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SF events 8.11
Thursday Aug 12 1PM Protest the Smart Meter at the CPUC Fairfax Smart meter ordinance STOP MICROWAVE RF RADIATION! MEET AT THE CPUC Thursday, Aug 12, 1-3 p.m. 505 Van Ness Avenue (across from City Hall) San Francisco PG&E C.E.O. Peter Darbee will be speaking. To ask questions arrive early! Darbee begins talk at 1:30 p.m. Wear red. We need a strong turnout to let the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) know: We will NOT allow “Smart” Meters that pulse microwave RF radiation into our homes. For biological effects of microwaves on humans, read list in box below. The CPUC has refused to respond to CA cities and counties’ call for a moratorium for 6 months! Put pressure on the CPUC to halt deployment of “Smart” Meters immediately! City officials have told us protest is the only way to stop the “Smart” Meter. We need you, your family, friends and neighbors to come speak your mind! More than two thousand scientific studies show that RF radiation, including microwaves, can cause changes in cell membrane function, cell communication, metabolism and activation of proto-oncogenes. Production of stress proteins is triggered at exposure levels far below current regulatory limits. Resulting effects can include DNA breaks, chromosome aberrations, cell death including death of brain neurons, increased free-radical production, activation of the endogenous opioid system, cell stress, premature aging, fatigue, reduction in melatonin secretion, sleep disturbances, extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, chest pain, heart rhythm disorders, heart attacks, strokes, nausea, vomiting, constant thirst, migraine headaches, retarded learning, performance impairment in children, concentration and behavioral disorders, ADD, memory loss, anxiety, severe depression, collapse (“burnout”) of endocrine and nervous systems, serious leakage of the blood-brain barrier, brain-degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s), epilepsy, acoustic neuromas (hearing nerve tumors), leukemia, brain tumors, brain cancers. For more info: Speak up! Protest for the living and for coming generations! STOP “SMART” METERS! MEET AT THE CPUC Thursday, Aug 12, 1-3 p.m. 505 Van Ness Avenue [across from City Hall] San Francisco Citizens, cities, counties and states all across the USA, in California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York and Texas SAY NO to “Smart” Meters: 1. Sebastopol and Camp Meeker CA say NO to “Smart” Meters, 2/17/2010. 2. Cotati and Bolinas CA say NO to “Smart” Meters, 3/30/2010. 3. New York citizens: adverse health effects from “Smart” Meters, 3/30/2010. 4. EMF Safety Network, a coalition of business and property owners, concerned citizens and PG&E rate payers in Northern California, files petition with CPUC calling for “…evidentiary hearings on RF health, environmental, and safety impacts…and impose an immediate moratorium on PG&E installation of new Smart Meters…” 4/6/2010. 5. Third Texas lawmaker calls for Moratorium on “Smart” Meters, 4/19/2010. 6. City of Piedmont CA says NO to “Smart” Meters, 5/11/2010. 7. Oakland CA neighborhood declares “Smart” Meter Free Zone, 5/19/2010. 8. San Francisco City and County call for Moratorium on “Smart” Meters, 6/17/2010. 9. Maryland Public Service Commission says NO to “Smart” Meters, 6/21/2010. 10. Santa Cruz County joins with San Francisco City & County petition calling for Moratorium, 6/24/2010. 11. Mountain View citizens refuse to pay “Smart” Meter bills, 6/29/2010. 12. Berkeley joins San Francisco City and County call for Moratorium, 7/6/2010. 13. Scotts Valley Neighbors Against “Smart” Meters Protest, 7/7/2010. 14. Fairfax Town Council members unanimously say NO to any installation of “Smart” Meters in their community, 7/7/2010. 15. Santa Cruz City joins with San Francisco City and County and Santa Cruz County calling for Moratorium on “Smart” Meters, 7/13/2010. 16. Marin Association of Realtors calls for “immediate” moratorium on “Smart” Meters, 7/14/2010. 17. Marin County Board of Supervisors votes 4-0 calling for State of California to shut down PG&E’s “Smart” Meter program, joins with San Francisco City and County calling for Moratorium on “Smart” Meters, and calls for public hearing on health and safety issues of “Smart” meters, 7/20/2010. 18. Citizens march on the CPUC in San Francisco, 7/20/2010. 19. Scotts Valley City Council joins with San Francisco City and County calling for Moratorium on “Smart” Meters, and is the first city in the state to join EMF Safety Network petition to CPUC, 7/21/2010. 20. Capitola City Council joins with San Francisco City and County calling for Moratorium on “Smart” Meters, and joins EMF Safety Network petition, 7/22/2010. 21. Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission rejects $115 million “smart grid” project, 7/26/2010. 22. Citizens address the CPUC, presenting biological effects of RF radiation and cases of health damage to humans, and call for a halt to “Smart” Meter installation, 7/29/2010. Let's keep building the momentum, bring out the press. Let everyone know: PG&E must and will be stopped. Join us. Spread the word! Speak out! Stand up for your rights! REMEMBER: • PROPOSITION 16: PG&E attempted power grab, defeated by the People in June 2010! • PG&E Exec Bonus Scandal, 2004: $84.5 million paid to 17 execs as PG&E emerged from bankruptcy. • PG&E bankruptcy, April 2001. State of California bailed out the utility for $16 Billion, worsening the state budget. • ENRON SCANDAL: PG&E paid Enron $355 Million! • ERIN BROCKOVICH & HINKLEY legal case of 1993 • DIABLO CANYON Nuclear Power Plant When is the last time PG&E did something SMART??????

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