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Join us at the Oakland teacher's picket line!
Priority Schools (map here): Ralph J Bunche High School (West Oakland - 1240 18th Street) Prescott Elementary (West Oakland - 920 Campbell Street) McClymonds High School (Off San Pablo and 27th - 2608 Myrtle Street) Hoover Elementary (Off San Pablo & 33rd St - 890 Brockhurst Street) Piedmont Elementary (Piedmont - 4314 Piedmont Avenue) Downtown Admin Building (Downtown - 1000 Broadway) Lakeview Admin Building (Lake Merritt - 746 Grand Ave) Bella Vista (Lake Merritt - 1025 East 28th Street) Fruitvale Elementary (Lower Dimond - 3200 Boston Avenue) Burckhalter Elementary (North East Oakland - 3994 Burckhalter Avenue) Parker Elementary (East Oakland - 7929 Ney Avenue) Howard Elementary (East Oakland - 8755 Fontaine Street) Sojourner Truth/Rusdale Continuation (East Oakland - 8251 Fontaine Street) Oakland SOL (East Oakland - 1180 70th Avenue) Markham (East Oakland - 7220 Krause Avenue) United Nations CDC (Lake Merritt - 1025 4th Ave) Frick (East Oakland - 2845 64th Avenue) Alliance (East Oakland - 1800 98th Avenue) NHA/RISE (East Oakland - 8521 A Street) Encompass (East Oakland - 1025 81st Avenue)

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