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by RADIOCITTA' (radiocitta [at]
Saturday Jan 13th, 2001 6:46 AM
This is an invitation to all the people who took part physically and/or spiritually in the mobilizations and debates started in recent months in Seattle, Praga, Nizza,
Milan, Ancona, Genoa, Naples and Bologna, as well as to all the people who look with growing interest towards the rise of a new movement against neoliberism.
\"Cantieri\": a workshop on \"NEW ECONOMY / NEW RIGHTS\" debating the proposal of \"social wage\" and/or the right of \"citizenship income\". Pescara, ITALY, February 10-11, 2001.

This is an invitation to all the people who took part physically and/or spiritually in the mobilizations and debates started in recent months in Seattle, Praga, Nizza,
Milan, Ancona, Genoa, Naples and Bologna, as well as to all the people who look with growing interest towards the rise of a new movement against neoliberism.
We do not have defined assumptions, only the urge to fully analyze and comprehend present and future possibilities of the current capitalistic development. The \"Cantieri\", (as we
defined it last summer when it was organized for the first time by CARTA in Naples) is going to be an open workshop. The \"Cantieri\" has the main objective of promoting
action as well as cooperation between the different forces antagonizing the new phase of the capitalistic
development. Indeed, last June in Naples, we sought to further the analysis on critical themes
such as the \"working/non working\" issue, as well as on the right to a \"citizenship income\", as a trigger to build cohesion amongst the different components of labor. As we have said, we do not have a predefined thesis. On the contrary we are set to promote a non hierarchical and non
dogmatic debate, as well as spontaneous networking between the different components of the antagonistic movement, in order to sort out more effective strategies that will
make a powerful impact on our times.
Our starting hypothesis is the call for a \"social wage\".
Again, this is a proposal not a dogma. An additional/alternative starting point is the need for a
\"citizenship income\". No matter where we start, the rapid crushing of what has been called by some the \"diamond of labor\" imposes an urgent modernization of our analysis. By
using an \"investigative\" approach we aim to sort out different proposals on the issues of income
redistribution, as well as fully identify the multiform expression of labor today. Investigation includes consideration on confrontational approaches, the forms that the struggle must assume, and on the planning of practical areas of \"autonomous sociality\". We will not focus exclusively, on the analysis of the \"traditional workplace\". On the contrary we will, more broadly, focus on
the system as a whole, the \"social factory\" in which we live as a result of the impetuous development of a global network; a \"social factory\" fed by migratory fluxes, and
that is constantly remodeling the functions and the organization of the state, as well as redefining the
boundaries of our collective imagination and ideology.
However, we do not want to talk only about movements, we want the movements to speak. Our investigation will consist of personal communications, in dept theoretical analyses and debates by the experts and investigators that so far
have carefully studied these processes. However, this process will be mixed with the direct voices from
movements in France and Italy, that in recent years have produced great analysis as well as praxis on issues such as \"working/non working\" and the right to \"citizenship
income\". Our ambition is to put together a common platform of demands and economic policies that, by assembling multiple forces, will constitute a critical mass strong enough to gain credibility and authority. We think that a \"minimal\" (and definitely legitimate) goal of income
redistribution is not in contradiction with additional goals such as the reduction of working hours, the creation
of autonomous economical practices and the further development of a \"services economy\".
We call this goal \"minimal\" as we recognize that no revolution is needed to pursue it.
However, we know as well, that this \"minimal\" goal strongly antagonizes the intellectual dictatorship of contemporary \"unidimensional thinking\" that imposes flexibility, temporary employment and \"behind close doors\" negotiations. This goal can be pursued HERE and NOW and at every level. We can pursue it locally, at municipal level,
focusing the struggle on the rights to transportation, food, education, and local management of federal funds as well as by actively supporting the struggles of temporary and
unemployed workers. At the national level we can act by pushing the legislation in favor of strong tax
reform and social security. Finally at the European level we can pursue it by antagonizing the absurd parameters set by the \"Stability Pact\" or, as we did in Nizza, challenging the ambiguous \"right to work\" proposed by the \"Charter of Rights\". Finally, we invite all of you to participate
in this two day \"CANTIERI\", in Pescara, as a social occasion to promote, reinforce and stimulate mutual curiosities as well as fruitful acquaintances.

To join: radiocitta [at]

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Maurizio Acerbo, segretario regionale PRC Abruzzo
Lorenzo Calamosca, coordinatore Radio Citta\' Pescara
Rivista DeriveApprodi
Marco Revelli, storico ricercatore
Franco Berardi Bifo, saggista, agitatore culturale
Beppe Caccia, Centri sociali del Nord Est
Luca Casarini, Centri sociali del Nord Est
Daniele Farina, Centro sociale Leoncavallo
Andrea Fumagalli, economista
Isidoro Mortellaro, ordinario di Storia delle Istituzioni Europee
Paolo Cacciari, segretario regionale PRC Veneto
Loris Campetti, Carla Casalini, Fulvio Perini, Il Manifesto
Peppe De Cristofaro, coordinatore nazionale Giovani Comunisti
Marco Gelmini, dipartimento inchiesta del PRC
Paolo Ferrero, direzione nazionale PRC
Gigi Malabarba, Sin Cobas
Marino Severini, musicista GANG
Gigi Sullo, direttore CARTA
Redazione di CARTA
Vittorio Agnoletto. Presidente LILA
Franco Russo, Forum Ambientalista
Giorgio Riolo, Punto Rosso Milano
Italo Di Sabato, segretario regionale PRC Molise
Paolo Iafrate, Movimento nazionale di lotta LSU
Titti De Simone, presidente Arcilesbica
Sergio Sinigaglia, Cantieri sociali Marche
Andrea De Bonis, spazio sociale Filorosso Cosenza
Claudio Dionesalvi, Radio Ciroma Cosenza
Giovanni Russo Spena, senatore PRC
Enrico Fletzer, Radio K Bologna
Paolo Cognini, Centri sociali centro est
Enza Amici, Ya Basta Marche
Mimmo Porcaro, saggista
Giovanni Mazzetti, economista
Giuseppe Di Lello, europarlamentare PRC
Papi Bronzini, giurista
Domenico Jervolino, assessore cultura comune di Napoli

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