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Today's Bombing of Iraq
by Voices in the Wilderness
Friday Feb 16th, 2001 2:57 PM
Statement on US bombing of Iraq, protest today at 5:00pm at Powell and Market
Today's Bombing of Iraq

Voices in the Wilderness decries today’s bombardment of Iraq which hit sites
just south of Baghdad. However, we find it instructive to recall the digest
of bombings that occurred in the past week and to note that on December 22
1998, the Gulf News from Dubai quoted figures of civilians killed and
injured as a result of US/UK air raids since December ’98 as 311 killed and
927 wounded. In January 2001 another 6 were killed and 9 injured in January
of this year for a total of 317 killed and 936 wounded.

Today’s bombardment violates international law, as have all of the previous
no-fly zone bombardments, but it should be understood from a perspective
that acknowledges the constant bombing of Iraq by US and UK forces and the
economic warfare, waged through imposition of UN sanctions, that has cost
the lives of one million people, over half of them children under age 5.

Digest of civilian suffering caused by US bombing week of February 11 ­ 16:

On February 9 2001 an Iraqi News Agency report said that a bomb left over
from the Gulf War exploded in al-Arouba in the Kerbala province of southern
Iraq. Six people were injured and 10 year old Ali Awad was killed

A second bomb exploded in the Kut Akwam area of Shatt-el-Arab district in
Basra province, injuring six people who were taken to the hospital for

On Feb 11 US and British warplanes injured seven people and destroyed 17
houses in airstrikes on Sunday in the southern part of Iraq , hitting
civilian buildings and military installations in the provinces of Basra and
Maisan. (Reuters)

On 13 Feb, US and British planes struck targets in the south of Iraq but
there were no injuries or deaths.

On February 13, an Iraqi news agency report stated that two children were
injured when a cluster bomb dropped during the Gulf War 10 years ago
exploded in Anbar province; the report did not say when it happened.

Voices in the Wilderness believes the US and the UK must end their illegal
“No-Fly Zone” bombing attacks on the north an d south of Iraq. There is no
UN provision for such bombardment. Resolution 688, sometimes referred to as
a document legitimizing the no-fly zone bombardment makes no reference to a
right to take over Iraqi airspace, resulting in the tragic killing of
civilians as detailed in 1999 UN security reports and regular updates from
Reuters, AP and AFP reports.
by Salim
Friday Feb 16th, 2001 2:59 PM

5:00 PM, Powell & Market, San Francisco Friday, February 16.

U.S. and British war planes today bombed Iraq, just outside the capital of Baghdad, killing at least three people. This attack is an escalation of the U.S. war on the Iraqi people carried out with sanctions and bombings for over 10 years. According to CNN, this is the first attack on Baghdad since Feb. 24, 1999.

Many people are expected to participate in an emergency demonstration tonight, Friday Feb. 16 at 5:00 at Powell & Market Streets in San Francisco. This site has been a gathering spot for emergency protests since the beginning of the Gulf war 10 years ago.

For more info: Call (408) 988-1011 or "IAC" (415) 821-6545

American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice
by Edison Carter
Saturday Feb 24th, 2001 3:24 AM
I suspect, and have elsewhere read, that not all the sanciton-related deaths in Iraq can be attributed to America. Supposedly Hussein has himself exagerated and even magnified the toll taken on Iraqi civilians by these sanctions. This, I believe, includes many of the infant deaths

In our rush to condemn The Man, let's not bend the truth and credit the Satan Du Jour with evils done by his foe who is himself just another evil tyrant but with less destructive power. Objectivity! Pure journalism, not activism cloaked within journalism.

by salem
Tuesday Mar 20th, 2001 3:57 PM
i have read that the earth is flat. get the point dude.
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