Mexico Teachers' Murders Protested ...

The US government and politicians a...
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AFT 2121 at CCSF Joins Picket
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Massacre Made In USA
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Driscolll's Slave Labor Of Children...
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No Privatization of Mexican Educati...
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Mexican CNTE Teachers March
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Obama Is Backing the Murderous and ...
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US Military Targets Indigenous Peop...
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Funeral For Teachers In Oaxaca
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53 Of The Ways The World's Military...
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Akbayan rejects Chinese call for dr...

Protesters tell Cuomo: We will boyc...
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More protest photos
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Henhawk Hillary Clinton Argued For ...
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Peace Fresno Memorial Day event
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Iran: Mullahs Terrified Of Human Ri...

President Obama Asked to Stop U.S. ...
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A Tribute to Our Friend, Photograph...

Bob Fitch, Photojournalist of Civil...
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Bob Fitch: Auto-Biography
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Bob Fitch Portrait
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Hillary Clinton Speeches (2013-2015...
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Community Groups, Latinos Protest C...
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US policy in Honduras must change
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Propaganda Countdown to WWIII: Arme...
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Bruce Dixon on building the Greens ...
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David Swanson