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Respond to Terror with a Revolution of the Hearts
by Scott Harris
Sunday Sep 16th, 2001 12:08 PM
If we choose to participate in this revolution of the heart, I believe constant and serious reflection is required as to how our personal actions, and those carried out in our name by our government, affect millions of nameless, faceless human beings who suffer out of the range of television cameras and out of sight of our collective consciousness.
Respond to Terror with a Revolution of the Hearts

by Scott Harris
Public Affairs Director
WPKN Radio, Bridgeport, CT

As I sat in a restaurant eating lunch the day after the terrorist attacks I was trying to comprehend the enormity of what had happened. I read a newspaper and glanced at the TV in the corner of the room and could hear my fellow diners converse about the horrifying events of the last two days.

Comments on the death and destruction ranged from disbelief at the nightmarish images seen all day long on TV, to recounting stories of friends and relatives who were in New York City and witnessed the catastrophic assault on the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

But as I continued to listen and engage in conversation with a man sitting next to me, the predictable demand for vengeance and more death could be heard coming from the lips of many of those in the room including the kitchen staff. Several of those speaking within earshot, described their hope that nuclear bombs would be exploded over this or that Middle Eastern capital. \"Kill them all, wipe them out\" was a phrase I heard repeated over and over again throughout the day.

While I understand the visceral reaction many Americans have to the shocking terror strikes ? I found myself feeling frightened at the hurricane of revenge blowing through the country.

by Richard J Wallis ( [at]
Monday Sep 24th, 2001 12:13 PM
We are born for a purpose and we are subject to the great eternal law of 'reap as you sow' (karma) This law applies to us as individuals and as nations.

Our purpose is not to accumualte material wealth or objects. We come without them and we leave without them. Our purpose is to love one another and to discover the Unity of which we are but a part.

This is the message of all the great religions.

For too long we in the western world have turned our backs on the Creator (we have even begun to doubt that He/She exists) We have buried ourselves in materialism and increasing promiscuity. We have forgotten the lessons of Sodom and Gomorrah and believe that they are just quaint stories.

We have hardened our heart to images of pitiful deprivation that appear in our living rooms.

It is time to awaken to the Spiritual aspect of our being. It is time to awaken to the pain of our world and its people. It is a time to love.

Love is a powerful energy. It is the most powerful energy. It can save the world and it can save our souls. It can release us from the wheel of karma.

by John Horrigan (horrigan [at]
Wednesday Sep 26th, 2001 12:22 PM
The voice of reason is beginning to permeate even the most hard bitten halls of journalism. It is tragic that we do not realise that the same narrow focus and religious fanatisism which started the attacks by frustrated extremists of Islam, and no doubt will continue, is born out of the same bigotry and economic pragmatism which drives most of our waking hours. An article by Paul Kelly in the Australian newspaper calls for a battle for hearts and minds in the clear understanding that slings and arrows alone will not prevail against messianic zealots. he also refers to the muslim mindset which believes in the superiority of its culture, and angry frustration at its lack of power. Are we so different ? I think its truly immoral that our leaders approval ratings rocket so high when they are rattling sabres and planning wars.
It is time for us to make all of our world leaders accountable - most of us have only periodic opportunity to vote with our feet - at election times. Instead of fanning the flames of war wouldn't it be good if the media conducted truly independant referenda where the voice of reason and change could be felt by Governments, so even if they are not prompted to do right things because they ARE right, then at least they would be driven by fear for survival at the polling booths.
by Cecilia (cecilia_wade [at]
Friday Sep 28th, 2001 4:00 AM
Peace is a word. It is a dilemma...what step does America take? The problem is the question itself. This is not about America only. This is about Mankind itself. What are WE going to do? When Are WE going to choose to find compassion for each other, for our environment, our world???
Hard lessons are hard when you percieve the problem outside of yourself. The hate and destruction is part of humankind at present and how do we eradicate that???

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