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U-RAT Statement on 9/11
by U-RAT (urat [at]
Saturday Sep 15th, 2001 12:26 PM
The Union of Revolutionary Anarchist Teachers condemns the recent attacks. U-RAT urges a critical reevaluation of US foreign policy and is firmly against any retaliatory acts, in the form of hate crimes, legislation, or military actions.
The Union of Revolutionary Anarchist Teachers (U-RAT) adds its voice to the growing number of institutions condemning the recent terrorist attacks in the United States and mourning the loss of life. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims and their families. We also fear for the safety of our Arab brothers and sisters in the U.S. and abroad and for all immigrants within the United States. We maintain that this attack is not an isolated incident, but is forged from the horrendous and murderous actions taken by the United States for well over its 225 years.

The murder of thousands of citizens of the United States cannot and should not be excused, but it must be placed in historical context. The actions of these terrorists are not unprecedented. They have their roots in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were started by the murder of civilians in Baghdad and Belgrade. They began with CIA operations in Colombia and Chile. They had their genesis in the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans. They were created by U.S. support of the Israeli military that routinely murders Palestinians. And these actions were born when the U.S. government trained and armed Osama bin Laden in order to defend Afghanistan from Soviet invasion.

While these attacks have a past, they also have a future. It is apparent that these actions are the precursors of larger acts of violence to be carried out by the government of the United States. There has been a dangerous shift in rhetoric, in which elected officials are speaking not of bringing the perpetrators to justice, but of destroying them and all who support them. The "War on Terrorism" is another war that will be fought against people of color. We believe that in its attempt to rid the world of terrorism, the government of the United States will take the lives of many more civilians. Nearly all of these people will be Arabs. We oppose any such military action.

The reaction to these attacks by the government and the media has led to an increase in nationalism, xenophobia, and racism. Already, hate crimes are being committed against Arab-Americans. People are being harassed on the street, Arab-owned businesses are being defaced, mosques are receiving threats, and many Arab-Americans are afraid to leave their houses. This is only the beginning. We can expect many more despicable acts to be carried out against Arab-Americans and all immigrants in the U.S. U-RAT condemns retaliatory acts, both by individual citizens and by the government, with equal fervor.

U-RAT steadfastly maintains its commitment to teaching tolerance. We oppose increases in the military budget in the name of the "War on Terrorism". We understand that any additional money allocated to the military is money that could be spent on education and other social services. We urge government officials to reevaluate the policies of oppression which have led to these attacks. We believe that the United States can enact the most stringent security precautions and attempt to destroy terrorism, but as long as others are oppressed there will always be the danger of attack.

Towards a more perfect union,
Union of Revolutionary Anarchist Teachers

The Union of Revolutionary Anarchist Teachers (U-RAT) is a national organization committed to working in conjunction with parents, students, community members, and other educators to take the power from the hands of bureaucrats and return control of the education system to the communities. U-RAT maintains that true revolutionary change will come through the education of our youth.
by Judy
Saturday Sep 15th, 2001 12:32 PM
BE NICE! WE can only get to truth by discussing EVERYTHING. You're a teacher and don't know this. Hitler would love you. Stupid fucker - no wonder students are getting stupider every year with boot lickers like you out there. LAZY, STUPID.
by dan
Saturday Sep 15th, 2001 12:50 PM
it's funny how judy tells the author not to call names and then proceeds to call the author a "stupid fucker". i also have no idea what she's talking about in her comment. who is the author calling names?

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