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Community Waits for Assistant Chief Sanders
by SF Indymedia
Thursday Aug 9th, 2001 2:24 PM
follow-up on last night's promise by assistant chief prentice sanders
Last night, Assistant Chief Sanders promised to the community to be available today to release details of the June 12th Metreon shooting to the public. When representatives of local police accountability groups began calling this morning to hold Sanders to his word, they discovered something unusual. The line was busy. And it continued to be busy. For hours. And hours. And hours.
When an Indymedia representative called Assistant Chief Sanders for comments, the line was still busy. When Indymedia called the main phone number to be connected to Sanders, an SFPD representative said that the Assistant Chief was in a meeting and that all lines except for the main SFPD phone number were being repaired and would ring busy. She then said that the Public Affairs office would be the best place to call. When asked if this number would also be ringing busy since all phones were under repair, she said that she was mistaken, and only the Assistant Chief's number was under repair.
Bay Area PoliceWatch will continue to try and get in touch with the Assistant Chief to get him to hold up to his promise to the community. For background, read this.
by Justice
Thursday Aug 9th, 2001 6:22 PM
Black Democrat "mayor" Willie Brown and Black Assistant Police Chief Prentice Saunders and their Democratic Party police still oppress and murder the workingclass, including the black workingclass with impunity because they work for the capitalist class. Otherwise, they would not be "mayor" (in Brown's case, in 1999 he won 40% of the vote plus election fraud and now sits there with 20% support) or Assistant Police Chief. Regardless of color, gender, religion or sexual orientation, you only get those positions by singing the company tune, that is the capitalist company tune. The Democratic Party machine has been more or less running this town for the last 40 years, so the police can safely be called the Democratic Party's police as well. The Democratic Party, like its racist, anti-workingclass twin, the Republican Party, represents the capitalist class. The San Francisco Democratic Party's election fraud is described at

If you have had enough of the death squads of the capitalist class known as the police, consider joining a workingclass party on California's ballot, the Peace & Freedom Party. We are always for labor, peace, the environment, gay rights, women's rights, all other civil rights and socialism. We oppose the death penalty, police brutality and prison construction. We view the Democratic and Republican Parties as extensions of the District Attorneys' Association. These parties promote violence, namely the violence of executions, prisons and police violence everywhere. We are for democratically-controlled police review boards with powers of subpoena and discipline; for rehabilitation of prisoners, not vengeance; for an end to the phony war on drugs; for an end to unwarranted searches and seizures of persons and property; and for prosecution of the rich and powerful for their crimes against the workingclass and the environment. If you support this program, join Peace & Freedom Party now. Just check "Other" on your voter registration form and write in "Peace and Freedom Party." For more information, see