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police make people bleed defending rich people

by anonymous IMC photo
SFPD utilized their extensive professional training to attack nonviolent, unarmed protesters this morning at the Pacific Stock Exchange, who were opposing the secret FTAA trade deals in Quebec City this month.
by anonymous
i was on scene and witnessed the police using excessing force against these individuals. one was bleeding from the face, and as police put them into the paddy wagon, they "accidentally" smashed the arrested individual's head into the top of the police van. for supposed trained fighters, a gang of at least 14 cops sure have to use a lot of violence to do their job.
by Erik Storrud (erst02 [at]
Cops do that all the time.
If you move a little or they see an oppertunity. They smash your head into the van.
by Val Karie
Maybe we should hand those officers some flowers and spread some good vibes ... that is all we need to do. Chant mantras, drink organic juices, burn some sage (that you appropriated from another culture) and carry flowers, this alone will change the world ... anyone doing anything else ... is ... is ... violent and should be ostracized....

Love always, VAl
by King Lamus (arclyte [at]
nazi bastards
by john
This is why we should oppose gun control. Cops like this should have to deal with the threat that each and every one of us may or may not have a concealed weapon. If they assault us it should be perfectly within our rights to defend ourselves and we should be able to arrest them as well.
by partytown (radio [at]
that when the police force is supposed to "protect and serve" they mean corporate business interests, not the publics interest. They were summoned by corporate interests to protect their "ass"ets, they should have been there to arrest all the white collar thugs inside the PE. The real crimes were going on inside on the trading floor, yet they choose to protect them and abuse the public.

With that kind of power and corruption it seems like the public hardly stands a chance against the monster corporations.
by Rob Findlay (rfindlay [at]
More guns and more arms isn't the answer. You carry a handgun they carry an assult rifle. You get an AK and they
carry rocket launchers.

You have to be more creative then that.

Nonviolence isn't the answer, but a bunch of us with guns sure as hell isnt either.

by Assault technician # 553 687
because if you do, youre worse than the cop. Now im not saying the cop just shot and killed your friend in front of your eyes, hes beating you up a bit.
by ooo (ooo)
ur cops ur supposed to b helpin pple not freekin hurtin em! STOP DIS MADNESS!!!!!! PEACE!!! no more killin coz 1 action goes on 2 anotha think b 4 u do sumtin ! Peace!
by pop (pop)
u stupid wierdos u shot sum 1?
guns shud b banned cops shood b arested if they shoot sum 1 coz wot goes round cums round! pple r jus tryin 2 show der piont of view by protestin n u freekin cops find da slightest chance n cum in n beet em up even arest dem!... of even shoot em!!!!! OMG how cood u !
cruelty! PEACE may god help ya! :)
by Get A Life
Wow what a large butt you have. Must be from all the whine you have. I mean wine. Oops. Get a life. Get a job. Quit wasting the cops' time settling your stupid ass down because you think that your freakin' opinion needs to be voiced openly. Not to actually solve anything, but obviously because it makes you feel important. I for one am one citizen that is thankful that the police scrape scum like you off of the street.
by Brother d-Day
You people always talk about the cops "beating" people , but never have any evidence to back it up. Except of course the anonymous, "I was there and saw it. The cops really beat these people". C'mon. Any time the cops arrest someone you will think they are using to much force because you don't think the cops should be arresting anyone. You people are really very weak minded. And a little bit too conspiracy happy.
by Paul (fuckthepolice [at]
I also have been bashed by Police, The police were called next door but parked there car at my house.
I didnt know why they were there at the time. I asked why are you parked here? There reply Fuck of and mind your own buisness. I was charged for asaunt police, Propity damage, Resist. The first judge threw it out of court saying the police had unlawfuly arested me. But knowing about the police complait and the amount of brusing to me they took the matter higher. There was no evidance of any asault other than my bruising. I now am charged with those charges.
I got a jail term and had to pay for the police car dents where the police had thrown me. I think the police are a joke not needing any proof. All the witnesses see the thing didnt see me asault the police but in the judges eyes they missed that bit. You will never see me PROTEST anything were the police might be. Your a fool if you think you have any rights as a protester.
The police dont care about you , Me of any one that gets in there way. The police worry about there job as policeman and not the public. The police lie to save there jobs and dont care about anything else but there ego and power trip. The only good cop is a dead cop. I think the police could be used as a first line in war, And save the lives of our army. The real men and women of our country.
I will hate the police til the day I die.
Who the fuck do they think they are? They think there above us. There the scum of this world.
I wish more people killed police more often.
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