EarthUS government delegation has coporate public relations experts in their delegation.. the big clash around trade issues.. the carrot offered in agriculture.. US talking about reduction of sudsidies.. the South pointing to the hyprocrisy of the US position.. US Farm Bill.. a rich and fancy convention center.. a deliberate attempt to keep the civil society out of the summit.. "demonstrator protests suppressed.. 72 peaceful activists arrested.. riot police threw concussion grenades.. grassroots communities excluded.. debauchery and waste.. more about the landless movement.. corporate polluters.. land for the landless.. corporate media ignoring the poor.. what democracy looks like.. our fight can not be won by these handouts.. we have to make it happen.. the next WTO meeting in Cancun, Mexico.. a lot happening in the next few months.. check out our website.. the rich and powerful and free traders can not hide..
-20:50 music break
-22:11 Dennis: in the last 14 days, "AUDIO 26 Pals killed, including 6 children.. only 5 of the 26 were engaged in any kind of resistance.. at 2AM a jeep pulled up to a marble factory, 4 workers cuffed, beaten, shot and murdered.. one man shot 12 times in the head.. another incident, 5 civilians killed including two children ages 14 and 6.. by Apache homicide heliocopter missile.. today Israel took over Birzeit University.. putting a military checkpoint at the university gate.. now w Chivvas Moore, teacher at Birzeit Chivvas: B.U. the closest that Palestine has to a national university.. "Birzeit students (used to) come from all over Palestine.. a big supporter of women's rights.. 5,000 students in good times.. but now.. I've lost all my students.. Gaza one big concentration camp.. my students from there can't come to school.. I used to go to them, but even that now is impossible.. spring semester not finished.. summer semester cancelled.. now as we begin the fall semester.. (Palestine Monitor).. Israel will continue repression, plus put a military checkpoint at our gate.. Dennis: imagine having to be searched, held at gunpoint to go to UC or UT.. Chivvas: going through a checkpoint involves maybe being taken away in a jeep, badly beaten, sexually harrassed, held up for five hours or more, not allowed through at all, tear gassed, shot.. it is dangerous.. Dennis: children escorted safely to school in Israel.. not in Palestine.. Chivvas: in Ramallah, children allowed to go to school, "kidsbut not in the villages.. but only 2 hours after school started, Israeli reimposed the curfew.. what to do with the kids?.. you only have a few minutes to get home, or you get shot.. curfew *violators* shot on sight, even kids.. "girls(see Sam Bahour article on Israeli Indymedia).. schools shot too, some schools turned into military posts.. 25 West Bank schools used as detention centers.. a little girl killed in her classroom, not safe to go home, not safe to stay in school.. just to get to school, kids have to line up, have guns pointed at them, have their little backpacks searched.. 30,000 students couldn't go back to school at all.. Dennis: the massacre of Jenin covered up.. now w Brian Wood of International Solidarity Movement (ISM).. Brian: the situation in the West Bank.. a total absence of law by Israeli soldiers.. executions.. for example, a young man arrested in his home, taken out back and shot in the head.. "Brianabout the four marble workers, executed.. executions getting more blatant.. the demolition of homes for simple crimes.. a 23 year old man in Gaza, asked his Israeli boss for a ride and then murdered him.. should have been arrested and put on trial.. the Israeli military came to his family house and bulldozed it.. the Israelis killing people for suspected membership in political groups.. according to Haraetz, a murdered man was just wanted for suspicion of belonging to NFLP.. Dennis: why did you go to Palestine?.. Brian: I went to visit Israeli friends.. I knew nothing of Palestine or Israel.. saw the Palestinians, went to visit them.. the beginning of the intifada.. the two main points, trying to bridge the gap between Pals and Israelis.. the Palestinian shopkeepers would invite me in for coffee.. warm and friendly.. then I would go home to my Israeli friends.. they would tell me 'stay away from the Arabs'.. they had no contact with the Palestinians.. when I lived in the settlement, we had a huge beautiful house, a swimming pool.. I couldn't figure out why the Palestinians around the settlement were so poor, didn't even have clean drinking water.. Dennis: about the report/s that Chivvas and Brian helped write about the destruction of Jenin.. Brian: big difference between our report and the HRM and UN reports.. in Jenin, many Palestinians that were taken away.. not accounted for by Israel.. bodies were actually run over bulldozers and tanks, shredded into nothingness.. bodies were removed from the refugee camp.. one man helped gather 25 bodies together.. then the Israelis came back and then the bodies disappeared.. the UN report based on hearsay.. no first hand accounts.. written without a visit to the camp.. they are still pulling bodies out of rubble.
HRW report put a number of 52 killed.. while we were still pulling out 2-3 bodies a day.. Chivvas: the bulldozers brought down the houses on top of people.. the bulldozers and tanks ground the bodies into jelly.. usually dogs used to find the dead.. but unable to do that.. people not allowed to look out their windows, and the press kept away for two weeks.. Dennis: Chivvas and Brian have risked their lives, worked as human shields.. meet them tomorrow night at AFSC 9th and Market SF 7PM 415-565-0201.. Chivvas: people in Jenin still under curfew, still being targeted and killed.. 70% of Gazans in extreme poverty.. 50% West Bank unemployed.. malnutrition a serious problem.. severe nutritional deficiencies.. in Nablus a Hepatitus A outbreak.. other diseases.. kids can't get their vaccinations.. people refer to Brian and me as 'courageous'.. I don't see it that way.. now we are here in the US.. we've been speaking.. a brave Jewish minority.. the audience expanding.. it is not anti-Jewish to speak up for human rights.. I feel a sense of urgency.. it's a minimal human duty.. none of our listeners would (harm) a child.. yet it is our policies as citizens of the US that are directly responsible for what is happening.. Israel is paralyzed.. many Israelis know something is wrong.. but they are being lied to, made to be afraid.. it is up to us to take action.. you are not supposed to take land by force.. it is our money, arms, that keeps this going.. one thing you can do, join us, participate in our campaign to support Palestinians right to education... info: (click on 'right to education')

-56:32 End today's show. today's review by john lionheart

Tuesday, Sept 3, 2002 - Start Audio "for
-00:00 Mary Bishop: introduction:
-00:50 Dennis Bernstein: "Body "AUDIO (encore production) about the National Security Agency (NSA), INTERVIEW WITH JAMES BAMFORD, author of Body of Secrets, Anatomy of the Ultra Secret National Security Agency.. (Random House).. Bamford: NSA the largest budget of any of the US intelligence agencies.. most of the intelligence collected by the US comes from the NSA.. 80% of the intelligence comes from them.. eavesdropping on emails, telephone, faxes.. the budget is $4 billion dollars a year plus $3 billion for satelites.. who's in charge? somebody nobody ever heard of.. very behind the scenes, doesn't get involved in politics.. Dennis: the NSA's role in the current global war on terrorism?.. Bamford: THEY PICKED UP INDICATIONS OF A POSSIBLE TERRORIST INCIDENCE ON SEPT 10, BUT DIDN'T TRANSLATE IT UNTIL SEPT 12.. in 1976.. the Church Committee formed to protect the privacy of us citizens.. NSA has a horrible history of violating civil liberties.. a very secret order issued that NSA didn't have to obey the laws.. about operation Shamrock, secret agreement with Western Union, would get computer tapes of all telegrams sent every day.. antiwar protesters watched in the Nixon years.. somewhat corrected by the Church Committee.. looked into abuses, created reforms.. these reforms now being cast aside.. watered down, weakened, done away with.. Congress doesn't even know.. and NSA has a tremendous difficulty with translators.. the Sept 10 warning, not translated until Sept 12.. millions of communications.. one possibility, creating a 'linguistic reserve'.. over 6,500 languages in the world..
-12:12 Dennis: about the "AUDIO Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.. (Wash.Report) (search).. Bamford: "four at the time of the six day war June 1967, the USS Liberty sailing around the coast of Africa.. a NSA listening post, sailing in a dogleg pattern off the Sanai in international waters.. flying an enormous US flag on the back, listed in Jane's Fighting Ships.. the whole ship covered with antennas.. sailing slow about 3 knots.. the Israelis did 13 surveillance flights (photo) (more photos) in the morning.. then at 2PM they came in strafing back and forth, dropped a bomb on "connon the ship, napalmed the ship.. then three torpedo boats in firing squad arrangement, fired all their torpedoes.. enough to sink three aircraft carriers.. one hit amidships.. blew a 40 foot hole.. 34 Americans dead, hundreds wounded.. then they fired on the lifeboats, fired on people jumping off the ship.. one of the torpedo boats even grabbed one of the US lifeboats and put it on their ship.. this was broad daylight.. THE ISRAELIS SAID THEY THOUGHT IT WAS AN EGYPTIAN HORSE CARRIER.. THE SHIP SAID USS LIBERTY IN 13 FOOT LETTERS.. A MISTAKE? NOBODY IN AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE BELIEVED THAT.. ALL EVIDENCE POINTS TO IT BEING DELIBERATE.. the Congress cowardly refused to hold a hearing (sign a petition for a Congressional Investigation and/or write your Congresspeople), and President Johnson swept it under the rug.. an act of terrorism against US forces.. US never sent one investigator to Israel to explore why this happened.. the US at the time was supplying money and equipment to Israel, and Israel was a close ally, no reason we couldn't have sent investigators to Israel.. "buring Dennis: Why did America's closest ally do this? Bamford: it's all speculation.. about what was going on that Israel would have wanted to hide.. about Lou ^^^^, who thought the Israelis didn't want the US to find out about what they were doing.. on the Sanai Peninsula.. the slaughter of Egyptian prisoners of war (POWs).. maybe as many as 900.. but kept secret until 1995.. when revealed by Israeli historians.. background: in 1967 Israel pushed quickly through the Sanai.. in a hurry to occupy as much of the Sanai as possible.. collected a lot of POWs, no place to put them.. decided to execute them.. some had to dig their own graves.. Dennis: about the crew? and families of the dead?.. Bamford: the Liberty Veterans Association (link2).. initially enormous pressure on the survivors NOT to talk or THREATENED they would be put in jail.. finally in 1982, the veterans braved to speak out.. "Captain Captain McGonagle given the Congressional Medal of Honor.. President Johnson afraid of Israel, wouldn't give the medal to Captain McGonagle publicly.. Dennis: recently "CongresswomanCongresswoman Cynthia McKinney raised this issue along with a (Wisconsin legislator).. she was called a traitor.. Bamford: the last thing Congress wants to do is offend the Israeli lobby. (OFFICIAL SITE OF THE LIBERTY SURVIVORS)
-28:45 Dennis: about Operation North Woods and "AUDIO the joint chiefs plan to attack Americans and blame it on Cuba.. Bamford: to be fair, NSA had nothing to do with this.. an extraordinary operation.. the Bay of Pigs a total failure, Castro forces killed or captured most of the invaders.. the joint chiefs wanted to go in with US forces and institute our own puppet government.. in order to do that, they wanted to have support of the citizens and world.. WANTED TO SHOW CUBA ATTACKING THE UNITED STATES, BUT CUBA WASN'T ATTACKING THE US.. THEY CAME UP WITH A PLAN.. TO CREATE TERRORISM IN THE UNITED STATES.. CITIZENS WERE TO BE SHOT ON AMERICAN STREETS, BOMBS TO BE EXPLODED IN MIAMI AND DC.. BLOW UP A PHONEY PLANE IN THE CARRIBEAN AND BLAME IT ALL ON CUBA.. SINKING REFUGEE BOATS.. JOHN GLENN ABOUT TO GO INTO SPACE.. THE JOINT CHIEFS HAD A PLAN TO BLAME CUBA IF THE ROCKET BLEW UP.. ALL TO ANGER THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.. THE HIGHEST MILITARY STRUCTURE IN THE COUNTRY PLANNING TO KILL AMERICANS.. blow up an American ship in Havana harbor, the Remember the Maine scenario.. made its way to Sec of Defence, he turned it down.. the plan never went far, but important to note it went as high as it could in the American military.. the name for this kind of operation, a pretext operation.. in Vietnam, there were pretext operations, we think, that led to American involvement.. the attacks described against the Maddox and Turner Joy never took place.. led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.. Dennis: no surprising some people want a full investigation into 9/11.. Bamford: a popular movie, Seven Days in May, about a military coup in the US.. this thought didn't come out of thin air.. about Ken Starr, who tried to prosecute me for writing The Puzzle Palace.. when I wrote Body of Secrets a change of attitude, they let me interview the director and get Freedom Of Information documents.. post 9/11 the FOI under attack.. I was very surprised to find out some of the things I did.. about North Woods.. how easily information is eavesdropped on today..
-begin separate audio this last segment
-00:00 music break Tom Rudrow (sp?) "AUDIO
-06:15 now with Martin Espada, poet, reads Angels of Bread
-08:00 Mary Bishop: wrapup
-08:37 End today's show. today's review by john lionheart

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