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Battle for Occupy Oakland - Palo Alto PD Attack Indybay Reporter, 10/25/11: video & photos
by Dave Id
After the first massive police attack on the evening of October 25th, protesters marched through Oakland's newly-dubbed Uptown district before returning to 14th and Broadway. Upon their return, no unlawful assembly order was given as had been done the two previous times marchers assembled in the intersection adjacent to Oscar Grant Plaza that night. Instead, Palo Alto police who were stationed on Broadway near the Tully's coffee shop simply began to open-fire on protesters with what are known as pepperballs. Pepperballs are small round projectiles made of plastic that cause pain and physical damage upon impact but also burst open on any targeted persons, releasing a chokingly stinky and noxious white substance that smells something like tear gas and pepper spray combined. As this Indybay reporter was documenting someone else being shot repeatedly with pepperballs, Palo Alto police turned towards me and fired several shots in my direction, despite the fact that I held a camera in each hand and had my Indybay press pass visibly hanging around my neck. One pepperball hit me in the lower chest.

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